Thursday, June 5, 2014

FABBY: May Rosary Gathering Tea

Hello sweet friends!

Right after we came back from our coastal vacation and had so much dirty clothing, shopping and cleaning around here, I also had to host my last Wednesday of the month Rosary gathering!
Anyway, it turned out lovely as always with the ten ladies and sometimes more. We had a lot of prayers request for sick relatives and friends.

The china I used is my 'Home Gallery' one I have for complete 16 place settings and for several years ago I can't count!

The friends that follow me might remember I changed my draperies two years ago from the living room and dining room to Hunter Douglas cloth shades, which I love...however, I re-purposed the old draperies and had a tablecloth made for $8 with a seamstress. Love the taylor pleats she did!

The material is a wonderful silk brocade and in real life it shines as it's in a silvery gray, with blue and beige lines in the pattern.

I bought the long baguette basket you see here with bread buns, at one of the beach towns, where they're so famous for making and weaving baskets and so many other lovely things for the home.

I also bought the bread basket in the back.

The most delicious home made 'Old Fashioned Fudge Brownies,' ever!. 'The recipe is at the end of this post.'

My flowers are in a galvanized flower vase I got as a present with an anniversary arrangement from hubby a few years back.



Display of glasses for my friends, as they always require some water after tea.

I always change the display in Alejandro's grandparents' English buffet. Previously I had my Easter one; now is replaced with my antique 'Japanese Satsuma' tea set and natural shells from our vacation. It's also on my header.

Thank you so much for your sweet and kind visits, you know you always make my day!

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties.


'Old Fashioned Chewy Fudge Brownies'

2 cups sugar
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp. salt
4 (1 ounce) squares unsweetened chocolate
1/2 cup butter or margarine
4 eggs, beaten
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 cup chopped pecans (use walnuts, which I always do)

Combine sugar, flour, and salt in the electric standing beater, or whichever you prefer.

Mix well and leave it there. Meanwhile, melt the chocolate and butter in the microwave, or double boiler if you rather.  Stirring well.
Gradually pour chocolate mixture into flour mix and beat lightly and add eggs one at a time, vanilla and chopped pecans.

Pour batter into greased 13x9x2 inch baking pan. Bake at 325F for 40-45 minutes. Test center to see is if it's dry. Cool. Cut into 8 squares to serve. For tea I always cut in half each square and they look more dainty, plus suddenly you have 16 pieces instead of just 8 big squares!

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Monday, June 2, 2014

FABBY: Trip Around the Ecuadorian Coast

Hello dear Friends!

           Ok, looks like this week is going to be back to 'normal' in general. I even hosted our last Wednesday of the month Rosary prayer, last week, while I was still getting my house together.

I'm finally free so I can post some photos of our trip around the coastal region, called "The Route of the Spondylus" in Ecuador which we went with my dear Bil, Alejandro's brother, the owner of the rose farm and his wife Juanita... they are very dear to us, to be fair, all my Bils and Sils are dear to us both!

We people of the Andean-Highlands love the beach because is far away and lots of hours drive, that's why when we go, we stay for at least a week if not longer, like we did. When my girls were small, we stayed a month!

I will explain a little after some pictures...lots of them, lol!

Please check out the announcement as soon as I find a hostess who would like to do me the favor!

There are many gorgeous beaches all around the coast of Ecuador. We were only at a few.
Beach season is over for the coastal region as children are back to school because the weather gets cooler, but in the 80's. Meanwhile, for us people of the Andean-High lands, the weather is perfect and it's Summer time, only cold, but the same months as is in the USA.

The weather is still lovely here and the water is warm, but with less people, so it was wonderful!

Fishermen boats. The Seafood is amazing in Ecuador, and we have the best shrimp ever, exported to Europe and the US.
The Salinas Yatch Club is near  the private boats and it's a wonderful club with great food!

Me, arriving at one of the most beautiful hotels we were at, on our way.
We slept in one and the following day we drove to another beach resort area and were sleeping in another beautiful hotel and different each one... it was great!

My 'conch ceviche' and plantain chips to go along.

In the back a shrimp ceviche and up front, a seafood rice with fish.

Plantain chips to accompany, along with a pretty and fresh salad.

Another lovely hotel.

We were going to the beach which was right outside a beautiful walk and it also had a pier or dock direct to the sea.

Here we are late in the afternoon taking a walk by the dock.

Juan, Juanita and us.

This place we stayed at was adorable!  Lots of bungalows with two rooms, TV and a small porch inside and outside...we loved it!

Walking distance directly to the beach. We would go for walks at the beach and to swim in the morning because of the light sun rays at that hour.

Another shrimp yummy dish.

A light sea-bass dish.

Another fun hotel which was surrounded by tropical trees, plants and flowers, and it looked like it was smack in the middle of the jungle...and so were the rooms! Ecuador has tropical jungles too and I've never been to them; I heard they're amazing too.

Me with my dear In law's

Alejandro and Juan, his older brother; but they both have an eldest bro too.

We visited a young artist couple that live by a beach area, all year round, very secluded as artists tend to like!  They have a fabulous modern home!

Here I am with my young friend. They used to live in the Andean city of Cuenca, where we live and we know their parents.

We spent the last three days before driving back home at my Bil's and his wife's high rise apartment at the resort of Salinas, which is simply gorgeous!

A view from the window.

My Sil's beautiful shell collection and some with interesting shapes.

Our breakfast table at my sister in law's Juanita's dining table, as we stayed the last three days of our trip at their high rise apartment at the beach resort.

The pretty tablecloth is hand made of 'Straw-shawl.'

I love beach sunsets!

Sorry I had so many pics and you are so kind to come by and visit me, as you know you always make my day!

Thank you to the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties.

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