Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FABBY: Mother's Tea Party

   Hi my friends!
I just sneaked at my 82 year old mother's house just to take some pics as she's having a tea party tomorrow with her school friends, lol!  Anyhow, she had set her table already with the set of dishes in blue and white, which were a gift from us several years ago for Mother's Day and they were also designed by me at  our former Ceramic Co. We also gave my MIL a set too, but now I have a multi color. The blue and white design came from the indigenous people from the northern region of Ecuador's apparel, like blouses, skirts and even men's shirts. 
 I also took  photos of some parts of mother's home. Hope you like my post of Mother's Tea Party.  Thank you for your lovely visits, I just love it when you come over and I so appreciate it very much.

Thank you lovely ladies that host the terrific parties I can't wait to link to every week... and for having me.

She had paired the blue and white dishes, with a pink linen and rose-pink roses, this enables me to join Beverly's great Pink Saturday Party.  The dishes were made back at our Ceramic Co.
Mother is going to serve ice-cream topped with walnuts in the sherbets and later cake, small sandwiches, cookies and other sweets.  If you like there's a little bit of history about this design...not much, on the beginning of this post. 

The beautiful runner was made by mother several years ago and she also made a larger one for me, as my dining table is a bit larger than her beautiful Queen Ann dining set.
Behind the curtains there's a balcony with a great view.
My mother likes putting some grapes and berries in the bowl you see here, with two handles. You can see that it's a sieve as well, for small fruit, difficult for drying individually, so the water that's left just drips all by itself in the under plate.
I love her china cabinet, it's so beautiful. The open door at the right side of the photo leads to her kitchen.
Mother in her pretty living room...I kind of forced her to pose, lol!
This beautiful antique piece is Meissen and the cherub on the carriage is the handle of the lid.
This is another beautiful antique piece and it's a Volksted Porcelain-Germany.
I asked my mother to lend me the dinner plate so you can see it, as she wasn't using it except as serving pieces for her tea party tomorrow, so here it is.
In the salad plate mother will be serving her guests, cake and other yummy things.
In the cute sherbet she's going to serve them ice-cream with walnut garnishing. The teacups are a little bigger than the standard cups, for hot chocolate or coffee, as well.

My mother's kitchen is quite large and comfortable. She does entertain her friends a lot, sometimes she has high teas for up to 18 ladies. I usually give her a hand when there is to many guests.
She has a beautiful view from her 4th. floor apartment.

In the peninsula is were her great-grands have Christmas and Mother's Day lunch, as she always makes a wonderful luncheon for us.  Hope you liked my post on Mother's Tea Party.
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