Saturday, May 7, 2011

FABBY: Happy Mother's Day

 The center piece I did in a ceramic basket, in the handle there are hand made flowers.  The two figurines are French, they're my new vintage finds.  I loved their blue hats, I bought them to make a table with my Onion blue and white china.
 Here's one figurine of the girl holding a sheep.  The soup it's Cream of Celery.  The charger and bread plate are pewter.
 A better close up of the Celery Cream, I garnished it with home made potato sticks.
 The rice is made of fresh basil and pine nuts, (rice looks greener in real life).  The meat's Beeh Stroganoff, I make it in round cuts as my hubby doesn't like it in the small piece as the recipe is originally. 

 The Beef Stroganoff onion pattern platter and the girl's  vintage figurine.
 The Apple Streudal came out really good.
 My version of the Greek Salad.
 The Granola Cookies they had with coffee at the end of the meal.
 Cayetana who's 4.  Bellow, Victoria, who's 6, 10 years old.
Hello dear blog Mothers!   My daughters who live far from me, some hours away, came to visit us to spend Mother's Day with me, along with my granddaughters, Vicgtoria 6,10 yrs. old and Cayetana 4.  They're going back home Sunday, the "real" Mom's Day, therefore, I decided to make Saturday our MD, so this is my post...I couldn't catch everybody for the pic, but I did my own Mother, 81.  I didn't come out because I looked awful with a big red, puffy eye with a stai!...oh well,  next time.
Happy Mother's Day to you all.
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

FABBY: My Little Friends

 I also collect cake stands with pedestals, so here are some of my dog collection with some of cloches as well.

 The skinny black couple, greyhounds, are vintage French bronze
 Inside this cloche, cheese cloche is a pug and a foo dog I bought in NY's China town many years ago.

 This big Foo dog I bought in NY's China town a very many year ago, in the 80's.

 Our beloved Pug Ben in the gold wooden frame.
 Aren't they so very cute?
 Here is my beloved Ben...I miss him, he was so much fun and so lovable. snif,snif,snif......
This is my dog collection.  I have some vintage, like the French bronze, some are new porcelain, some gifts and some antiqueI love dogs, real ones and collecting porcelain ones, too.   We lost our pug Ben last year, he was 12 yrs. old and I still miss him very much.  I still have not made up my mind about getting another furry friend...I hope I will, eventually.  You can see Ben in the picture frame.
Thank you for the hostess of this great party, hope someday I'll join with a real furry Little Friend!
Wishing you all a very blessed and happy Mother's Day.

FABBY: Granola Cookies

Hi, I'm sharing this Granola Cookies a real good friend gave me more than 25 years ago and they have become my staple, as I give them away to sick friends, to friends  that invite me to their homes, to a sad friend...anyhow, everyone loves them!  Here goes for you too, my lovely blog friends, at least the recipe, they're very easy to do, you'll get hooked on them too!
 Here are my latest find, this French boy and girl...I loved them because their hats are blue and they go with my blue and white onion china, which I'm going to use for Mother's Day.  The center piece is a ceramic basket with hand made flowers, we used to make at my hubby's past Ceramic Factory, I have a few of these.
 The cake plate with a base is Anchor Hacking.  I'm going to use this blue linen tablecloth for Mother's  Day wth my blue onion china.
 This flower base is Italian, I did it with this pretty combo color flowers.
The Granola Cooky Recipe bellow:
1 Cup sugar
1 Cup brown sugar
1 Cup vegetable oil
Beat this ingredients for 3 minutes on high in your Kitchen Aid.

2 eggs
2 Tb. spoons milk
2 ts. vanilla
2 Cups flour
1 ts. baking powder
1/2 ts. baking soda
1 ts. salt
2 Cups granola
1Cup raisins
1/2 cup-chips
1 cup dried coconut
Add all the dry ingredients to the previous mixture above and mix well.  Mix the last four ingredients by hand with a wooden spoon, or rubber spatula.  Heat oven to 350f.
Put them directly on baking sheets by heeping tea spoons, or  cookie scoops.  Bake first batch for 12 min., or how ever your oven is...than for 10 min. the rest,'s what I do.  Yield about 38-40 cookies.
Have a very blessed Mother's Day to you and your dear mothers.
All my love.
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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Hi, I'm so happy to be here in this parties I'm going to join!  I'll name them all at the end...think I'm becoming a party animal!
This is a simple tablescape, as looking thru some boxes I had in a small cellar and to my surprise, as I had almost forgotten it, I found my 1977, Anchor Hocking, stoneware, Naomi Rose!  I was so glad to find it and now I'm using it for everyday china, until I get bore with it, but right now, I feel like a kid with a recicled old doll!  
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 Here's the Anchor Hocking, stoneware china, stylish in those, days!  I have it for 12 place settings, they came 4 places in a box and so we bought 3 boxes in NY, Bloomingdale's in 1977.
 The white porcelain flower base was my grandmother Stella's. I also found these glasses in the boxes, they were not that old, maybe from the 90's.  The pretty green and baige placemats are organza, with embroidered finials, they're made in India. I placed them, narrow side up, as in a round table, the rectangular, or square kind, don't feet correctly.
 I only found four glasses and this are some of the plates and cups.  Oh, look, there's one chipped...shocks!, who cares, there's 11 more of those!

 The flower base.  I love it because it's white and goes so well in a small table like this one!

 This plant was my Mil's, she was growing it her kitchen from a big one she had and I brought it home and it's grown so much since, it's quite big and pretty.
 The cup shape it's almost like a mug with plate.
 The dinner plate with a very 70's stoneware pattern...I think is still cute!  The flatware is German, ERITING: Hermeysil silverglanz, this is what it says in the back of the soup spoon and it was given to us by my Bil and his wife on our wedding in 1975.
 The salad plate.
 The plate setting with it's soup bowl, or corn flake bowl, it's kind of small.

   The flower base, the cup and saucer and glass.
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