Wednesday, January 4, 2012


   I have a giveaway for my one year of blogging and it's announced  by Beverly at  PINK  SATURDAY.
 It's a hand made tea chest with pewter work on top and it was made by my friend's sister and she sells them in her shop and everybody can't get enough!  I also have one and I love it and this one is even prettier than mine!  I hope you like it!

  I want to thank you for the wonderful, beyond words, experience I've had in my one year of blogging. All the fabulous, talented, awesome and incredible ladies and gentlemen I have met!  You all have inspired me and taught me so much that now I feel I will "have blog forever", besides doing what I love to do.  I also enjoy visiting you sooo much!   Thank you for your kindness and generosity the past year 2011, for your visits and comments of encouragement to go on and for the tips on how to "control and manage" my blog when it gets crazy, lol!  To the great friends I've met and sometimes feel you're my best friends and last but not least for all the amazing  tablescapes, vignettes, recipes, decorating, re-doing- re-building, and I could go on and on describing all I've leaned and have inspired myself from your blogs, lovely and wonderful people.

Thanks to the ladies and gentlemen for the beautiful and generous giveaways I won last year and they were four too!

To the ladies that host such fabulous, fun and exciting parties I just can't wait to link to every week...I don't want to name each, as I don't want to miss anyone, plus you all know who I mean!
Thank you dear Beverly for the announcement of my first giveaway, will not be the last...right here at the terrific PINK SATURDAY PARTY! 
You don't have to follow me anywhere, unless you'd like to... just make a comment letting me know you just dropped by from PINK SATURDAY at Beverly's, or directly to my post, make a comment on it, so that we can acknowledge you wish to participate on the giveaway.  Thanks.

I also want to thank the hostesses that have FEATURED me on their parties, I'm forever grateful and honored.  Ok, sounds like I'm getting an OSCAR, lol!  All of you blog friends are better than receiving an Oscar,  you're amazing!! 

My love to you all and looking forward to visiting you and linking to the parties, as I've become a real PARTY ANIMAL!

Next Saturday the 14th. of January, at Pink Saturday, Beverly will announce who the winner is.  Good luck to all.   This is ONLY for people that share their fabulous BLOGS with me.....if you're anonymous this giveaway will not apply... sorry.


My parent's used to tell me that when they were small, gifts used to come from the Kings on the 6th. of January, opposed to Santa delivering on Christmas Eve, or day.  The custom came from Spain, as some believe that the gift giving to children came from the Kings taking gifts to Baby Jesus and little by little I guess, Latin America changed to the Christmas date we know now and  Santa delivering the gifts to the kids.. Spanish children still wait to receive and exchange gifts on Three King's Day, January 6th. You will see this on the cable TV news this Friday.  After Epiphany, Jan 6th. we also start to dismantle the Christmas decorations and tree.

Table in honor of the Three King's Day, Jasper, Melchior and Balthazar.
I placed our first Three Kings we had from our first Nativity set, the year we married, back in 1975... inside a cloche, to make this tablescape, as they're small.   The Nativity set we have now is put away in storage already.
"They brought gifts to Baby Jesus".  The crystal vase with the flowers is Czechian.
These elegant velvet, ornamental gift boxes were a present I got from a friend this Christmas.
 Teacup, cake plate and teapot, all from my reticulated set of dishes for 12 I have.
I used as place mats this pretty, Swiss doilies that are part of a set with a runner... directly on our breakfast alabaster table.  I like the gold metallic threads brocade-damask with flowers, which are more pink in real light.  I liked the drama and glitter for the Kings table.

The tablescape for tea for hubby and me,  with part of my reticulated dinner set; teacups, teapot and lantern.
I made a small table for tea to honor the Three Kings, Jasper, Melchior and Balthazar.

Thank you in advance for all your  wonderful visits and kind comments my friends. 
Thanks to the lovely and gracious hostesses from the parties I will be linking to.


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Monday, January 2, 2012

FABBY: Recycled Curtain Panels

 I'm really loving the tablecloth made from my dining room draperies. My wonderful husband gave me this Christmas, this English silver fowl cover, that I used as a centerpiece.
I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's celebration.

 Here are my draperies panels before, made out of a fine silk brocade. We were so lucky to find a material very similar to the chairs back then, for our formal dining set.  This round table is on the breakfast area, next to the formal dining area and I love it cause we use it when we have more than 10 guests and this way we're all together.
 And here is the After, turned into a tablecloth, that matches our chairs as some of you noticed in my New Year's table.
 I washed it before I had the tablecloth made and it washed beautifully in the washing machine, although, it did get very wrinkled, but hey, I lot less than the 100% linen ones I have and hate to iron!  You can see the tablecloth has pleaded panels all around it, as otherwise it wasn't going to have fabric to drape on the sides... and the pleads also added a bit of elegance to it.
Some of you who have been following me, last October we changed our dining and living room draperies to Hunter Douglas shades, to acquire a more clean, neat and a little modern look to our windows and I showed how I had table toppers made out of the living room yellow moire panels.  I saved the tablecloth that I had made from the dining room window for my New Year's Eve tablescape, specially because of the silvery look the fabric has.  Ok, here is the before window drapes and the now tablecloth.  The tablecloth looks so much like the dining chairs and that is not a coincidence, as we did tried to match them back then, when we bought the fabric.  This job coasted me $8 for the seamstress....can't go wrong!!

Again, only the very best for you all my dear blog friends for the New Year 2012 and may all your desires and dreams come true. Looking forward to enjoying your wonderful, stunning and talented posts!


Thank you Susan for hosting this most enlightening and inspirational party: 
Thank you so much to the lovely hostesses that allow me to link to such fun parties.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

FABBY: Doggies collection!

I have many collections, but my dog figurine collection is one I love very much and I have vintage ones, European ones, porcelain ones, brass ones, chinese Foo dogs, etc.  I am joining Alyson from  The Polo House Collection Party. 
My buffet with my doggie collection under glass.  I used this pictures for Marty's Cloche party 2, at A Stroll Thru Life.  Below in the antique chest  rests my two hand made Foo dogs which are my latest find...I love oriental things, so this couple, of male and female Foo dogs are one of my favorite.
 My Little Friends are inside some of my cloche collection too.... since this pictures I have added from this Christmas presents, a couple of more you could say there's TWO collections here.
 In the picture frame is our own Pug Ben that died in 2010, at the age of 13....We still miss him so much!.
Aren't they so cute?!
Thank you so much to dear Alyson from The Polo House for hosting this fun new party, on January 1st., 2012.  HAPPY NEW YEAR !!