Sunday, May 24, 2015

FABBY: Tweaking Around the House

Hello sweet friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, remembering all the heroes in your own families, as those men and women we don't even know who have left their lives in the battle field for the freedom of America.

As some of the sweeties that follow me know my DD Alex got engaged last May 2nd. Therefore, she left to live in Madrid-Spain and she left her beautiful apartment to rent furnished, so I have inherited some pretty things from her, specially the electrical things, as they have another voltage opposed to us all in this side of the pond.

I did some tweaking here and there, of this and that with some of her great things she sent us from the capital, Quito, where she resided.

Anyway, let's not waste time... here you have it.

I'll start at the foyer, by showing you all the relocating I've been up to.
Behind the tartan chair that pretty, sphere floor lamp I had in the dining room before, and now I brought it here.

This antique Asian lamp, that was from my In laws' wedding is now here in Alejandro's grandparents chest. Before it was in one end table in the living room.
A recent photo of our DD Alexandra in Paris, last Valentine's.

I also changed old pictures for new recent pics of my grandgirls and DDs Alex and Sofie.

The big Asian lamp that was in the living room before is now in the vintage Belgium buffet.
I love how warm this space looks now with it.

Here is a better shot of the modern sphere lamp, which is formed by glass half moons and you can take them out for easy cleaning with Windex... even washing them!

This lamp is a set with the one atop our breakfast table, but now it didn't make sense without the silver 'Kartell' one there. You'll see what I mean.

In the family room, there's a one and only small table in between the couches, I placed the antique Oriental lamp that was from my In-laws' wedding too.

 It was our main lamp in the living room before.

Everything sort of changed all, because of Alexandra's 'French Silver Kartell' lamp, because it so happens we owned one too that was in the dining room's, Belgium buffet next to all my silver stuff... some of you might remember!

Since we have two of the same Kartell lamps now, Mr. Living gave a hand in the tweaking so he suggested they should be together in the living room, flanking one couch.
Anyhow, here they are and we love them together in the antique French end chests...with a girl's small vintage French bust, vintage doggies and a Chinese ginger jar.
I love a marriage of vintage classic and modern accessories.

Here is the other Kartell lamp in the other end of the couch.

"KARTELL is the brand (or designer) that makes the GHOST Chairs and Tables."

Vintage French bust of a young man with antique ivory pieces and a porcelain bowl with lid.

Now this lamp is so pretty cause it resembles a coconut tree. I had it in the foyer's antique chest, where now sits the yellow Asian lamp.

I thought in one end of the Italian buffet would look good and yes, I like it here, as it gives this corner brightness and warmth all of a sudden.

She also gave us three oil paintings from famous artists, but the other two need frames so you won't see them on the walls as of yet. 

This one is very pretty but you can't appreciate it in the photo.

Love the color!

In the meantime I made for our lunch today, 'shrimp and cockles ceviche' and it was great!

And last but not least, my favorite is this gorgeous, elegant 'Custom Metallic- Kitchen Aid!'
You see, she couldn't take it, as I explained before because of the difference in voltage than ours in Europe.

We gave this gorgeous KA to DD Alexandra some four years ago for her birthday and who would imagined it'll come to us later on!

I stored in the pantry my white 'Artisan KA' I had for 20 years, to give this new one a chance to work a little more for sure, in my house, lol...

"I hope you liked our new, small changes, that made such a HUGE difference at our home.

I love to tweak things around the house, never mind with other things...and without doing any shopping!!!
What a fun weekend we had!

Thanks for your sweet and kind visits dear friends, as you always make my day!
Thanks to the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties.


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