Saturday, July 20, 2013

FABBY: Before and After Chandy

Hello sweet friends!

   After we placed the crystal Antique Italian Chandy in our formal dining room, we of course, had to take down our previous Italian bronze chandelier we had for 30 years. Than I thought I will give it away to one of my girls, which both didn't want it... so I proceeded to place it under one of the guest room's bed and forgot about it.

The other day I was looking through Internet, (as I often do) for interior decorating ideas, or just for the hell of it! To my happy surprise I saw a very similar chandy hanging lovely on top of a round foyer table and voila!.. I remembered our 'bronze chandy' under the bed and right away I mentioned it to Alejandro, that I'd love it atop our vintage French table in the foyer too; for which he agreed and immediately called someone to help him hang it up, so here it is! Hope you like the Before and After Chandy.

This is how it looked without the chandy only yesterday.

The foyer area is ready for the dirty work of placing the bronze Italian chandy up...and me, not so ready for the after clean up!

I cleaned her and buffed her thoroughly with a cream specially for bronze, (broke two nails), or for gold metals, yesterday; to get her ready for today's now it's shining, spic and span and she's up doing her work of illuminating us beautifully once more, hopefully for another 30 years, lol..,

I'm so happy the girls didn't want it and I kept it, cause it looks perfect in the ceiling atop the foyer vintage French table. I'm loving it!

You won't believe how familiar she looks hanging from the ceiling she wasn't  more than a year under a bed, lol!!!

Don't you love it when you find something beautiful and perfect right in your own home, which you already had, stashed some where doing nothing?!

Thanks for coming sweet ladies, as you know you always make my day!

I appreciate the wonderful parties such lovely ladies host each week.


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Monday, July 15, 2013

FABBY: Tea and Cake in the Foyer-Table

Hello sweet friends!

   I was craving some pound cake after seeing a blog with a recipe. I made a small one, actually, half a recipe... enough to share it with Alejandro, my friend Carmen, maybe someone else and me of course...just one little piece for me, as I hardly ever have any carbs, lol..

The other thing is that we'll have the tea and cake at the foyer's 'Antique French' table. The foyer table is flanked by the living room and formal dining room; so I have prepared a 'Little Tour' of this area too, for a bit more fun! Ok, say no further and come on over for some tea and cake...or coffee if you prefer.

Alejandro, (Mr. Living) bought this vintage French beauty 2 1/2 years ago at the European Antique Imports shop, (some might even remember it) we have around here; which brings lovely things from Europe all year round. I didn't have anything in the center of the foyer, so the table was just the perfect thing!

The French table has white Carrara marble top and goes well with our marble floor. I used the tea set from my beloved blue and white Onion china from the Czech Republic.

I love this inexpensive flowers from the grocery store, too! The doggies in the back are vintage French, as well. The two small busts, with blue hats are also vintage French.

This pretty china set didn't come with a teapot, as it had broken in the store, but I had this lovely blue and white, Bareuther Indischblau-Bavaria teapot, that matches beautifully! In the back, a small vintage French girl's bust holding a sheep, and wearing a blue bonnet.

The two vintage French busts is of a boy with a flute, here... and a girl holding a sheep, like in the previous photo and they're from the Antique European shop from a few years ago. The yummy pound cake!

To your left you will enter our den. My Starbucks mug at left, with my green tea; which I drink it all supost to burn fat and yeah, I do believe it! The Scandinavian Antique chair has real leopard skin on...sorry Pita people, too late!

In the foreground is Alejandro's grandfather's antique piece of furniture, with blue and white Dutch Delft pieces and some family photos in silver frames. Mercury glass candle sticks.

To the left you can see a little of the formal dining room. Up front a Capodimonti tray with Puti.

Last month when we were on vacation in Florida, I bought on sale at 'Bloomingdale's- Orlando' this big set of 80 pieces of 'Reed and Barton,' classic flatware. Here are some teaspoons and cake forks. The set is for 12, with regular knives and stake knives as well... and lots of serving pieces. I love it!

The Chinese hand painted, black secretary I love. My grandgirls's portrait in the wall.

The pound cake came out delish and thanks to blog friend from: 'The Kitchen is my Playground.' I placed it on a mercury glass cake pedestal.

A marble side-half moon table that goes with the coffee table in the living room. The mirror is an antique from hubby's grandma and it's brass with 'mother of pearl.' The Armillary-Sphere is also brass, as is the little ashtray. A brass Hansen arm lamp on top.

Towards the living room.

I took this shot sitting in the couch's living room and you can see my lovely orchid. I'm also having fun playing with my new camera, that I bought in Florida and it's a cute little Canon.

This bowl is Imari- Dutch Delft, hand decorated and it's now carrying my orchid plant in the living room. In the foreground you can see our den area and fire place mantel.

The marble coffee table I had custom made 20 years ago from an, Architectural Digest issue where Francois Sagan, French writer had in her living room and I fell in love with it! In another pic before, you saw how I had a small half moon side table made to match this one.

This is exactly how the foyer looks. Couldn't do anything with the big arm of the side couch to get rid of it in the picture, lol.. Anyway, the upholstery is Italian silk brocade.

The water pitcher with blue etchings is vintage English.

This is it, my friends. I hope you enjoyed this part of our house and the little tea setting. The chairs you see here are 'Chinese Chippendale.' The entrance door is next to the painting in the back. Good by for now and thank you for coming. You always make my day!

I appreciate the wonderful parties such lovely ladies host each week.


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