Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Cayetana's First Communion & Early Thanksgiving

Hello sweet friends!

After an almost week and a half of intense social life, guests at home; we are now left quietly at our house again.

Let me start by saying Cayetana's First Communion was fabulous, my daughter Sofia did a magnificent job doing the flowers, some of the food and all the garden d├ęcor. We went to Sofia's house the Wednesday before Saturday Oct. 28 to help in all we could.

I also baked a couple of two walnut-leyer cakes, a great recipe that was Alejandro's granny and a family heirloom.

I also hosted a "sort of an early Thanksgiving" because we had our daughter, baby Max and her hubby Sergio here from Madrid and our daughter Sofia who lives three hours away from our home, in another town. The grandgirls, all our siblings, my mother, cousins, etc. Therefore, we were 22 guests, besides the older grandgirls. 

So, not happy celebrating an early November 1st.Thanksgiving at our home, our SIL Sergio's mother had a 'very early,' Sunday Nov. 5th. Christmas as well with all their family, us, daughter Sofia and her family, etc. Holliday turkey and Virginia ham and everything else... in her beautiful house fully decorated for the Hollidays in red and green. It was amazing! There are no pics of this celeb because it would be a no end situation for you...and me ! heheheee

So yes, you are ready to sit down and look at a ton of pics as it is.  But you don't have to if you get bore, mind you, lol...

I guess you know I am pooped !

Cayetana flanked by her dear parents, Sofia & Giancarlo; after the ceremony of the FC.

Cayetana next to the sweets and dessert table.

Right outside the chapel, yours truly, Cayetana and Evelyn, her other grandma.

Baby Maxima, who is almost to be the "terrible twos"... with her mom; she yanked her shoes and pigtail bows off, lol.. She's gotten so tall !

DD Alexandra, her husband Sergio, who is Cayetana's Godfather with Betty the Godmother Sofia's best friend in blue.

Another pretty picture at home with her parents.

Like I explained at the beginning of this post, we celebrated a very early Thanksgiving 2017, November 1st. because my two daughters and families could be here; along with our siblings, friends, our cousins, and the girls.
I fixed three tables for 22 sitting down guests.

I started with dear Mil's antique silk brocade gold tablecloth, gold glass Turkish chargers, and my white rimmed in gold Noritake china.

The gourds and little pumpkins are dried real ones I spray-painted in gold last year so to keep my gold setting for ten guests.

When I have more guests then I just go along and set the foyer tale, my formal table and breakfast round table. The 'foyer' table which is more like a receiver, but all three tables are so close by that guest are kind of together.

Here I chose my black and white 'Multiple Choice' china for six guests.



This table came out in silver, so all three are different.

I love 'Cyclamen' flower pots for centerpieces lately, as they last more then six months in my kitchen window sill and they are so cheerful that they make me happy to look at them when I'm cooking.

I started this spread with my German crystal chargers and the black, white and gray two chinas I mixed and matched.

In this picture you can see the antique French marble top 'Foyer' table I use for dinner parties when we are too many.

I just place six chairs, as there is plenty of space and I'm ready to go.

Last but not least the breakfast round table was set for six as well and I used my Onion china.
The girls, Victoria and Cayetana were having some food before the luncheon... I guess they were hungry already, lol..

Then later they joined us for the rest of the Thanksgiving luncheon.

Poor Cayetana fell from a chair at school and hurt her chin and had three stitches, my goodness!

Sorry there were to many photos, but still, these were just a few.
We even celebrated an early Christmas at our Sil Sergio's mom's house because her only son and his family were here from Madrid and she wanted to take advantage too.

I never had such great and happy time in life... as of lately !
Three celebrations, FC, Tksgiving and C'mas !

Thank you dear friends for your kind comments, as you always make my day !

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at your great parties.


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