Wednesday, January 8, 2014

FABBY: "Gringa Tea Party"

Hello sweet friends!

     I just got over my "Gringa Tea," we were fifteen with me and I wanted to host it this year, sort of a belated Christmas Tea party.  The first ladies who lived here took me under their wings back in 1975 and thus the name, 'Gringa Tea' as they already had a tradition to get together with all the new American ladies and make them feel welcomed and show us the ropes.

There are no great pics as I was busy and didn't want to bother my guests.

Most ladies live here, some are retiring here and some are married to Ecuadorians and live longer than me, even! Some are ladies who lived in the USA but are native ladies from here, relatives and friends as well.

Ok, just a few photos of the event which was just great, I enjoyed having them so much and it seems they all had an awesome time. The Tea Party started at 4pm and they left at 8pm!

My friend Stephanie from NJ sitting at your left, who's also married to my hubby's friend and has been my best friend for 33 years and we live in the same building...we are so lucky!

The other ladies next to her all live here longer than me and are married to Ecuadorian men. I was so very lucky to meet them so many years ago in 1975, when I had just arrived here!

Some ladies in this table are originally from here, but lived many years in the USA and are back, as well.

Roses by "Altaflor, Cuenca-Ecuador. " A 'shadow shot' as well.

So here you have it, a little glimpse of my 'Gringa Tea' and we always have such an awesome time together!

Thanks for visiting me, wish I could have you here for tea too, as you been 'Gringas' you all qualify, perfectly!

Thanks for the parties gracious hostesses and for having US today.

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Monday, January 6, 2014

FABBY: Past Tables for Three Kings Day

Hello sweet friends!

     Ok, here we are back to normal starting a new year, which of course, I wish the best for all of you, your families and may God bless all of us and this difficult world we live in.

I'm hosting a "Gringa Tea" this Wednesday, so I haven't taken down my holiday decor, as is like a 'belated C'mas Tea.' Therefore, I'm posting two past tablescapes for today's Three Kings Day celebration in many countries, such as Spain, the Philippines, Cuba and others, because I'm busy cooking and cleaning for the tea party.

When I came to live here in Cuenca-Ecuador in 1975, almost 39 years ago, I met some wonderful American ladies that took me in and showed me the ropes in my new home.
They used to make 'Gringa Teas' and that's why the tradition and we all still host and that's why the 'name,' lol! There are soo many American ladies retiring here now and I'm friends with some of them.  A few of the ladies I know are in the States for the C'mas holidays so some couldn't make it. I will post that later in the week.

Here are my past two Three Kings Day tables from 2012 and 2013.






My daughter Alexandra Christmas Eve 2013 at our house.

Victoria, Sofia and Cayetana all dressed up for Christmas Eve 2013.
My little Cayetana at the beach the week before New Year's Eve, where they like to spend the last week of the year.

JANUARY 6, 2013.


Thank you lovely friends for your sweet and kind visits, as you always make my day!

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