Thursday, July 11, 2013

FABBY: Tour of the Kitchen

Hello sweet friends!

   I thought I invite you for a small tour to my kitchen, since my mother is coming for lunch tomorrow, therefore,  the kitchen nook is all set and of course the rest of it, as well.

When we left for our Florida vacation, I left a small post with my kitchen window with the cyclamen; so a couple of 'new friends' requested I showed some day more of the kitchen, although my older friends have seen it a few times, after we remodeled it completely. Anyway, I obliged and here it is.

Welcome to our kitchen..'the heart of our home.'

I just brought from Florida this cute mug from Starbucks. In the three tier I've displayed many vintage items that belonged to my Mil that I enjoy looking at them on a daily bases. The teacups, (at left) with hand decor with flowers, were made by us.

The cabinets are solid wood. When I first posted this custom made kitchen, I knew the name of the wood, but now I forget, lol...We have enjoy it 3 1/2 years already, and it still feels  brand new!
Here is a link to the post I did 2 and more years ago, with every detail. Maybe you'd like to go and check it out.    

The butcher block nook table is all set for tomorrow's lunch for three, as mother is coming. The dishes were made by us and the bowls have an onion in the lid, because I'm making onion soup that she loves and the bowls are oven safe.
The door in the background leads to the laundry room.

The coffee bar.
On top the microwave and than, Italian Dipiu double ovens

The service entrance is in the foreground. The black floor is a very hard Italian tile. The framed art work in the wall was made by our little g'girls.

We'll have some chilled French rosé wine. A close up of the bowls with onion lids, specially made for 'onion soup.'

I forgot to place the soup spoons..but don't worry, we'll have them tomorrow for the real thing, lol..

My favorite kitchen window. I enjoy the view while I wash the dishes and sometimes I even hear birds sing after a good rain. Several years ago I saw a beautiful 'White Owl in the window here!'

I will be making chicken and vegetables here in my German-clay pot, 'Sclemmentopft.' You don't need fat in any way, so it's light and very healthy, as it's oven baked. I love the pot and the chicken recipe. I bought it some time in the 90's.

This is a hand made stained glass and decorated skylight we had made for the ceiling. In the evening is great all lighted up!

This adorable porcelain, hand made Ecuadorian country girl is making potato dumplings, and they're great and very popular around here. The figure was hand molded by an artist who worked back in our factory. 

The view I love...'the woods and the beautiful river that runs through it.'

All the way to your left is a little of the refrigerator.

This door leads to the formal dining room and to the left would be, the breakfast area.

A better shot of the Italian Dipiu double ovens.

This week our local home store had a great anniversary sale and I bought a few things I will show later next week. Here is a dish towel which I loved because it says:  'Do not EAT more than you can Lift! I have to keep this in mind..hehehe

Some small demitasse cups and saucers.

I just came out of the kitchen to take this shot of the 'shawl as a runner'..which you all agreed and commented that you liked it as a runner too, therefore, here it is now, with the bronze fruit bowl and Italian bronze candle sticks from way back. Thank you so much for all the generous and wonderful comments I received from this!

Again, thanking you in advance for your comments on this new post, as you always make my day!

I appreciate the wonderful parties such lovely and gracious ladies host each week.


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  1. Oh, Fabby, your kitchen is fabulous! The cabinetry looks antique, and I love the wonderful appliances. Your oven wall/counter is exactly what I've aimed for. The whole room exudes beauty, warmth, and the aroma of great food. Thank you SO much for adding this to Foodie Friday. Not only did I love the tour, you have helped me see light at the end of my own renovating tunnel. xxoo

  2. Your kitchen is beautiful, Fabby. That cabinetry is really unique and the wood pattern is something I have not seen stateside. I love the craftsmanship of other countries. Your views are spectacular, too!
    I hope you have a wonderful time with your Mom. What a blessing to have her in your life. xo Diana

  3. Your kitchen is wonderful! So bright and cheerful and those views...amazing!

  4. Oh Fabby, your kitchen is wonderful, so much storage and the cabinets are stunning. Love that view too, I think I would be there all day. Hugs, Marty

  5. Your kitchen is gorgeous...but....the view out the window is amazing!!! Hugs, Penny

  6. Hi Fabby!
    I can imagine many a delicious meal has come out of this pretty Kitchen of yours!

    My Kitchen is still in the works and I will not remember how to cook out of a finished Kitchen when this is all said and done. grins.

