Saturday, July 6, 2013

FABBY: Newly Discovered "Gold lace Runner"

Hello sweet friends!

First of all I hope you are all celebrating the USA's Fourth of July weekend and having lots of fun!

     Yesterday I was looking for a scarf for my neck in my scarf drawer, as the day was a little chilly and rainy around my woods; so my inspiration for this small tea setting is a beautiful vintage, gold lace evening shawl that belonged to my dear Mil and I had it very safely in a pretty scarf box, among the other silk scarfs. I didn't recognized it, or remembered what it was, so I presided to unfold it, feeling  geedy with excitement and it was this beautiful shawl, which is not my type to wear it myself, though. Immediately I envisioned me making a 'little switcheroo' on my formal dining table and using it as a 'runner'! I hope you like it's 'new life, or I'd say, it's re-purposed life,' as much as I do.

Don't you love it when you find special things in your own home, which you had had no idea you had? I do.. and this brings me to mind a few months ago, when I found the half way done crocheted round tablecloth from ten years ago, lol..

Please feel free to tell me whatever you think of it...if you like it as a runner, or as it was originally...a 'shawl'!  I will not be offended! Thank you.

Here is the beautiful vintage lace gold shawl with fringes that was my dear Mil's and now turned into a lace runner in my formal dining table.  I love how the etchings in a different wood in the table corner matches the roses in the lace too; which are gold as well. 

The runner has lovely golden roses in an embossed fashion. I also decided to place my flowers in my vintage Italian yellow crystal flower vase, because of the gold lace.

I did my tea setting with my mother's French Limoges aqua cake plates and the Bavaria-German, antique tea set, which also has small flowers in aqua and with pretty gold rimmed in the tea cups and saucers.

I think I will leave this heavy bronze fruit bowl, from many years ago... after I clear the tea table; to continue with the gold in the runner and perhaps flanked by my Mil's antique bronze candle holders, also.

A close up of the Antique Bavarian-German tea set against the lace runner. I used as a tray the oval platter from the Limoges's dinner set, which my mother gifted me several years ago.
As you can see it's also quite long, perfect for this long table too.
Some tea anyone?

The runner and the fringes are very shiny gold like silk in real life, which the photo doesn't do justice. I'd love it come Fall too!


From here you can see a little of the foyer and living room.

The Limoges aqua cake plate with gold.

Here you can see a bit clearer the aqua flowers inside and out of the tea cup and the plate.

I accept your comments about the shawl turned into a dining table runner. I would love to know what you think! 

Thank you so much my sweet friends for stopping by, as you always make my day.

I appreciate the wonderful parties such lovely and gracious ladies host each week.


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  1. Why, I think it looks quite elegant and very appropriate for the table, Fabby!

    It definitely has two "lives" :)

  2. Hi Fabby! Oh, the runner is gorgeous! Love all of the lacy look and the fringe. Your dining room table is so pretty too. Love peeping around the corners to look at your beautiful house.
    Oh, you're going to love your new Canon camera! I just adore mine.
    Now, I would love for you to snap for me anytime!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. I love that you repurposed the shawl into a table runner. Now, everyone who visits your home will get to see and appreciate it's beauty!

  4. Great repurpose Fabby! The shawl looks gorgeous.

  5. Personally, I love it! I have a shawl that belonged to a grandmother that I use as a piano scarf (well, my daughter does now) I think that is a wonderful job to use it as a table runner. I'm with you-it is not my style to wear it-but it is perfect for the table. Your home is beautiful! xo Diana

  6. Oh Fabby, it is stunning and I love it as a runner. With your gorgeous gold rimmed dishes it is exquisite. Hugs, marty

  7. Fabby,
    Exquisite, dear friend!!!
    The aqua tea set looks elegant with the gold runner!!!
    I adore that you have this lovely piece on your dining room table where you can enjoy displaying it in an amazing fashion!!!

  8. Perfect for your traditional dark wood. I have one similar - maybe from the 50's?? Your tea set is perfect on there too! Just lovely!

  9. Fabby, your shawl made a beautiful table runner! I always love seeing your beautiful home and photos! Another beautiful table setting!

  10. Hello dear Fabby, I think your vintage scarf found a new home. It looks perfect on your stunning dining table. Everything look so lovely and your Limoges tea set are beautiful too, how sweet of your mum.

    You have such elegant taste my friend.

    Hope you're having a good week. Enjoy some more warm weather.

  11. Hi Fabby, I love the way this looks as a table runner and you have a beautiful house. I saw it on life on lakeshore drive. Yes I'm enjoying the long weekend. Take care.
    Julie from

  12. Fabby, the evening shawl looks so elegant as a table runner! Stunning!

  13. Aren't you glad to have found this beauty? It's perfect for your tea service.

  14. Creative people like you, find multiple uses for beautiful objects!

  15. Hello Fabby...I hope you are having a great weekend. What can I say my friend, this is just exquisite. I adore that runner. And your Limoges china is spectacular. So elegant and feminine. You set a well-dressed table..

