Wednesday, August 8, 2012

FABBY: A Summer Tablescape

I love yellow and orange for summer colors, because I think they're so happy and bright! I specially used this bowls, where I like to make quiches and they go in the oven very well...anyway, they were my inspiration for this summer tablescape and were made at our past Ceramic Co., hand decorated in pretty roses and paired with blue and yellow.

 The dinner plate has a rim of orange and the salad plate is from my mother's French Limoges beautiful dishes she gifted me several years ago and they have the exact shade of blue as the bowls.
 The shell bowl with shell pedestal is for the hot sauce. At left my Mil's English yellow small also had the same shade of yellow as the bowls.
 I made my centerpiece with orange roses with some greenery, to continue with the tones of the tablescape.

 I love these orange glass napkin rings, which look just like orange hard candy and I feel like biting them!

 I like the yellow on this vintage, English yellow small serving platter.
 This plaid tablecloth is so bright and fun, it also has lots of oranges, and yellows, that I like. The orange napkins came with it.

 Some doggies from my collection, just to make my table fun.

The stems are Mexican hand blown and the amber glasses.. I don't remember! 

Thank you so much in advance sweet friends for all your wonderful and kind comments you always leave me and every time, you make my day!!

Thank you also lovely and gracious hostesses for having me at your fabulous and fun parties.


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Sunday, August 5, 2012

FABBY: Laundry Room Reveal!

Hello sweet friends!

Here is my plane laundry room Before:

Two years ago, when we Totally remodeled out kitchen.. we also remodeled our small laundry room in back of the kitchen, but somehow, I never thought of placing any kind of shelving on top of the washer-dryer, until this year and for so long it has been in my, "to do list".  

 One thing, or another, I didn't start with the here it is, finally!
I've lost so much storage procrastinating, that's why now I've used every nook and cranny in this small laundry room, which now is very functional, so here is the plain Before wall in back of my.. twenty, or more years old, washer and dryer.

 Hope you like how these Custom made cabinets look now.. you all talented blog friends, as I have inspired myself in some of the beautiful laundry-room reveals I've been enjoying in some of your posts.

                                                 I'm partying at Kelly's Korner's Laundry Party

 The laundry room is right in back of the kitchen and this is the door through it...SO PLEASE COME ON IN...(no, you don't have to do my wash!) just come for a

 Here is the most important reveal..THE CUSTOM CABINETS!!  (Beware of all the pics of it all..ha!)

 I'm loving how cozy, neat and very functional it looks now..and of course, the deep cabinets are great and I like the milky glass doors, and now there's lots of storage, which who doesn't need it..boy, do I!!!!
 The right side open and very lighted too!
 The left side open and you can appreciate that this side looks darker. 
Most things I have stored in these cupboards, I had them in the closets of the guest rooms and in the pantry, but now I can just reach them when I need them, specially some of my crystal and porcelain flower vases, as I do my flowers in here.
I also placed some dishes in there too.
This is a huge pantry closet, where it's supposed to be for food, only, but I had it looking like a total messy chaos prior the cabinets. It was filled with food, home appliances, dishes, chargers, pots and pans, etc. and etc...
Now I cleared off stuff, which I placed in the new cabinets and it looks neater and with "mostly" FOOD, specially in the shelves down and in the doors, as the upper part of it, it's with some china, electrical appliances, iron pots and pans.. and others; which I really don't need them daily.


 I took so much out of here, that's why it looks clear of clutter, therefore, much neater to just grab anything, without moving things around to find the object of desire!
 One thing always leads to another when one is remodeling, so here was an empty, small space, on the side of the closet, next to the entrance door, that I decided to place a small open shelf, for some of my collectibles.
On top some white ironstone teapots and creamers and some porcelain ones. The bottom one is displayed with some of the hand decorated teapots and pitchers from our past  Ceramic Co.

My white ironstone display. A beautiful vintage French plate, that was my Mil's in the background.
 There's also a shelf with a very old Japanese toaster-oven, (you can see a little of it)
I always had it here. I use this toaster-oven for making cheese sandwiches and heating bread, usually for breakfast.

 At your right is the big closet and the small door leads to a maids room and bathroom, which we use it as a storage room; but when we have parties and need outside help, they have a private bathroom to use, closed to the working area.

 Here is another tall, narrow space I used for building more shelving storage, almost all the way to the ceiling...this one was the only one I had made when we remodeled it two years ago. 
This fixture I had it placed in front of the utility sink.. like I explained before, I used every nook and cranny here!

 I keep onions and potatoes in these two upper bins...when I have the grandgirls here, these are filled to the top, specially with potatoes!
Under these there are two more, where I keep some fruit, like oranges, and grapefruits for fresh juice and another kind of potatoes in the other, as Ecuador has a huge variety of potatoes, for every kind of use, since potatoes are originally from the Andean region of SA.

Hate those ugly wires from the TV Cable; which I call them so many times, but to no avail!

Here you can see the cupboard shelves next to the door that leads to the kitchen.


 Under the utility-sink I keep the suds and cleaning items, I don't like them displayed where you can see them, as I don't find them pretty...hehe
 When I fixed the laundry room we had an old fridge here for 27 years, since we have a new one as this oldie died on us.
An extra fridge always comes handy when I have dinner parties for the food I cook the days before the actual party and I also keep extra meats in this freezer too.
So here you have it!  I'm very happy with my new "re-bumping" of the laundry I said, it's small, but now very functional and pretty!
Thanking you in advance for all your wonderful visits and I'm forever grateful, as you always make my day!!

Thank you lovely and gracious hostesses for having me at your fabulous and fun parties.


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