Thursday, June 20, 2013

FABBY: Back Home from our Florida Vacation

The Harry Potter Wizarding World.

Hello sweet friends!

We had a fabulous vacation time in Miami and Orlando with our daughter Sofia and her family. The G'girls are adorable, Smart and they're so much fun, we enjoyed them every minute! They seemed to know it all, as they've been to Miami and Orlando so many times, specially to Disney and the Micky cruise even; so you can imagine the tour guides we had, lol! We hadn't gone back to Disney World since our daughters were small and that would be 20 years! The place has grown so much and of course, everything it's amazing! The weather was hot and terribly sunny and it also rained at times, but we got dry immediately too, because of the 90's climate, hahahaa.. I think I'm getting old, caz even though I walked and went up and down, got in and out of the rides, like a crazy woman and waited in lines for the rides; I was soo tired and no one was it seemed, not my young Sofia and her hubby, and not even Alejandro and neither were the little girls, of course! Than after, we would go shopping to the incredible outlets around Orlando and that part got me totally pooped, but I did enjoy the shopping part of it all and did some great buys for myself, I was so tired I tried cloths on top of my cloths, had no patience, as I was very 'demolished'! We would get home at 11pm after having dinner out and the little girls seemed not to give up, ever..geezzz!!!!

The gang! Alejandro, me, Cayetana, Victoria, Giancarlo and my girl Sofia.
The happy grandparents! The girls forgot their Micky ears at home, since they've been there so many times, they didn't even miss them!

Cayetana decided she wanted to wear lipstick for the entire day, lol...
Us four girls...and again, Cayetana wearing sunglasses, now, like the big girls...she's so funny!
Me in Neiman Marcus.. somewhat drooling... and don't be disappointed at me as I didn't buy anything, besides the huge prices for everything Mackenzie Child's, I really couldn't be schlepping, carrying back home heavy and breakables as they charge you a lot and that also helped for me not to do much damage on this trip and in that store, but, had I lived in the USA you can count I would've gone home with some big things!
I loved that cute pillow, but that bench was making me die a little! Look at the huge duck at your left..cute, ha!
Great animal print chairs!
...and look at the table scape!!!!!!! I like the napkin fold idea.
I loved these dishes and the great table scape. I did get a lovely set of Reed & Barton flatware for 12, with lots of serving pieces and steak knives...very similar to this set, shown here, but I like mine better. I got it at Bloomingdale's and it was on sale for a good price.
Look at the spectacular chandy! So many eye candy in this place.
The candelabra is to simply die for..isn't it?! Actually I would have loved to bring it home, but than I said, aah!
The view we had from our 9th. floor apartment balcony at the Lake Buena Vista Resort in Orlando. The girls and Alejandro went to the pool a lot, while daughter and Sil went to the course. I took pictures and stayed away from the very hot strong sun we had everyday!
My dearest ones...I love them so!
I could only thank our Lord Jesus Christ for the wonderful vacation He enabled us to enjoy and for my family..I feel very, very blessed and yes, GOD is GOOD...amen.

I will be answering some lovely and sweet comments I so pleasantly found in my last post and other posts as well; although it will take me a few days. I want to thank you lovely friends for your sweet and kind comments, as you always make my day!

Thank you wonderful hostesses for having me at your great parties, too.


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