Wednesday, December 7, 2011

FABBY: Real Christmas Tablescape

I love this all embroidered Spanish tablecloth in satin, specially because it's so traditional and I love Christmas in the traditional colors. This is how my table will look for real Christmas Eve, except for the lack of flatware!  OMG!  I just noticed I forgot!  Oh well, I'll have them on for Christmas, I promise, LOL!!

The centerpiece I did with my bil's red roses from his rose-farm and I arranged them on my white soup tureen that was a gift from mother, several years ago, as it was hers for ever and I have fond memories.
Here is the pretty embroidery corner on the satin tablecloth.
The red stems are Italian from many years ago and the green I have for a long time too, I don't remember what they are.  The napkins are so pretty, I also got them in NY several years ago, 8 for $5.
 I love, love the embroidery on the tablecloth it got to me inmediately when I saw it, so I had to take it home with me and this was already, 8 years ago!
 The red chargers with my mom's doilys, so not to scratch the charger when we eat and the dinner plate moves around a bit.

 The tea, or coffee buffet for after, to enjoy with our cake and Holiday cookies.
 The tea, or coffee buffet.
The small buffet  here is an antique Egyptian piece hubby bought several years ago and I love the brass Egyptian designs in it, that's what got Alejandro when he saw it at an antique window shop in the capital. 
 I decorate the Italian brass chandy with small wreaths in each of the eight arms.
 The roses look like they're made of velvet.  I arranged the flowers in a non-chalantly way not so perfectly rounded, as I've done before in the crystal vases.
 I just added a couple of photos with the flatware, as it was bothering me too much, lol!
 The place setting with the red charger, dinner plate and soup bowl...and finally, regular Oneida flatware!

I ran a green ribbon and small green tree ball ornament, around all the eight silver napkin rings. 

 The entire tablescape.  The silver napkin rings with green ribbon and a green small ball.
This is how my tablescape for Christmas Eve will be...and Christmas Day too.  I always use my traditional Lynns Fine china, which hubby gifted me for a birthday, back 17 years ago and he gave me 16 place settings as he bought two sets of eight because we're usually 14.  We go for a fabulous lunch Christmas Eve at mother's house the whole family with the children too.
I love my traditional tablescape,  I usually feel the real Christmas spirit when I do my reds and greens!   Are you mostly traditional for the Christmas Holiday? 
Thank you my dear friends for visiting me, you know I love to have you and I specially appreciate your kind visits.  Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great and fun parties they host everyweek. 
Love you always,

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

FABBY: Tree, Mantel & Nativity

 The den with our tree, mantel and Nativity scene all ready for Christmas 2011.  My mother, our two daughters, Alexandra and Sofia,  Giancarlo our sil and grands will come for the hollidays to our house.
I copy cated this mantel with the snow from our local Christmas store and I liked it cause  it contrasted the decorations better against the wood panneling.
 The middle part down of the tree with some of my fav ornaments, actually I love them all!
 I always take out this ceramic frames made at our formal Ceramic Co. where I keep pictures of our daughters in Disney World and another with hubby holding both our infant girls, wow, where did time go to?! This is our den's end table.
 The native Nativity that my grandgirls love to play with so much, like feeding the piggies and chicken and some of the musicians playing Xmas carols have fallen...oh, those girls!
Below is my St. Patrick's Cathedral a small replica from the NYC has little lights to it too, I don't know if you can notice them, they're so tiny!
     In a couple of posts back I showed where I had my tree last year and for many years before that; although it was great because you could see it from all over the house, now we had to move it next to the fire place in the den, or our family room... all because the space it used to be was the foyer which now it's ocupide by our "French vintage table".  We love it in the den because it's next to the fire place where the Nativity is, as the weather around my neck-o-da woods is 70-75 and more, dry, so because of this we use the fire place to set a small Nativity with folklor pieces of indigenious people's, a little town with farm animals, dancers and musicians for Baby Jesus's birth celebration. My grandgirls just love this the best, they play with it and move the pieces around every day, lol!   Today Sunday, their parents came to fetch them and they went home, we're already missing them, they're so sweet, smart and well behave, they're a joy to be with.
 Our den, or family room with our Christmas tree for the frst time here, along with the mantel and Nativity scene.
 We're enjoying the new place of the Christmas tree as now it's our Christmas room.
 I fixed a snowed up mantel that I copy cated from the C'mas store's faux mantel and I loved it, so to give a contrast to the arrangement against the dark wood panneling. I fixed it with my tall and thin angel  the same tone as the St. Patrick's Cathedral resembling the one in NYC.  The skinny long legged Carolers I have for several years and were a present from hubby's, they're one of my fav things for Christmas decor I have. I love the golden raindeer too. The brass angel candle holder I have for ever; I really don't buy much each year, except a tree ornament as it's my tradition since our first Christmas in 1975, the year we got married.
The Christmas stockings are one for Victoria and Cayetana, the doggie one was from our beloved Pug Ben,  who died last year...but now it's Chloe's, the grands's Chihuahua.
Inside the fire place we usually fix our Nativity scene with folkloric figurines, like the cute houses, farm animals, trees, musicians and dancers for the upcoming celebration of the birth of Baby Jesus.   My granddaughters love it the best, they play and re-arrange the figures every day while they were here and they add some modern ones, like Barby pieces, like dogs and magic figures, whatever, lol!
Our tree started at our first Christmas back in 1975, the year we got married and since I've been collecting the ornaments, there are ceramic figures made by our daughters when they were children, gifts from friends and family, some of the people are not here of my little girls and little grands too... of course, I can't show them all otherwise you'll never leave this post, lol! 
Here are some made by a dear aunt who's long passed in NY.  The cute sweaters by Russ I bought in NY a long tme ago.  At left there's a little C'mas tree picture frame where my younger daughter Sofia is, the mother of my grands, wow!  A figure of a pug to remind us of Ben and because I collect dogs and I have some in my tree too...some where.
Here are a crystal candy in a wrap I won years ago, along with a few great things for holliday decor. In the little wreath picture frame is my darling daughter Alexandra when she was 1 year old.
A pretty tin angel was a gift from my hubby.  The vintage glass German santa in the cloche.
Most of my tree ornaments are from several and many years ago. I love the angel at the tree top, she has such a pretty green velvet dress.
The santa lady with the red skirt was made by our daughter Alexandra when she was a young girl at our former Ceramic Co.  The blue and white Delf porcelain ball with Dutch scenes.
 A look at part of the snowed mantel.
 I'm so happy to have a replica of St. Patrick's Cathedral from NYC.

    I hope you like it, so here you have it!  The red velvet skirt is from Spain from many years ago.

Thank you my dear friends for all your visits as they make me so happy to read your comments an I love to visit you, so I will be joining some Christmas parties from now on so we can meet and share our holliday decor.     All my love to you.

Thank you lovely hostesses for giving us the chance to share our Christmas decking at your fun and great  parties!

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