Wednesday, April 25, 2012

FABBY: Italian Tablescape

 Hi my dear sweet friends!  Here is my Italian tablescape for Let's Dish at Kathleen's and Tablescape Thursday at Susan's.  I will enter more parties too, as I am such a party animal!..hahahaa
 The tablecloth is an Italian antique silk brocade, all embroidered in silk threads, with bows, butterflies and flowers. This beauty was my dear MIL's and we're so lucky to have it to enjoy.
 The dishes I chose for this table are from my Italian Tognana set, which is one of my very favorite. I used my Turkish glass chargers in gold, as I love them with the silk, gold tablecloth.
 The etched-stems comes from an antique set we have from my Mil's also and I always liked to use them for shrimp cocktail. The other stems I chose for this table, to continue with the Italian theme are Bormiolli Rocco, from several years ago.
 The pretty crystal flower vase it's also Italian, from several years ago.

Some of you are asking me if I have used the tablecloth before and I'm so happy to say yes, on two occasions, for formal dinner parties. I washed it once in cold water and it also irons well. My Mil also washed it, I would think, several times even, as she had it for, I don't know how long, as this is an antique.
 The antique brass candle holders were a gift from my Mil and she said they were from a church, originally. I don't know where they're from, but Martine Aleson said they looked "British", not French..which is what I thought, because they have "Fleur de Lys" on the feet.
 I love the center embroidery of the tablecloth...I took this shot from high up so you can appreciate it better.
 The tablecloth also has ribbons and flowers woven throughout.
 Here you can see the butterflies embroidered on it too, along with the flowers.
 The cups for some coffee, or tea after dinner. The putti tray is Capodimonte.
Our dining room set is also Italian style, it has brass angels on the buffet doors and it has marquetry on the table and buffet as well.
 This painting of the lady with our pug, Benito, who died almost two years ago, was made specially for us,seven years ago, by a famous lady artist, Adela Tobar, who likes to paint dames from the fifties and sixties holding dogs. I just couldn't take a good, clear shot, it kept on shining, with or without the flash, oh well... so Ben didn't come out to clear. My daughter Sofia has a beautiful painting of the same artist with a pretty lady with a shitzu dog, so cute! You can see it on her home's post I did a couple of months back.
Here is the center embroidery of the table cloth. The crystal Italian flower vase.

The weekend is getting closer than ever and here I thought I was wishing everyone a great week just yesterday, Tuesday! April is practically over and soon it'll be Christmas, at the rate we're going! Therefore, I hurried on making a table scape with all my Italian goodies, starting from my dining room set, which is Italian style too, with brass angels in the buffet doors, and marquetry. I might add that the brass chandy is also Italian. 

As always, thanks so much in advance for all the wonderful comments you always leave me, my dearest blog friends.. they are sooo very appreciated!


Thank you wonderful hostesses for always having me at your fabulous parties!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

FABBY: I'm Such a Copy-Cat!!

Home made angel food cake with country eggs, which have very yellow yokes, that's how the cake comes out yellow as well.. like this one.    
   I decided to fix my bedroom today, Sunday.. and in the foot of our bed we have a table where I have layers of decorating magazines of all types!

I spent an entire afternoon looking through them and then an old issue of a decorating magazine showed up and I remembered where I copy-catted our stained glass-sky light for our new kitchen, almost two years ago.  So, this is the third copy-cat thing I've had made in the past and posted, who knows, maybe I'll remember other ones too! Artisans here, in Cuenca-Ecuador, are so skillful that you almost want to copy-cat everything you see in magazines, or Internet, least I do!!

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 BEFORE: Here is the beautiful window, with the red roses in stained glass on the pages of an old issue of an Old-House INTERIORS magazine,  which I had fallen in love with, many years ago and saved it, just in case!
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 AFTER: Here is our kitchen's sky-light I copy-catted, almost two years ago, when we remodeled our kitchen. If you notice, I did added blue hummingbirds to the beautiful red roses, for an extra touch, as they remind me of our past home where we had so many in the garden..and the magazine designe didn't I guess you might say, more than a copy cat, it was a GREAT inspiration.. lol..


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 In the day light the colors look awesome and at night with the lights on underneath the pretty stained glass colours, take up such brightness and we enjoy looking at it so much. I'm also blessed hubby almost always agrees with my decorating ideas...but believe me, when he doesn't, that's it!!
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 This is a new vignette I made today with my hand decorated Delft from Holland pieces in blue and white, my porcelain doggies and a vintage Chinese wooden box from my Mil.  Before I had the big mud Foo Dogs here, along with the silver framed photos of us, which I kept here.

 This beautiful chest is an antique Spanish style piece that belonged to hubby's grandfather. The carvings on it are beautiful.
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Ok, you saw the magazine and our kitchen, stained glass-sky light, for you all to compare.

Thank you my friends for your wonderful and generous visits, they're very appreciated.

Thank you gracious hostesses for having me once more.


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