Monday, April 25, 2011

FABBY: I Call it Carnations.

My mother, who's 81 and very well, thank you.....spends every wednesday with us, so the three of us have lunch together and than we go shopping, mom and me, that is, maybe to the antique, European shop we love!  Than we go to a cafeteria for some tea, or coffee and some sweets, or not.  I've set up this table for  three  with one of  my designs, I used to call "Carnations", I made it at my hubby's former "Ceramic factory", we had up to three years ago, for some of you who didn't see some of my past posts with other chinas by us.  This one, carnations, was inspired in the embroidered beautiful blouses, native women wear and yes, they embroider, "carnations" in a very deep pink, like the color of this pretty flower, in real ceramics it comes out like this.
 I bought this all cotton linen tablecloth for this china on sale for $14, as the finials have the same colors of the carnations in the plates.  I also love the fringes!
 Here you can see the dessert bowl with scallops and the napkin rings with a little chirpping birdie...this are also made by us.
 The goblets I used are Mexican, hand blown.  The soup bowl.
 The chargers are Mexican pewter.  Dinner plate, salad plate and soup bowl.  In the center is a meat platter service and the tureen.
 The cups with a basket with almond Biscotti. The bigger basket is with fruit and a juice pitcher. The shape designs were Spanish originally.  This dishes were made out of "terracota", look inside the cups and the basket handles, you can see the terracota color.
 Here is home made bread, my mom's recipe which she calls: Golden Bread.  We're going to stay home this Wednesday for coffee and marmolade and the bread!
 The whole set of dishes.  The meat platter with scallops.
 The soup tureen with a little dish for chili sauce my hubby loves....I haven't gotten into it at all, yet!
 Great close up of the beautiful, big scalloped platter.

 The entire tablescape.
 This is the dinner plate, the idea was to make it look like a doily in the center with the carnation desig and framed by cobalt blue.
 The salad plate is big enough to hold an antree, a piece of cake, or a pasta primavera, salad.
 The pewter charger, the dinner plate, the salad plate and the soup bowl.  The dessert bowl.  I use it for "shrimp and fish" ceviche too.
 I have 16 place settings of this pattern and many more service pieces....lots more!
Hope you like this design too.  We had about 14 patterns, hand made and hand decorated..... all inspired in the native indians's wear.
I want to thank my following hostesses for letting me participate in this great parties:
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 Susan'sTablescape Thursdays at:
I'll probably check more parties I haven't seeing before.  Thank you in advance my friends for all your wonderful visits, I so appreciate them.
Lots of hugs.