Thursday, March 15, 2012

FABBY: Pink and Green Tea Tablescape

I'm joining the great ladies from Egg-xellent Spring Party, hope you do too.

 Hi lovely ladies!
I  made this table scape to join Shirley's Tablescape party and Beverly's Pink Saturday.  This time I created a tea table scape with some sweets and used again my teacups and salad plates I designed back at our former ceramic co. as it has shamrocks, to continue with the St. Patty's celebration. I also paired them with my reticulated dinner plates and other accessories from these dishes. I also added some little birds around the table to evoke spring.  Ok, take a look, hope you like it. 
Thank you in advance for coming and for the lovely and kind comments you always leave me. 
Thank you lovely and gracious hostesses for having me at your fabulous parties each week.
 My table scape for high tea with some depression green glass, like this fruit bowl.
 I used a plain tabletopper in pink and I placed on top of it my organza, embroidered, green and beige place mats.
 The flower vase is vintage Bohemian crystal from Czechia... in gold and green. A couple of Italian porcelain white doves have landed on the table too...I guess for some sweet crumbs, lol..
I placed my oatmeal bread on a green depression glass leaf.
 The cookie platter. At left one of my dozen ice cream spoons, shaped as a shell. They were a birthday gift from my dearest Mil, from so many years ago. The silver plated butter spatula next to it was a gift from mother's several Christmas ago and they are a dozen too.
I took this shot standing on a chair...I always say that I'm not to tall, therefore, they never come out as I wish. DH doesn't ever volunteer, lol..
Don't you love that ethereal looking vintage, needle crochet doily in the tray?
The lace like hurricanes are from my set of reticulated dishes as well.
 The sherbets and goblets are Polish. They are in pink and violet.  Some little birdies around the table too.

 The teacups are pumpkin shaped.
The tea set in an Italian tray, I have it for more than 20 years.
Little birdies inside the cloches with vanilla and chocolate cupcakes.
 Shamrocks on the salad plate.
The place setting I chose, with reticulated dinner plate, salad plate in green with shamrocks and Polish sherbet in pink.
 Another cookie platter.
 The hand decoration on the teacup is like the embroidery on the blouses of the indigenous women from Ecuador...this was my inspiration for the 14 designs of dishes I did back then.
The picture is crooked, not the tabletopper, lol..  Many kisses to all my Irish friends...ok, and to us the faux Irish ones too, lol !


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Monday, March 12, 2012

FABBY: St. Patrick's & Cloches Parties

I will be joining this great parties, and I hope you do too!
 Salt & Pepper shakers under small cloches.  One of the four cloches that were a gift from lovely Chie from, Chubby and Chieque... with some green mint chocolates.
Hi my dear friends!

I'm so happy to be finally blogging after a hard and difficult week I had. I went to visit my daughter Alexandra at the capitol, Quito, as she was feeling sick, so after running a few tests she had gastritis, now she's feeling better and is under a treatment. I am finally so happy and my heart is back, I was so worried!  Than my blog disappeared out of the clear blue and it was a total horror!!  I heard this is happening a lot, so lucky I didn't lose my darling followers, goodness like some others!   Than last friday, while I was going to take my cab to the airport, as my daughter had to leave early for a to take my luggage and my hand bag, I dropped my computed at a chair on the lobby of Alexandra's building. I ran to take my cab that was waiting and left the computed in that chair, lol!  Today, I finally got my life back...daughter is fine and I got my computed and blog back.   WHAT A WEEK!!
 While I was in Quito, visiting my daughter, I did a lil'shopping...yeah, a little bit.  These two, mercury glass cake stands I found at a nice home goods kind of store and I fell for them.
 Coming back home I had received in the mail my newest Bliss Victoria Magazine and it showed the very same mercury cake stands, which in real life they're exactly, cause right now the light makes mine shine to much.  I was so thrilled to see them on the magazine, see, you guys can go and buy them directly by just looking at the magazine, whereas I can't here in Ecuador, it was a happy coincidence!
 Thinking of St. Patrick's Day and to make a tablescape to join  Kathleen's Party at "Cuisine Kathleen", using my dishes made at our former ceramic co., and this set of dishes were a gift we did many years ago to my dear MIL, so after she passed they gave them back to us, for which we are very grateful.  I love it that  they have shamrocks decorated on them, cause some Indigenous women's blouses have them embroidered...not for any Irish luck or anything, I don't know why, really....but what a pleasant coincidence.  I bought this beautiful  table linen in Quito too, with green embroidery at the end of it and I love it that it's square cause it falls nicely on my round table.
I used as a centerpiece my new mercury cake stands with  the wide cloche DD Sofia gave me this past C'mas, along with the pretty green plant.
 A close up of the dinner plate so you can appreciate the shamrocks to honour St. Patrick's Day and with a green background.
The sherbets also have shamrocks, or clovers and so does the salad plate.
 My buffet with cloches with the Set's teacups and some sterling things inside them. The very tall cloche I love, was also this past Christmas gift to me from my DD Sofia.
The cloches with my sterling sugar bowl and creamer I borrowed from my silver tea set.
 The flowers add a little spring color. The silver vintage teapot under glass was my Mil's.
Happy St. Patty's and lots of kisses for all my Irish lads!
I used the sugar bowl to plant a small flower plant, all for the spring touch.

 I tried to make a rose with the napkins, but didn't do a great job, haha...The dove in the twig was made at our former ceramic co. as well.
The tablecloth is pure cotton linen and it came with six white napkins, but for St. Patty's table I used my green cotton ones inside the sherbets; although I tried my best to make a rose form, I didn't do a great job.   Again, I must love pure linens, which wrinkle so darn much and  I do get into trouble ironing them like crazy!
The green stems are Italian from my Christmas stash and the water glasses are Mexican hand blown.

I'm so happy with this pretty linen with green embroidery I just bought in Quito.
 I used my silver pewter chargers to pair them with my new mercury cake plates that I used as the centerpiece on my tablescape.
 A close up of the bird on a twig and a rose, so to give this table a spring look.  Shamrocks decorated on the sherbets.

Thank you in advance sweet ladies for your wonderful and kind visits, I so appreciate them very much.
Thank you to the gracious and generous hostesses for the fun parties I will be joining.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

FABBY: I Lost my Blog!!

  Hi my darlings!
I'm so sorry that I haven't answer your lovely, kind and generous notes, as first of all I spent a week visiting my daughter Alexandra, who lives in the capital, Quito, because she's been somewhat sick, after all the tests that were done to her, thank goodness it was an ulcer, or gastritis, no more than that, I was so worried, she's single and lives alone, even though her boyfriend's mother is so great with her, still, mother needs to be there!  I also took my computer and it all seem well, until I lost my blog, out of the clear blue!!  Than to top it all off, I forgot it in the lobby of her building, while leaving for the airport to catch my plane back home for a 45 min. flight, otherwise it would be an 8 hour drive... and it was Friday evening! However, I will be receiving it from Alexandra tomorrow Monday, March 12.   I promise sweet ladies I will visit your wonderful posts and write back, as I do miss you all sooo much!

When I was in Quito I did a little shopping of things we all like, lol!  Not so much...for real, not much, I had no time. I really hope I receive my computer tomorrow and I will be posting   and answering you all soon.

I just borrowed hubby's computed for a sec, he doesn't really like it, lol...but I needed to let you know, cause it's so not nice, or polite not to answer your lovely and generous comments my sweet friends .

Thanking you all so much for your understanding and please receive  all my love and hugs.