    Enjoyed the tour.
    Thank you for sharing,

  7. You have a super gorgeous kitchen Fabyy! Love the cabinets - so unique!!!!! You should really be proud of this space dear! I'm up for a kitchen reno soon and I read up on your reno too!!! :-) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Your kitchen cabinets are a work of art! What a view - don't know anyone who has such a lovely view!

  9. This is fabulous Fabby! Is that a starbucks cup? Here in Seattle.. we drink lots of starbucks:) I think because it's so dark.. we need the extra coffee:) Your kitchen is SO pretty and it's also warm and welcoming. I'm on my way over!! :)

    Have fun at you luncheon. I'm sure it will be amazing!


  10. Your kitchen is stunning, Fabby. I love the cabinets. But your view....oh, my! You have a million dollar view!

    Thanks for the tour. I wish I could visit and have coffee prepared at your coffee bar!

    Have fun with your mom!


  11. Hi Fabby, thank you for taking us on a tour of your lovely kitchen. And you have some view going there, the river looks tranquil. I love the Ecuadorian country girl, she seem to be loving being on top.

    Happy weekend

  12. That view and those I also cannot get over that Italian tile floor...such a sweet kitchen and it looks like no a home. :-)

  13. hi Fabby, the view from your kitchen is amazing, what a bright and happy place to cook! I love the vignette you have set up for your luncheon, the rose wine looks so pretty with your flowers and gorgeous dishes! I hope you have a lovely special time with your mom.

  14. Lovely kitchen, Fabby. Enjoy lunch with hour Mamita!

    Loved the views from your windows, too!

    And your china.....soooo beautiful.

    Have a wonderful Friday. Susan

  15. Dearest Fabby,
    Your HEART of the home is showing the REAL FABBY! You are the queen of entertaining with delicious food and served in a way that it also becomes a feast for the eye. Loved your Mother-in-law's old cookbooks in the previous post. Also the Sapelli hardwood that you used for your entire kitchen. Cadillac only uses it for their trim... Even more amazing is your exceptional view. Are you in a high rise building or is it just on top of a hill?
    Hugs to you and enjoy lunch with your dear Mother!

  16. Ciao! ti ho scoperto grazie a bloglovin' blog hop.
    Il tuo blog è molto interessante. Complimenti!

  17. Fabby,
    I love viewing your beautiful kitchen, dear friend!!!
    Having lived in Europe for 7 years, I could remember the lay~out of the ones we had, as well!!! Nice memories for me!
    The kitchen table is simply stunning! I know your Mother will appreciate all of your efforts on her behalf. I, too, enjoy pampering my guests here on the Prairie!!!
    EnJOY your time together!!!
    P.S. I've been missing your visits, dear friend. . .remember that I have a new blog and have gently silenced the original blog.

  18. Your kitchen reflects warmth and character. Beautiful.


  19. Hi Fabby, you have such a nice kitchen and I love the color of your cabinets. I hope you had a nice lunch with your mom.
    Julie from

  20. Oh, dear Fabby, I am not surprised that your kitchen would be so beautiful, warm and inviting! Just like you!

    I love the pink flowers behind the filled glasses of rose wine! Pretty!

  21. Hi Fabby! I am obsessed with your darling kitchen, especially those blue dishes! I can't believe you MADE those, and with an onion topping matching the onion soup - I'm a sucker for attention to details. Such an inspiration, thank you! xoxo Chels, San Francisco

  22. Fabby, your cabinets are GORGEOUS!!! I can't believe I haven't seen them before - what a treat! I also love the flooring and the painting!


  23. MY dear Fabby...your kitchen looks so nice and have arranged your beautiful dishes so well in a artistic way.I have to tell about the view from the window.My God. The woods and the water flowing makes me are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place(touch Wood)...i can imagine every day is a honey moon for you lol....hope you and your mother are sharing some lovely moments...thx...:):)Hugs andlove sujatha

  24. What a beautiful kitchen....your cabinets look like fine furniture.
    I love how compact and workable your room appears....
    xo bj

  25. Fabby- I adore your unique cabinets - never saw any like awesome.

    You have a lovely home, and your kitchen is beautiful - just like you!

    Have a great weekend.


