Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Going to Miami for the Birth of our New Grandgirl

Hello sweet friends!

This Wednesday Alejandro and me are going to Miami for the birth of our third granddaughter, Maxima Juliette Vinueza.

I'm taking hand crocheted baby cloths as presents from Alexandra's aunts, my mother and dear Carla a double cousin of my daughters.

With this said, I'm saying goodby to you all and wish you the best and many blessings.

I know that a just born baby takes up so much time so I won't be blogging for a month.

See you when I'm back home, early December, to share all the news and how it all went.
In the meantime I wish you all my dear sweeties a wonderful, happy and blessed THANKSGIVING 2015.

The hand crocheted outfits in the 'traditional colors,' pink, green and white for just born babies here in Ecuador.
The pink is for a baby girl and would be replaced for baby-blue if it's a boy. The white represents the purity of the infant and the green is my favorite one, as it represents 'hope' for the baby's future.

All three baby outfits were hand crocheted by a friend of my mother's who is very skillful and her work is very sort after, as she uses the right materials, like antiallergenic for a new born and is very talented as you can see.

The green little outfit is the very 'first item of clothing' a baby boy or girl wears as soon as she or he is born, as I mentioned before it represents 'hope' for the baby's future.

The red velvet embroidered skirt and white embroidered blouse is of the 'indigenous' little girls of Ecuador's outfit and are just the cutest!

The tradition here is that when our babies are little girls, maybe 1 or 2 they wear it for fun, as a custom, specially at Christmas time to visit baby Jesus at the church December 25th., the day of His birthday. 
Anyway, our new granddaughter will wear this cute custom
 just for 'fun pics' in Miami, lol.. 
My dear Mil had given my Sil, her daughter this lovely and dainty antique collar, hand done by needles from Belgium, for a little sweater for her daughter Carla and she never used it, nor did she used it for her two granddaughters.

Therefore, she had it finally made for my own daughter and her niece's baby girl and now I'm taking it to Florida in her behalf.

I love her color choice for the little sewater, as it's like a 'mulberry,' right?

Here I leave you with the lovely baby outfits. I will see you early December when I get back.
Thank you so much for all your wonderful wishes and comments. I will be visiting you each, one when I come back, I promise!

Big hugs and have a blessed and "Happy Thanksgiving" my dearest friends.

Love you all,

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