  16. Dearest Fabby,
    You always manage to surprise all of us (and yourself!). This is an incredible find and I wish you had shown one photo having it draped around yourself or on a mannequin for comparison. It is hard to comprehend its total length... But as for me it almost looks like it was meant to be on a table! This is gorgeous the way you used it on your lacquered mahogany dining table!
    Hugs to you and happy Sunday!

  17. I think it's perfect as a runner, just the right size and the wood on your table shows the rose pattern beautifully. Very elegant.

  18. Fabby, I LOVE it! It's perfect as a table runner.

    Gee, thanks for the idea. I have a couple of shawls in my closet that I never use. I'm going to go look tomorrow! ha!

    Take care and have a nice Sunday. Susan

  19. Beautiful runner! Your table looks so pretty!

  20. The runner is beautiful Fabby. You certainly know how to create and make things gorgeous. Love your tea set. Have fun with your new camera. I so appreciate your loving words and visit. xo Linda

  21. Fabby,
    Your shawl makes a gorgeous table runner. Looks lovely!

  22. Fabby - everyone will be running to her scarf/shawl drawer! This is too lovely and I would have never known that it was not intended to be a runner. I do love discovering things that I did not remember that I had - you have inspired me to go and look in some of those "nooks and crannies" - lol!!

  23. It is perfect as a runner, Fabby! Absolutely gorgeous as a runner.

    I was at Chico's a couple of weeks ago, where I bought a long scarf, very colorful. When I got home I took a closer look and decided it would be great as a table runner. Look for it sometime in one of my tablescapes.:-) It has a peacock motif.

  24. Fabby: What a fabulous shawl! I have two very similar mantillas that my husband bought for me in Spain during our honeymoon. This is a great way to use it! It's too beautiful a lace to keep it hidden in a drawer.

  25. Thank you for popping in to see me, Fabby! To answer your question, no, my daughter and son in law don't want to know the sex of Sweet Pea. They chose to wait when Carter was born too and be surprised!
    Hope you've had a nice weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  26. Hi Fabby,
    Thanks for your kind compliments on my dishcloth I made. I hope you have a great week.
    Julie from

  27. Oh, I do love this! It is so beautiful and elegant.

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays!

    - The Tablescaper

  28. I love giving things dual purpose...Your table runner / shawl is wonderful! I have one pillow sham that has similar fringe all around the entire thing...I use it as a bunched up table topper;-)

  29. What a gorgeous and delicate piece Fabby!!! Perfect for your dining room!

  30. I put your photo in for you. I guess you just don't realize that you're not finished linking up. Double check to be sure.

    You have the MOST gorgeous items hiding in your home. No matter what you call this runner, it's perfect on your table with that lovely china.

    Have a good Blue Monday, Fabby.

  31. I think the scarf is gorgeous!! And is perfect for a tablerunner. I'd love to sit down to tea at such a beautiful table.

    Jocelyn @

  32. It looks just lovely. What a nice remembrance of your mil

  33. Hey there - I LOVE it as a runner! Funky and old fashioned looking. The perfect repurpose! Julia

  34. Beautiful Shawl dear Fabby, fitting rightly for your table. I love your visits to my blog and your sweet comments :).

  35. I think it is an excellent idea to use the shawl. It is very elegant, and no one sees it when it is stored away. I can visualize it in a fall setting too.

  36. Hi Fabby,
    I think your MIL's shawl makes a stunning runner! I believe she would be pleased. It's really lovely with your beautiful tea set and teacups. I adore the aqua touches and the gold makes it all look quite exquisite! Thank you, my friend, for sharing your lovely table with us. It's always a pleasure to have you.


  37. Hi Fabby! I'm so glad you found the shawl and I think it is sooo perfect as a gorgeous table runner. Now it can be used and admired. Doesn't it look pretty with your tea service? Thanks for sharing your inspiration. xo

  38. Hi Fabby. Your lace works beautifully and I LOVE the teaset! Goegeous!

  39. What a lovely collection you have. My blues, if you care to check out are here My blues are here so you don't have to search through my blog

  40. Oh this is so pretty! I love the shawl that you turned into a table runner. It looks so perfect with the roses and china. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comment.
    Take care,

  41. Maravilloso todo lo que muestras siempre, buen gusto en todo lo que vemos.
    besosss Fabby

  42. Such a beautiful shawl and I do love it on the table as a runner! Your tea set is so lovely and adds so much beauty to the beautiful table. You have a gorgeous dining room!

  43. It is beautiful, such a treasure to find amongst your scarves. Very good idea to reporpose it! Love your Mother's china, so very pretty. Wishing you a wonderful week. Patty/BC

  44. The setting is fabulous and I just love the table runner. I played too. Mine are here and here.


  45. Oh Fabby the entire atmosphere of the house looks so beautiful.Your golden shawl as runner looks rich and suites your beautiful table.pretty your elegant dishes..sujatha...:):)

  46. Hi Fabby: I do that all the time, use a shawl for a runner. I think it look wonderful. Love the Limoges tea cups, alway a favorite! Hugs, Martha

  47. Oh my, Fabby, that gold runner is so pretty. It's nice to see that someone loves dark traditional wood still. I still love it, and think I always will. Thank you for the birthday wishes for Nel. I noticed your girls on your side bar. They are so beautiful, and we surely are blessed.

