Monday, July 23, 2012

FABBY: Cloche Party at Marty's Place

I love collecting cloches, as everything inside them looks fabulous and take a different light to it, even if they are the same old things from around the house. Therefore, there's nothing that makes me happier, than to join a Summer Cloche Party and since the Lady of Cloches, Marty is having one and has invited us to her place at,  A Stroll Thru Life, I'm terribly excited to link up and visit as many as I can..hope all of them!  Let me not waste any more of your time and post mine!


 I gathered MOST of my cloche collection in the formal dinner table for a tea with  a yummy cake I made from: Pinterest. The recipe is long, but easy and really delicious!
 The dishes are Alejandro's favorite pattern that I designed at our past Ceramic Co., inspired in the Ecuadorian indigenous women's embroidered blouses.. and I called this pattern Carnations, as that's what the flower in the original embroidered blouses are. The design in the finials of the cups and saucers, along with the other pieces and plates is what goes in the collar and cuffs of the blouses. A cute basket under a cloche hold the napkins and cake forks. 
 The "Apple-Cream Cheese Bundt Cake" under my widest cloche. The small cloche comes from a set of four with four tiny spoons I won last year at "Marty's Cloche Party" too and the gift came from dearest "Chie at Chubby and Chieque". I use them with marmalade and butter.
 A fresh cheese that we love around here, it's almost like a country cheese. The "Alfajores with Dulce de Leche" filling are totally yummy! I didn't make them, but when I do, I will post a recipe.
 The other pastries under the cloche are called, "Quesadillas" and are sweet and filled with cheese, we love them for tea parties, along with the alfajores..they're both Ecuadorian pastries. The teacups are under my tallest cloche.
The blue sherbets are under a medium size cloche ready for a little cool ice-cream too.
Everything is set for tea with cake and please come on over!

 The silver spoons are in the creamer, under a cloche as well.
The Alfajores with Dulce de Leche filling.
I have some more cloches I haven't used today, but I don't have a wire one..if I can't find one here, I'll have one made one of these days, there are great artisans here in Cuenca.

 The tea napkins and cake forks are in the basket under the cloche.
Welcome to my kitchen nook, where we can have another piece of cake and relax, talking for hours on end! This pretty vintage hand embroidered table topper belonged to hubby's grandmother and I have it for so long, because my dear Mil gifted me with it so many years ago, I can't remember when..
Oh goodness, I should turn the TV off as I just heard that awful news about the movie house shooting! God bless the families of the victims and my heart goes out to them. How terribly sad to hear this happen again.
 These beautiful teacups are Polish, a gift from my daughter Alexandra last October for my birthday.
 All my eggs on ONE
The fruit bowl with a mother-bird feeding her birdie, is also under a wide cloche. This fruit bowl was also made at our former Ceramic Co., Monte Turi.

In this yellow plate I served a piece of the cake, where you can see pieces of the apples and pecans inside it.
Thank you very much to dear Marty for having me at her wonderful CLOCHE PARTY AT A STROLL THRU LIFE. I hope you join the party too as I can't wait to visit you all.

Thank you lovely hostesses for the wonderful and fun parties I will be joining with my cloches.

Thanks my sweet and wonderful friends for dropping by my place, you know you make my day, EVERY TIME!! 

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