Friday, June 3, 2011

FABBY: Family Room Artwork

We were so lucky to inherit this beautiful painting form my Mil, by a famous Latin American naive artist, Gonzalo Endara Crow, he died after battling cancer at 58 in 1998...he used to call his work: "Magic Realism".  His beautiful and colourful paintings were extracted from the indigeneous apparel,  (like my dishes) from flower petals, scattered in the Nativity Processions, from fire works castles, from hot air balloons, and from rustic trains and rural homes in the Andes and the coast region, as our painting is.  This are homes made of cane to be cool in hot climate and by the rivers and the Pacific Ocean and the Virgin Mary's procession is taking place in the ocean on a canoe.  This one used to be my mil's favorite painting at her home, she had a few famous ones. Gonzalo E. Crow won many awards, like No. 1 Biennial artist and best Naive Artist, thruout many countries in Europe, Latin A. and Japan.
 This is our family room, where we read, watch movies, on the weekends, etc.  This is how the painting looked before when we inherited from my mil in front of the mantel with the Delft things.
 The new mantel arrangement and frame, which is colonial style, carved by hand in wood and covered in "gold lief" by local artisans. The blue and white ginger jar is Delft, Holland, hand painted, it came as a set with two beautiful flower can see them in the before picture. 
 This very modern lamp we bought it last year from Kartell, designed by Phillip Stark. The silver bowl was my hubby's grandmother's.  The silver frame was a Christmas gift from our daughter Sofia.  oops! the stain in the moire curtain is drying, we had them washed...
 The native women statue carrying a basket and baby and the colourful corn was designed by the artist Gonzalo E. Crow and made at our former Ceramic Co.
 A wider view of our family room, which is adjacent to our formal living room, therefore, we can have lots more guests at once!

 This artwork was a numbered silk scarf, a limited collection by Peter Max, he did than, from his pictures (it was mine)  in the 70's and my hubby loved it and had it framed...he thinks it represents to it's best our generation.
 All the way up there, in the right hand wall, there's two French collages I bought in Paris in the early 70's when I was there in my single years...sight...
 A close up of the gold frame and painting, such great hand work.
 The entire frame.
 A close up of the painting.  You can see the Virgin Mary in the canoe!  The small cane houses on pillards on the water.
 Here's the TV side bellow, with the Peter Max artwork.  I'm showing you this part because we want to buy a flat screen TV and have it built in with wood as the fire place and hide those awful cables!!
The artist had most of his paintings done in the  Spanish design frames like this, from  colonial times.  My mil just kept it like it came.  Hope you like the way it is now, oppose to how it was!  Thanks to all the wonderful hostesses of the parties I've joined.  A thousand thanks to all my blog friends who always leave me wonderful comments!  I thank you very much in advance.  Love always.
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