Saturday, April 2, 2011

FABBY: In Honour of my MIL

 This goblets are hand cut in the Chzeck Republic-Bohemian.

     My Mil's pretty dishes.
 Here are some of  the serving pieces, there are 3 of each showing here.
 I fell in love with this French boy holding the bowl with lid as it is Limoges, it's my new find.   I just did a little shopping at the Antique European shop we have localy and he was $45, I couldn't resist him, he's vintage in perfect condition!
 The crochet tablecloth was also my Mil's.

 The blue cobalt chargers were made in our past ceramic factory and they go well with the plates it's because it has some blue flowers in it if you can see closer.
 Here's my boy again!
 A very close up of my boy!
 For herves tea or coffee after lunch.
 I thought this lace napkins, I bought many years ago could go well with the tablecloth, it had the look and color.  I have a couple of tablecloth's size of sheet material I made for a background to match the chinas I use... I also made a blue one too.
 I used  colourful bouquet to give it a spring feeling to the whole lunch.
 The turn of this pretty French girl now, she's also a new find, she was $22...she's perfect to arrange little pink roses like this.
 The center piece is a pretty cut glass crystal basket from the Chezch Rep., I have it many years... I wanted to keep the table  simple and fresh for the lunch.
    Yesterday we hosted a lunch for seven at the table because it was one of the Friday's of this Lent season as there is a custon in this part of the world to have a soup, as a main dish, made out of various fresh grains and bacalah fish, which is quite delicious and it's usually acompanied by an antree of a "tamale" made of "yuca", which is a tuberculous like potato and for dessert  yougur with fresh fruit.  It is on this note, that I decided to share with you my Mil's china made in the USA-The Padden City Pottery, that she got for her wedding in 1940 it has had almost 70 years of loving use and it's still going strong!   That's why I'd like to honour her because she liked to use this set for 24 for the "Fanesca soup" occation as she always had lots of  family, having seven children of her own.  There's probably sixteen places left intact as some were broken and chipped, but the serving pieces are perfect for which I'm so lucky and happy to own it.  Thank you Lali
I'm thanking the hostess of Pink Saturday at The Aiken House.
Love Fabby