Friday, August 17, 2012

FABBY: Ceiling Medallion and A Little Chef

We're staying with our daughter's Sofia's and Sil Giancarlo's girls again, as they had to return to Miami for our Sil's check up after his almost THREE months, spine operation! Yep, it's almost three months since the operation...goodness, time just disappears before us. He's got to undergo a couple of exams still, before we know how everything is coming along, exactly.

Since I am been a  "mother" once more, yesterday I took Cayetana, five, to her Children's Cooking class where she made from scratch pizza, so I'll share some pictures from my "little chef" too. 

After Alejandro gave me for last Mother's Day this gorgeous antique Italian chandy, named after France's queen Marie Therese. After it was up, I realized I didn't placed in the ceiling a "medallion", as they look great and perfect with one, smack in the middle of any kind of chandy..I did have to have one made to order, as it just bothered me soo much.. and placed it AFTER the chandy was up! Therefore, the artisans that hand made it, also installed it. They had to cut a circle and than in half, than preceded to sand it down and they glued it on the ceiling with more plaster, paint it white again, sand it down again...SO, you can imagine the thin dust that came from this work, and so they finally finished it, very perfectly too, except there was a lot of fine and thin dust, which I had to clean the entire house from it, just the day before we came to stay with our two grandgirls..can you imagine! Anyway, it was worth the trouble, I love how it looks, it's like crowning the beautiful chandelier and I finally felt satisfied. Hope you like it too.


 Look how beautiful the French style medallion looks in the ceiling. This is the style we chose as I didn't want more ostentatious ones that I saw in the shop. They are hand carved in plaster, it seems like around here this art hasn't died yet, as I understand you can find them faux made, in plastic or rubber, as many moldings as just paint them and that's it!
 A close up of the plaster medallion.
 This is the BEFORE of the ceiling, looking plain, what a change, that's why I decided the chandy needed a crowning, like Marie Therese (queen of France), which is the style name of this 1020's chandelier and I was right..I love it now!
Now on to Cayetana, my Little Chef, she's wearing a white sweater and white apron and chef's  hat... (first from right, in back row), in a pizza cooking class with a few little chefs getting ready outside to go to the class.
 Here are these cuties, which made the pizza dough from scratch, but when they started I didn't have my camera, until hubby came with it and took at least some.
 Placing the sauce in the baked pie.
 Now, she's eating her pizza with cheese and ham...she said it was the best ever!!
Here is my little girl looking so satisfied!
Couldn't help it and had to have a picture taken with my adorable "little chef!"

Thanks for your lovely and kind visits sweet friends, as they always make my day!!

Thank you gracious hostesses for having me at your fun and great parties each week.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

FABBY: Dinner Party Menu

Hi everyone!
After posting my orange Summer Tablescape early last week, I had also planned on having eight guests for dinner last Friday night and so I decided on going orange again for my dinner guests and used the same centerpiece with the orange roses, which was perfectly fresh.  I chose for setting my dinner table, my vintage oriental dishes, which I've posted a couple of times before for you, but haven't used them with guests in many years... so here they are, paired with my orange rim dinner plates, as the vintage ones have such a small size dinner plates for today's standards, (I guess we eat more amounts these days).  Here is also some photos of the menu I served last Friday.
 I served the Walnut Cake, which was hubby's grandma's in my antique Belgium buffet's, pull out drawer, with marble top and with my reticulated cake plates.
 As an entree I served, Tamales de Yuca, which are made of yuca, (cassava in English) another tuberculous popular in Latin America. We also make them of potatoes, hominy and many other kinds as well. I'm showing you how they're steamed in the leaves. The flower vase is  vintage Italian yellow crystal.
 Here is what they look like released from the leaves and I served them in the small dinner plates as the entree, so I didn't want to start shooting my camera while my guests were about to it was a set down dinner.Oh, they are delicious!
 At left the Fish and Shrimp Escabeche. Next is the rice with pine-nuts. The fresh Green Salad with arugula, two types of lettuces, black olives, tomatoes, red pepper and yogurt Salad dressing, topped with blue cheese, which is in the small bowl. The silver weaved basket holds warm bread.
 Here is a close up of the Fish and Shrimp Escabeche. The recipe is at my post: Sea Food for my Mama, back in May for Mother's Day.
 The table was set with my vintage oriental dishes, orange rim dinner plates and reticulated chargers. The beautiful tablecloth was my Mil's. We can call it an EARLY FALL table too.
Whenever I set a table for posting or for guests, like this one in orange, I cannot help myself remember my sweet blog friend Christine, from Christine Home and Travel Adventures; as she loves orange and she looks so good in it too!
 The stemware is Mexican hand blown from several years ago.
 The coffee, and tea station.
 My two tier Meissen piece with some green apples and grapes. I placed four cups and saucers only for coffee or herbs tea, cause usually only women ask for anything like this for after dinner to go with dessert; but the other night, the men asked me for herbs tea and none of the women, they kept on drinking their wine, including me, lol...
 A high shot to appreciate my Mil's beautiful hand crocheted tablecloth, she had it made several years ago. Some doggies around the centerpiece's mirror.

We had a real pleasant evening with our good friends, including my best friend Stephanie from New Jersey and Julio her husband.  Dinner was at eight and our guests stayed until one in the morning.

Hope you liked my dinner party menu. Thank you in advance for your wonderful and kind visits, which I appreciate so very much and always make my day!!

Thank you lovely and gracious hostesses for having me each week at your terrific and fun linky parties, which I love to be part of.

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