Friday, March 22, 2019

Spring Buffets 2019

Hello sweet friends !

How wonderful is it that "Spring has Sprung" in many parts of the world where there are four seasons.

" I decorated all my buffets for Spring, but not my entire home as hubby doesn't care for the seasonal moving around, and I also have not that much patience, so I will never be on a tour of anything except for Christmas, when I really go with the entire home. "

Here, where I live, it's sort of Spring and Fall all year round.

In the southern hemisphere where Ecuador stands; while you are having Summer fun, we're enjoying a cold Fall. Then again if we go to the beach by sea level, at the coast of Ecuador, it's Summer, if we go up the very high mountains in the 'Northern Andes' is Winter and they're also full with snow up there.

A small country with four seasons in the same day, lol..

Where we live is in the Andean southern region, so it is Spring full of flowers and a little rain, etc. the usual lovely Spring weather.

Here are my buffets in the formal dining room and breakfast table next to it done up in honor of this lovely season.

We keep our breakfast dining area next to the formal dining side, so we can use it with more guests at family reunions were we are more, at least 20. The kitchen is separated, but we do have a breakfast nook with a wooden farm table where we spend all week just the two of us.

With that said.

This buffet is decorated mainly with my mom's 'Limoges' dishes in pale aqua, plus the antique 'French' fruit bowl from Alejandro's father side of the family heirloom.

It is amazing how the aqua color in the fruit dish is exactly as the china, I guess cause they are both French !

This is all I decorate seasonal, except for Christmas that I go all the way around the house. So I guess I will never be on a Spring or anything tour, as I do not have all the patience, plus hubby hates all the bunnies all over the house, or cutesy things, hihihiii... it's his house too, so I respect him too.

Love this china, as I do have some memories of it when I was young.

This buffet is an antique as well, from Belgium and because of it it's long and very deep, so there is lots of storage room.

This Italian style buffet and dining table with chairs to match was my 40th. birthday gift from hubby... 'mini' years ago, lol..

On one side of it I arranged my 'Lady Carlyle' three tier, 'English Oetzman, London' plate and finally this darling French marmalade container... all in pink for Spring.

At the other end of the buffet is my three tier "Old Country Roses" and platter I brought from Madrid two years ago.
The cute gold sugar bowl is Russian, that was a gift from a customer to my husband when he had the Ceramic Co.

This is a small 'Egyptian' side table I got on a Mother's Day several years ago already.

Spring is here too.

This simple but cute buffet is also an antique and a heirloom from hubby's grandparents, passed on to us from his mom. 
As I mentioned before, antique pieces are sooo deep, as modern ones aren't. Therefore, it also has a lot of room space.

Our Breakfast French table and chairs. We use it quite often for lots of guests cause it is right next to the formal dining room and here I could sit six people, plus ten in the formal dining table.

Thank you for your kind comments dear friends and for praying for my mother, I am so grateful... you always make my day!

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties.


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