Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fabby: Dinner Party a Year Ago.

About a year ago we hosted a dinner party with a few good friends after we remodeled our kitchen and so I was so excited to start the  "party cooking" and use all my new appliances, like my double oven and everything my brand new kitchen privided me, specially how wonderfully organized I finally was.   I wasn't blogging than, so the pictures are the home made tipe, didn't have to worry you'll see them!...LOL

You can see me tiding up my house for the party and than next to my table setting and so is my dear hubby in the small marble antique table.  The chinese alcanphor wood and hand decorated  trunk was a gift from my MIL one one of my hubby's 
b''s more than 100 yr. old .  The black chair next to eat was my grandmother's.  The gorgeous roses are from my BIL's Rose Farm.  The  piece of furniture flanked by the two French red striped chairs belonged to my hubby's grandfather, turn of the century Italian, the flowers in the doors of it are carved by hand.  So, I hope you
 enjoy it and sorry for the not good photos, I'm getting a little better.  Thank you for all the hostesses I might show this post to and for letting me participate!  I'll start with my friend Chari at Sunday Favorites.
Love you all and thank you in advance for visiting, I love it when I hear from you!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

FABBY: Another Tableware Design

I'm posting at BNOTP Thursday's another of my  dishes I designed at my husband's Ceramic Factory we owned  3 years ago.  This design I used in making my tablescape last Thanksgiving, but maybe not everyone saw it, as I was so new at blogging.
The inspiration for this design came from the wrapping blankets Indian women use for their infants, they're made of thin natural colour wool they weave themselves by hand, and the embroidery is with birds and flowers...and of course, the beauty of it is that they use lots of colour!  So here goes the one we used to call:  "Baby Blanket".  The candle holders are from Portugal, they won as best design in glass in 1994, I found that out later, I just loved them and bought them here.....I loved the lotus-flower look to them.
I thank you in advance for all the nice friends that visit this post.
Lots of hugs.