    Have a great week, Fabby. I always enjoy seeing pictures of your house. It gives me inspiration and ideas for my own home.


  48. Hey Fabby,
    I'd never have guessed that the gold table runner had another life as a shawl, if you hadn't said in your post. The color and roses make it so very lovely and I think it works great on the table. I love the Bavarian china. It matches perfectly with the Limoges. Such pretty colors on both! Happy Tuesday, Michelle

  49. Beautiful Fabby! I love your inspirational idea. You re purpose beautifully. The etched flowers really do look like the flowers in the lace shawl!
    Everything looks so lovely.
    Even the fringe on the shawl. I think it looks extravagant, but in a good way : )

  50. Dear Fabby,
    Those dishes are "to die for" as the expression goes which means I LOVE them! So delicate and so lovely with the blue dishes from your mother. What an inviting table and home you have.
    All the best, Ruthie from Lady B's Time for Tea

  51. It looks to me like it was meant to be a table runner. It looks so elegant and beautiful on your table along with all your lovely dishes and flowers.

  52. Fabby, the runner is lovely, and those aqua dishes are gorgeous. It's fun to see more of your beautiful home.

  53. Bonjour ma très chère Fabby,

    Quelle ingénieuse idée !
    Ce châle merveilleux s'apprête à toutes les circonstances... Une fois le thé achevé, pourquoi ne pas s'autoriser une petite promenade dans la fraîcheur d'une journée d'automne en jetant juste ce très joli châle sur les épaules ?!...
    J'♥ beaucoup également ton service de Limoges...
    Je te fais de gros gros bisous...

  54. So elegant Fabby. I went to a charity shop today and got 4 items of food props for $13 in total. very satisfactory! Cheers

  55. I think it works really well as a table runner and your home is looking lovely.

  56. First let me calm down my poor heart... you know I'm not a brave soul like you and the idea of using - as whatever - this amazing piece makes my heart go pit pat ;) ahahahah

    But I'm so glad world is full of creative and daring souls like yours as it turned out fabulous and a true treasure to look and witness.

    I know I'd keep it protected and enclosed and in the end it would be - in fact - a sin.

    It's a wonderful piece and your way of cherishing it is so much more honorable than mine don't-even-think-of-touching-it would be.

    It is charming and the way you created the scape around it is fabulous and striking. You always seem to have the right pieces and pair them with Mastery.

    Loved it!!! Thank you for sharing,


  57. Fabby,
    That runner is to die for!! Simply stunning!!

    Thanks so much for your kind words of support and encouragement as i continue on my weight loss journey. It means the world to me!!


  58. Gorgeous with a capital G!!! Love it as a table tunner:) I really loved seeing the glimpses into your beautiful home - I was really staring:)


  59. What a pleasure visiting in your lovely home.

  60. I think your sweet mil shawl has made a gorgeous table runner! I love to use my treasures in unexpected places...hugs, Penny

  61. Hello! What a happy find. I really like the shawl as a table runner. Your dining room is elegant and lovely- so well appointed. What a welcoming scene.
    Have a nice week :)

  62. Oh how beautiful and classic it looks on your table. The fine china is so pretty and the delicate pink in the flowers goes so well with the china! Your table is gorgeous- beautiful inlay!

  63. Good Evening Fabby, You would never know, that this elegant table runner was originally meant to be used as a shawl. It is exquisite.
    The Aqua flowered Limoge set is beautiful and it must be so enjoyable to drink tea from these cups.
    You have a such an elegant style and I love visiting you.
    Have a lovely evening.
    Best Wishes

  64. Never would h have thought of turning that shawl into a table runner. It really turned out nicely and really added the right affect to your table.

  65. I think this is exquisite, Fabby - what a lovely treasure. This makes me think of the old Cary Grant and Debora Kerr movie, An Affair to Remember - where she was gifted with his grandmother's lovely shawl. Yours looks beautiful as a tablerunner - so delighted you shared with A Return to Loveliness,

  66. Such a beautiful use for this is gorgeous! Compliments your dishes beautifully and looks amazing on it's own with your bouquet of flowers.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!!!

  67. I think it looks perfect as a table runner. Btw Me encanta tu foto de perfil junto a tus hijas, las tres se ven muy lindas!

  68. What a beautiful idea for a table runner! It looks just gorgeous with the etched roses on your table...good job! I'm thinking it probably took you a bit to get all that fringe straightened out!

    Have a lovely week and thanks for linking up!

  69. Fabby, I love it as a runner! Gorgeous with the beautiful fringe. It looks lovely with your tea setting and aqua dishes trimmed in gold. Oh, I too can see if in a wonderful Fall tablescape! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  70. I love that you repurposed the shawl into a table runner,, it's very beautiful and I love the tea set too!!!

  71. This really is an exquisite heirloom - it makes a marvelous tablerunner! I am so delighted you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  72. Dearest Fabby, This is a beautiful piece. No matter how you use it, it will be fabulous. I love the roses and it looks so perfect with the tea set.
    Thanks for sharing, Ginger


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