Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FABBY: My Mother's Things

 I used the salad plates from my mother's vintage French Limoges she gave me several years ago.
 This pretty square doily was also a gift from her for my last birthday. I love all the embroidery in it.
My mother loves the Onion Soup Alejandro makes and I always use this bowls for it, so I thought I use them in her honor. I used my reticulated dinner platesfor second course.
 Here is the serving salad bowl, I don't think I ever posted it before.
 The sugar bowl is so pretty and I have used it with sauces before, like here.
 The flower cyclamen plant was also a gift from my mom's a year ago and it's still full of flowers! The silver vintage tray was a gift from my Mil and I placed it here with my silver S&P shakers. The candle holders are mercury glass.
 Here is the oval platter I like so much. I don't think I ever posted the service pieces from these dishes before.
 Mother also gave me this cute, silver butter dish many, many years ago.
 Look how pretty the embroidery on the big square doily is, I love it. The cyclamen flowers are so pretty and I keep it in my kitchen's window sill and she gets lots of the morning sun, she will last a few months more and die, it's happened before! The silver butter dish and vintage silver spoon.
 I placed the square topper like in a triangle fashion...or diagonally.

 The crystal stems were my Mil's and are French.
 The place mats are from a long time ago and I love the contrast with the darker wood in the table.
May first is always a pretty date because it marks Mother Day's month and for Catholics, it's also the Virgin Mary's  month, or "Month of Mary". Therefore, I was inspired to make this table with some of the pretty things mother has given me throughout these years. Of course, you all know her beautiful aqua and gold vintage French Limoges dishes she gave me several years ago. I also have in the table a beautiful embroidered square, doily?. I guess is what this is. Anyway, she gave it to me because she says is what you put in a table for 8 when you just have 6 guests for dinner. You will see why and yes, it does make sense. Well, hope you like it. I will be linking to Let's Dish at Kathleen's and many other fun and great parties...thank you ladies for having me each week.

You always make my day when you drop by and leave me such lovely and kind comments, I so appreciate.
Thank you wonderful and gracious hostesses for having me, week after week at your terrific parties.


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