Thursday, October 27, 2011

FABBY: Francoise Sagan's Coffee Table

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Here is French writer Francoise Sagan in her than Paris's Left Bunk residence in an August 1991 Architectural Digest Magazine of interior design.  I love AD and I have collected them for many years.
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 Here is the gorgeous round marble coffee table I fell in love with.. and hers is made of Portuguese burned orange marble and I was so lucky the Ecuadorian marble mines also produced the very same color, so we immediately had it made to order; already, some twenty years ago.

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 A closer look of the top...ours is perfect and exactly alike, I haven't met anyone that didn't give us a compliment when they saw it for the first time, needless to say, I'm still in love with her...I also love Francoise Sagan and her book: Bonjour Tristesse as my dad loved and had the book.  I always keep the French antique bronze black dog figures here also and now my hand made Chinese young ladies holding a bird.  The gorgeous roses are from my my Bil's Altaflor Rose Farm.

 Since we were so lucky to have it made to order, we took advantage and had a half moon, small side table made as well for the small space we had next to the sofa...isn't it great?!
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 Here I have some brass things along with this Art Nouveau mirror with mother of pearl that was my Fil's mother, so it's more than one hundred years old. There's a bird at the top of it, I guess I didn't see that, so it did not come out in the photo.
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     I love Architectural Digest Magazine of interior decoration and several years ago when we were first making this apartment because we lived in a very big house in the suburbs with so much grounds as well and when our daughters where teens we decided to move to this quite big enough apartment and we've loved it ever since.  

While looking at one 1991 AD than- I ran across a gorgeous apartment in Paris of famous French writer Francoise Sagan...remember her book-Bonjour Tristesse" she wrote in 1954. To make a story short, I saw she had a gorgeous round coffee table in burned orange,  Portuguese marble and I fell in love with it and knowing there are fabulous marble mines here in Ecuador-as our black and white floors are and  were inspired from an AD apartment that belonged to Rudolph Nureyev, Russian ballet dancer... I took advantage with Alejandro and went out and had the beautiful flooring made too and they are also like the magazine photos- exactly alike!!  

We had a small half moon table made to match the coffee table  for the side of the sofa, because the space there is very small and this one fitted perfectly there!

Thank you my lovely friends for your wonderful visits and thank you in advance for your very appreciated comments. 
   I'm going to be joining some parties and I would love to thank the gracious hostesses that run them every week.


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