  26. Hi Fabby! Oh, your kitchen is just so beautiful! I love your cabinets and the wood is so pretty too! What a glorious place to cook and your views are amazing! Have a great weekend, sweet friend.
    Shelia ;)

  27. Hello Fabby, your kitchen is Fabulous! Very warm and inviting and so comfy.Love your heirlooms, your appliances and that VIEW, that view is Spectacular! I'm visiting from Debbiedoos,you visited my kitchen as well and left an awesome comment. Sorry you missed my follow button located at the lower right corner of the post (bad location I know)I did not see one for you nor a way to pin to pinterest :( Hope you will visit again and check out my About page, thanks again

  28. Beautiful warmth in the wood tones! How wonderful to see a lively river and green trees from this height! Lovely photos!

  29. What a beautiful kitchen you have Fabby! The view of the river is awesome and I am in love with those blue dishes! You sure know how to accessorize! :)

  30. You have a beautiful home. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour.

  31. Oh Fabby, it was such fun seeing your beautiful kitchen. I can picture you working there and fixing that wonderful onion soup in those pretty bowls and having a sip of wine. I have always wondered if I would like one of those bakers for chicken. Thank you for the tour. Enjoy your visit with your Mom.

  32. Hi Fabby! Every space in your house was fully maximized. I love how each space became useful.

    The fantastic view makes me so envious. Who wouldn't want to wake up with such a great view.

    Thank you for linking up and enjoy the rest of the week!

  33. Fabby, your kitchen and view are simply gorgeous!It's easy to see you are a generous and talented hostess!
    Thank you for sharing with Dandelion House! :) It's beautiful!

  34. What a nice kitchen you have -- those solid wood cabinets are gorgeous!! All your appliances look so nice, as does your counter top.

    Your little butcher block table looks charming with the white cloth and flowers. I really love your little onion soup bowls! :)

    Thanks for the tour of your wonderful kitchen, Fabby. Visiting from Seasonal Sunday; have a wonderful day!


  35. Oh Fabby I so enjoyed this tour. Your kitchen is out of the world I love everything about it! Also what a gorgeous view you have to look at. I love the factory history the item made is beautiful. You have such great memories and pieces. Thanks Fabby for linking with us and sharing your wonderful talents!

  36. The kitchen is simply inspiting to be there and cook. Loved the tableware and the white on white table linen. Lovely kitchen tour...first time here..simply loved the experience.

  37. Good Morning Fabby, What a lovely treat to look around your kitchen as it is so very stylish.
    I loved the kitchen table and it was laid so beautiful. The soup dishes with the lids, which you are serving the onion soup in, are just lovely. I just adore colourful dishes.
    Have a wonderful time with your mother.
    Best Wishes

  38. It is lovely and the wooden cabinets are stunning!

  39. Tu cosina es bellisima, Fabby! El trabajo de los gabinetes es excepcional, cuanto detalle! Tambien me encanta el skylight, me encantaria poder ver como la luz pasa atraves del bonito diseño.

  40. Tu cocina es bellisima, Fabby! El trabajo de los gabinetes es excepcional, cuanto detalle! Tambien me encanta el skylight, me encantaria poder ver como la luz pasa atraves del bonito diseño.

  41. I love looking in other people's kitchens to see what all they have. A kitchen is so expressive, I think. Yours is so pretty, made better by that sensational view! Wow! And, as usual, I love all of your beautiful dishes.

  42. I love looking in other people's kitchens to see what all they have. A kitchen is so expressive, I think. Yours is so pretty, made better by that sensational view! Wow! And, as usual, I love all of your beautiful dishes.

  43. Just lovely, Fabby! Your kitchen cabinets look like pieces of furniture -- so pretty. That is some fantastic view of the woods and river. I'd never want to leave that spot.

  44. Loved the tour!

    Wonderful to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  45. Fabby, your kitchen is so lovely! You are one of the features today at the Anything Blue Friday party at The Dedicated House. Here's the link to today's party. Hope to see you at the blue soiree. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  46. I have never seen such beautiful cabinets! Your kitchen has an understated rich elegance--so beautiful in every way. Love it!
    Thank you for linking up with Sunday View!

  47. Fabby, your kitchen is so cheerful. It's always a treat to see more of your beautiful home. Love the view from your home!


I love to receive your sweet and generous messages. You always make my day !