Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FABBY: French Tablescape

Hello sweet friends!

Looking  for  Martha Stewart's Holiday decorations in the Internet,  I came around a beautiful table scape for Christmas with an aqua-turquoise china and instantly I remembered my mother's vintage Candle Light Limoges dishes in aqua and immediately  got inspired to make a table scape for Christmas, all my own, in this not classical color. 
Martha had hers beautifully done with a gorgeous centerpiece  with white flowers, whereas I decided to use my hubby's,  French Art Nuveou porcelain center piece with the monogram of his grandparents, which is just like our last name's initials and when his mother died, almost three years ago she left it to him.

I am calling this table scape French as everything in the table is "almost" French, like the beautiful stems that were my mil's, my mother's pretty French Limoges dishes and the gorgeous porcelain centerpiece, which I arranged it in a modern fashion for the holidays. 

 I used my vintage, Carrara top table that's in the our foyer; the one  hubby bought in the European Antiques Shop last April and the manager told my hubby that it was great, we were so happy, who cares from where, we just fell in love with the gorgeous table. 
The other day I was in the antique shop to see what's cooking, and I ran into the owner who had come from Europe recently and asked me how I liked the gorgeous Antique FRENCH table for my foyer and WOW... it turned out French and not Italian...hehehe.. 

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 Mother gifted me with this French Limoges dishes, a set of eight with some serving pieces several years ago. This was her good china, she used it only for guests, back in the 60's, or before, therefore, some have chipped even, so I have a set of perfect six left as mother enjoyed serving her guests for many years in NYC in her dear china.  I love the aqua color to them... I wonder what dishes Martha Stewart used in her picture, the ones that inspired me this tablescape??
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 I just love this gorgeous hand embroidered, linen napkins with a C'mas tree on a blue bucket. I won them around ten years ago, among other things in a local C'mas store because I taught how to decorate a C'mas tree; it was a $200 gift certificate from the store, so one of the items I picked was this lovely eight linen napkins.
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 The chargers I used here are my pewter ones, so to keep a Wintery cold look to the tablescape.

Here is the gorgeous French Art Nuveau antique porcelain center piece that belonged to my Fil's parents'.  I chose for my arrangement some C'mas tree balls in aqua and silver along with the blue-silvery grapes on the sides and those thin blue-silver twigs.
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 The French stems glasses were my Mil's and they come in three sizes, twelve of each.
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 The table scape in my "newly discovered", French vintage table with Carrara marble top. A little peek of our tree and mantel in our den.
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The living room in the back ground with my beloved Francoise Sagan's round coffee table, (this is how I call it).
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 I high shot to appreciate the entire table scape. 
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 The color of this photo looks old fashion, like something retro 50's.
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 Sitting in the living room couch I took this shot, with some of my reds in the coffee table. You can see here the entire great vintage "French table" in our foyer. The two red velvet striped chairs are of French style too.
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 The Christmas tree in the back ground in our family room.
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 The monogram in the antique French Art Nuveu from the 20's,  has an A and a C, as my maiden name is Alba and hubby's last name is Crespo.
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I like the soup bowl's shape, it's so old world.
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I love this beautiful linen napkins.
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new and they had a Transfer ware perfect dishes set for 12 in blue and white with zillion accessories...I almost fell for it, but I have enough blue and white.  Ok, let's get back to the table! 
I met the owner who lives in Holland and that's from where he sends all the antiques to Ecuador, he buys them all over Europe and he says:  Sra. Fabiola,  I heard you got months ago that beautiful FRENCH TABLE with the Carrara marble top!!  You can imagine me!...I was so surprised, happily too, but I've been calling it all along... my Italian table, because the manager told us it was Italian, lol!  Well, this is the story.  Here is my  French table scape on my "French vintage table" all set for Christmas.   I hope you like it.

Your lovely, generous and kind visits are so appreciated, they always make my day and put a smile on my face no matter how bad I may be feeling that day, so really, I cannot thank you enough my dearest wonderful friends. I love you all very much.


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