Thursday, July 28, 2011

FABBY: Antique Brass Candlesticks

OK, here we go, I'm doing what I love the most. ...Tablescaping!!  That's why I'm using my dear mil's antique, church candlesticks, she gave me a long time ago, I don't remember when; my husband thinks that they might be French because of the "fleur de lys" in the foot of each...what do you think?  I used a pretty brass fruit bowl with pedestal for the  flowers as a centerpiece, they go well together even empty. I also used my mil's 71 yr. old china, because it goes well with the place mats... you've seen before in another post!
 The two candlesticks and flower centerpiece.
 I love this tiny silver salt bowl with tiniest spoon!  Vintage, from a great aunt.
  Silver-plated tray and salt and pepper shakers.  
 A few vintage things like the clock, that was my fil's.  The porcelain pieces are also vintage.
 The placemats also came with a round doily, here with the cups ready for coffee after dinner.
 My mil's china  with the roses, which pairs well with the rose chintz of the placemats.
 My reticulated chargers that go with so many dishes.
 Here is the "fleur de lys" in the foot of the candlestick.
 One of the two big platters.   My mil's initials are engraved in the serving silver piece.
 The stemware is French, we inherited from my mil too.

 In this photo you can appreciate the placemats...I'm so glad mother gave them to me!  Bellow, the entire tablescape with my Italian brass lamp fixture.
I also want to show you my pretty, English chintz placemats, my mom just gave me, a one time gift from a friend that used to work in Fortunoff's, NYC, the beautiful store that now has shot it's doors...what a shame!   You can use both sides as the other side comes in stripes in the color of the roses of the chintz's, for a more casual table.  I hope you like this couple of elements I haven't used before in my tablescapes.
Thanking all of you, my dear friends in advance for all your wonderful visits and lovely comments.
Thanks once more to the lovely hostesses of the great parties for having me.  I will be linking to the following parties, I hope you do too and join the fun!
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

FABBY: Total Kitchen Rebuilding

Hello sweet friends!

Around 16 months ago we finishes "rebuilding" our kitchen from scratch! 
I never liked the modern white it used to be and it really had seen it's days, hubby  knocked it down and had it rebuilt professionally. 
I'm sorry I never took before pics to compare, but believe me, I remember it!

I love it now, it's very confortable, although is just 4X4 meters, plus the area where the fridge is, by the service entry. 

I've made parties for 30 guests in it, with great confort and working space, before I blogged; so I  didn't  take pics! 
Now in the new kitchen I'm looking forward to entertaining even more. 

OK, here goes.....lots of photos, too...just be patient!!  

BEFORE:  while doing the work from scratch.
 Part of the laundry room and pantry.....that'll be another post.

 The ceiling where the stain glass skylight is now... you'll see.

 This little old fridge I had in the pantry and will still be there. It's good help for more storage, specially when entertaining. 
 This is how the cooking area  looks now!! The cabinets and drawers are made of Sapelli wood, very similar to mahogany hubby says.
 The sink and dishwasher area...the door leads to the laundry room and pantry.
 We did all drawers, with Italian mechanisms that allows them to slide in and out, with double-walled, steel frame system, so that pulling out and sliding in, it's soft, just with a touch.
 I love my spice drawer, it's right in front of the cook top!  They're removable for cleaning.
 I love this little pull out drawer because it holds oils, vinegars and other stuff, this way we keep the counters neat.
All these sliding drawers have pots and pans close by the stove left is the 2 garbage pales for recycling too.
This drawer and cabinet in front, contains our everyday, flatware, china, glasses and mugs.
My drawer for the pot holders and kitchen towels.
   The drawer underneath the sink contains all the washing things and suds, to keep the sink area neat and clear of that.

The two tier slits at left, are great as they store four cutting boards
 The pull out small pantry is where I keep some immediate things. 
Next to it there's another smaller one where I keep baking products.

Double Italian Dipiu, electric ovens.  The one on top is my 27 yr. old microwave oven!

 All the switches are hidden underneath the ledges, in order not to drill holes on the granite back splashes.

 My four rows of cook books...I love collecting them!
At left, a pic of Ben, our beloved pug.

 A view from the dining room into the kitchen.

 The view from my kitchen window...I love the river that runs thru it.

 In this counter you can see two cookbooks that my Mil wrote of Ecuadorian cuisine. The TV as well. 
The vintage porcelain recipe holder is German and it has windmills hand decorated.

 I hand embroidered this tablecloth very many years ago; specially to go with my own designed china, which also has orange flowers against the blue linen. 
A table set for the two of us, we love the view while we eat in our breakfast nook everyday.
 I desigened this stain glass skylight here, that was made by local artisans, with roses and humming birds.
 This is where I keep all my baking utensils, molds, pie plates, cooky sheets, bundt pans, etc.

 My mil's cooking book, opened.  I loved her cooking, I drool everytime I see this pic...there's lots, of course, to drool over!

Thanks so much lovely and sweet friends for your wonderful comments. You always make my day!

Thanking the generous hostesses for having me at their great parties.

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