Thursday, April 14, 2016

1/2 Way DIY Chalkboard Piggy !

Hello sweet friends!

 I've being very inspired with all the 'chalkboards' I see all over blogland, which of course, you, talented friends always inspire me so!

Anyhow... I was so smitten with pretty Robin's 'Chalkboard Piggy' which she 'completely' DIYed it. I am NOT that talented at all to make a piggy from scratch, therefore, I cheater and so guess what I did!

Here is Robin's post with tutorial and all, just in case you haven't seen it, although she was featured in all the parties around!!

I saw a cute piggy cutting board on my local supermarket and 'light bulb!!'
I said to myself... now Fabby, why don't you just buy it and paint it and go half way with the chalkboard DIY situation..uhmm

So I went to the grocery store, picked up the wood pig cutting board, bought some chalkboard paint, came home and painted it and VOILA!

My sweet Mr. Living got a hold of a piece of wire and twisted it to make a 'piggy's little tail' and it came out so cute!

Here he is my little chalkboard piggy 'DIY only half way !'

Didn't the little piggy chalkboard came out cute?!
Very easy-peasy too! I just bought in our local grocery store a piggy wooden 'cutting board.'

Bought a black chalkboard paint and went ahead and painted it yesterday.. a cinch!

Love my little piggy chalkboard and it is true, I forgot to buy eggs and ham for the weekend breakfast, so it'll work for a reminder too!

The bowl on the wall is a salt container with a lid, made back at our own ceramic factory.

I also decided to play a little with my other finished project, my ever lovable, skinny 4 inch plate rack hubby had made for me a month ago.

All the way from the first shelf, there's two antique other platters displayed since the 'rack debut.'
In the second some pieces from my 'Onion blue and white' china.

In the third space I placed red transferware teacups, saucers and cake plates... ready for cake and tea.

The fourth shelf contains red transferware teapots, a tin with Coffee and another with loose Tea.

Right at the bottom shelf; I placed my bistro coffee mugs and at the very last one I kept a row of tea boxes, which was purposely made for it.

It was due for me to get into a little baking too, so I did our favorite 'Chocolate Marble Cake.'


The little pig-tail hubby made it's just to cute!

I didn't clean the edges, I just drew an outline about 1inch and painted just in the inside.
Look at the funny eye I drew, lol..

We don't have an open plan kitchen because I entertain, so I like the mess private... but the door leads to the formal dining area and breakfast room, although we eat our meals mostly on our former farm's table in the kitchen.

Thank you dear friends for your sweet and kind comments, you always make my day.

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties too.


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