Thursday, June 7, 2012

FABBY: What I've Been Doing.

How fast these three weeks with the girls are going by, even though it's been hard work, what with waking up early, (6am) so they can go to school, dressing them, combing and fixing their hair, preparing breakfast, trying to make Cayetana eat it, (a bad eater) etc and etc!! Pick them up at two different schedules, eating lunch at two different schedules too. In the afternoon, I would drive them to tennis classes, three times a week, two times a week to ballet, outings, ice cream, birthday parties and so ooonnn...Every night I bathe them, dry their long hair and put them to sleep with a little, lol....GOODNESS ME!! I always say: God is smart, He wants us to be young to have kids and do so much chores with them...but when we're grannies it's fun, not complaining, but VERY INTENSE!!!!!! much for that. Here are some pics, no tablescape...DIDN'T HAVE TIME!!!

 Victoria last Saturday going to her School Olympics, where she was performing too.
 Victoria getting ready.

 There she is...with her hoola hoop!
 Going to a mass for the last day of Merry's Month with Cayetana's class.
 Perla, my Sil's grandma, at your left, with Cayetana and Victoria in the middle and Yolanda, Sofia, my daughter's grandma..(my mom). I love this pic as the kids are with their GREAT-GRANDMOTHERS. Priceless!!

 At the Park Zoo. I also took them there when mother was visiting me. I didn't want to show more animal pics as you've seen them all! The weather is HOT here...90 and humid! I'm not particularly happy in this kind of HOT WEATHER!
 Victoria was so proud wearing this pretty top she adores, caz her mom bought for her at the Disney Cruise
 I also took them on a little train their school has and Cayetana loves it..hahahehe..
BYE, BYE....
Here are some pics of us lately . I am cleaning away so my daughter and Sil find their lovely nest in ship shape too!  Ok, I got a a lady to help me these last two days, so we can make banners and balloons to welcome their parents home.

Thank you for visiting us. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I will, my daughter is coming back Saturday with her hubby, which I can't wait to see how he is doing after the spine surgery.


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