Friday, September 23, 2011

FABBY: Quito-Ecuador Tour

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is nestled in an Andean valley at an elevation of 9000 feet. The city is literally surrounded by volcanoes -- some of these, like Mt. Pichincha, very much active. Quito is considered to be one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. The historic center of Quito, known as the "Old City" is replete with narrow and winding cobblestone streets, magnificent churches and open squares. The buildings that line the streets reflect Spanish colonial influence with their balconies, red-tile roofs, thick columns and central patios. The importance of the colonial remnants found in the Old City prompted UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) to declare Quito a Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 1979.

Old Town
The Old City of Quito lies over the ruins of the pre-Incan city of Kitu, principle city of the Shyris (12th Century). Kitu was later replaced by the capital of Atahualpa's Incan empire (16th century). The city was razed by the Incan general Rumiñahui as a measure of resistance against the conquering Spanish. The city was founded as San Francisco de Quito on December 6th, 1534 by the Spanish conquistadors.

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 A gorgeous pink Spanish home. These big homes usually belonged to people sent from the King  for  government jobs and they were also huge because they had at least 12 children, if not more!
This is the Bolivar Theater, it still functions.
I love this gorgeous white house.  Look at the beautiful door frame!
Another beautiful pink house.
My hubby and our friend, which was our tour guide.
A row of  beautiful iron balconies and houses.
A typical Spanish iron window with flowers.

The Carondeleg, the government Palace.

The Compañia de Jesus Church. there's fabulous churches and cathedrals here, with the inside of them full of  gold...unfortunately they don't let you take photographs.

The Government Palace of Carondelet
I love this gorgeous yellow house with such incredible ornamentation, like the full length white angel statues.
A row of pretty town houses and the cobblestone streets and plazas.
This is a stunning house that it's almost finished being renovated for a hotel.  The house belonged to a family for 200 years, so it'll be called after them: Casa Gangotena.
The inside of a house, most of them had this very Spanish patios. After this patio you see here, most of them had a big garden right in back; with flowers, fruit trees and even a vegetable garden next to the other two, usually for the families use, as they were so many, thus the huge homes.
The side walk around the patios were paved by small river stones, like you see here.
A door with a Christ.

I had to take a pic of this door knocker in the shape of an iron hand
The incredible view from my daughter's apartment window.  The panorama is so much wider than the photo.
One of the biggest not active volcanoes in the world called Chimborazo.  Snow is all year round.  You can see part of it from my daughter's panoramic window from her high rise.
Historic Quito is the oldest and best preserved colonial sector in South America. The famous Escuela de Arte de Quito flourished in the old city and is well known for its unique baroque style. This style is reflected in the rich and profuse decorations of the interiors of many of the Quito's churches. These European influences were combined with the inspiration of indigenous art to create a unique Quiteño style. For its artwork, Quito has been termed the "Florence of America."
With that being said. hope you like the photos I took the other day while visiting our daughter Alexandra.....mind you, I'm not a professional photographer like our daughter Alexandra, and  the old city is so much better in person.
Thank you so much for reading about it and for your  wonderful visits.
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FABBY: Alexandra's Dining Room

 This is our daughter Alexandra's  dining room with a vintage mirror from India, red modern chandy, vintage English table and chairs that was our present for her birthday, Sept. 16th.  We went to the capital of Ecuador, Quito, where she lives to visit  her for her birthday. We spent five beautiful days with her and I already miss her!   We had so much fun going out for dinner and sight seeing, that would be another post. We made a tablescape for four with my daughter's  dishes and acessories. Hope you like it.
 The vintage English dining set, nothing comes together, not the Chippendale table nor the four leather chairs which we paired with two material aphostered ones in almost the same style, we were so lucky to find them!
 The brass candelabra were ours very many years ago... now they're Alexandra's.
 The tablescape for four.  The centerpiece it's a glass tray with handles were she placed her blue and gold fruits by artist Gonzalo Endara's sculptures.
 I love her animal print place mats.  I love the half blue and green avocado with the gold pit.
 The big wine glasses are French.
 A partial view of her living room.  In the background a picture of famous Ecuadorian artist Oswaldo Guayazamin.

 The vintage mirror is  hand carved in wood and has a gold finish and it's  from India.  I love the very dramatic look the mirror  gives to the dining room. The red chair is in red satten.
 My  husband says the back of the chair's frame is hand's also has carving in the arms and legs.
 These chairs also have a carving to them, it's incredible how they're almost alike, I would say very much alike the leather blue ones.
 The white very modern end table in the corner is of policarbonate, she placed her three tier porcelain stand with sculptures of a zebra egg and a colorful corn by Ecuadorian artist Gonzalo Endara Crow.
 She later came home with gours and so we gave it a little fall touch to the three tiers.
 The dinner plate of her modern dishes.
 The salad plates in baige, she has a set of four in baige and the other set in a brown gold, so she mixes the dishes and it has a very pretty modern look to the tablescape.  Bellow with the soup bowl.
  We just got back tonight from visiting our daughter for her birthday, Sept. 16th. in the capital of Ecuador, Quito where Alexandra lives and she is also a professional photographer. 
   Thank you in advance so much for all your wonderful visits and sweet and generous comments.  I will  be linking to some terrific and fun parties and I'm also thanking the wonderful hostesses.  I hope you join  too!