Monday, March 30, 2020

Remembering our 40th. Anniversary Gift

Hello dear friends !

Last February 25th. we celebrated our 45th. Anniversary and were remembering our 40th. Anniversary and how 'all seven siblings' and spouses were at a fun dinner party, and we had such a great time all of us together and was held at our home.

 Sadly, we now are one 'less brother,' since my husband's dearest older brother died due to a severe cancer on his tongue, last January 13th.; so there was no party this year, we were very distraught still.

In February 25, 2015, we celebrated our 40th. anniversary with a luncheon we held at our home. We then were all seven siblings complete and us the spouses. 

As a "bonus" also attended the 'Shindig,' Meredith Fulton, who is my husband's and his siblings, "American sister" who was in the early 60's an exchange student here and their own sister instead, went for a year to Meredith's house in Maryland.

They've had a wonderful relationship forever, as she also married a dear cousin of my husband's. He died a while ago and she is also re-married. 

We were so lucky she coincided on a visit to the family so we were so lucky to have her for the celebration as well. It was an unforgettable time at our home and thus, a very special chinaware for us.

Such fond memories, that fill my heart and at the same token make me shed a tear or two. Specially because of this troubling and unprecedented situation of uncertainty we, as a world, are facing. 

Anyway, to make a story shorter...they were all so kind to give us this gorgeous Oriental china with lots of pieces and here in my tablescape is just about three quarters of it.

My Sister in Law knew we both love blue and white, so they picked this beauty for us. 

They didn't remember 'the looks' of their gorgeous gift to well; so I created a tablescape so they can see it on display.
and to share it with you.

Hope after all this sad situation ends, we can get together and I can use it with them. 

May God bless, our families and the world.

Here it is paired with 'transferware' dinner plates, as it didn't come with dinner plates, except lots of shallow bowls and soup bowls and of course, some serving pretty pieces... cause, as you all know, orientals don't eat different foods in one plate as we do in the West.

I so enjoyed creating this spread for you, while in self imposed "quarantine."

Here is the beautiful china we have from our dear siblings to remember our 40th. Anniversary back in 2015.

Mr. Living and me simply love it !  

Each piece is see thru 'bone-porcelain.'

I placed a 'cobalt blue' charger that was made for us back at hubby's Ceramic Co.

'Liberty Blue, Staffordshire' dinner plate. I've use it with red Oriental dinner plates before as well.

The Oriental soup bowl with a lid is to set it aside to place a salad, rice or noodles. 

At your right, in the back, it's a pretty tea mug with lid as well.

I just decided upon placing just the porcelain soup spoon. I didn't have enough Japanese chopsticks for eight places, so I didn't place any other utensils.

I love this pretty planter. Since I don't go out at all, I didn't have flowers, so I used the pretty pot and plant.

I really loved how the stack came out. If life ever goes back to normal and I make a dinner party, I think I'll use it like this.

Praying everyday for a cure and a vaccine.

I have hope it will happen soon from the Grace of God...

The tea pot is adorable. It also came with the china.

The ginger jar is from my 'Dutch Delft' garnishing set. 

At your right there's another style teapot, my mother gifted me for my birthday several years ago and it's perfect for the set as well.

There are four serving bowls with porcelain big spoons for the service.

My choice for a tablecloth was this gorgeous lace 'Belgium' one I had bought so many years ago for my eldest daughter Alexandra's ''First Communion.' 
Under it I placed a simple blue topper.

                              To continue the Blue and White at the side table, breakfast room. Using my gold bunnies for the season and to cheer me up.

Thank you so much dear friends for your kind comments, you always make my day !

Thanking the lovely hostesses for their great parties.


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