Friday, April 15, 2011

FABBY: Spring Tablescape

 I took my  Oriental-Chippendale chairs from the living room that's adjacent to my new vintage Italian table with Carrara marble top, and put them next to it for this  Spring Tablescape.
 For the centerpice I used a vintage flower base, cut glass from Venice in yellow with yellow and lilac chrisatemus.
 You could see the butterflies on the design by the chrisantemus, that's my touch of spring as I don't have bunnies, but I have DOGS!
 The soup bowl is the classic European shape, although it has round bowls too, notice the dinner plates are not so big as the Chinese don't use big plates like we do, now they make them for Westerners.
 The dessert bowl  I often use them for fruit salads, ice-cream or "ceviche".
 In the background on my Chinese black laquer secretaire  I placed the cups with the tea set fom the china set. 
 The gold glass chargers are hand painted in Turkey.
 It came with this pretty tea also came with porcelain spoons, that I don't know where they are in my tons of boxes!
 All set for chinese tea...but knowing me, it'll be for coffee!
 A nice shot where you can see the "spring" dogs, china, my Italian Bormiolli goblets and in the forgrownd my secretaire with the doors open where I keep my oriental figures and bowls from our travels.
 The whole table.
 Another shot of the table and chairs.

 My dogs for "all seasons..."they came from my collection of porcelain, bronce and ceramic dogs, some vintage, some not.

Hi everyone, I  wanted to make a spring tablescape but had no rabbits, or bunnies, or eggs, except in the frig! But!...I do have dogs for "all seasons", ha!  This china is one of my earliest buys, I remember it wasn't expensive, but I fell in love with it because of the pretty original chinese design, with chrisantemus in pretty colors, even lilac and it  also has butterflies on four of the  flowers, therefore I thought it was perfect for spring along with the same color flowers in my flower base.  We bought it around 1979 and  the owner of the shop told us that it was an original Chinese Design from the 50's and it's made with very fine porcelain, the cups are so thin you could see thru them.  My hubby who knows so much about china and ceramics as he owned a factory up to three years ago, (for the ones that haven't visited my older posts with our designs) said that the way they make them in China now is different, in a more technical way, more modern I guess, but this set is made like before technology  and the brand in the back is all in chinese simbols still.  I hope you like it as I do.  Thanking you in advance for your visits, I appreciate it so much, as you're all so special to me.
I will be linking to the follwing parties, for which I give each one hostess my thanks for letting me participate.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

FABBY: My Daughter Alexandra's China Design

Hello my friends, I have missed you!  We went to visit my daughter Alexandra who lives in Quito- Ecuador, so I haven't open my blog to visit you.  The idea was to go, and see how Alexandra has decorated her beautiful apartment that's in a building very high on a heel with a view to die for!  She took some photos, she's also a profesional photographer... of the view from all her windows at night.  The church at your right, all lit up, is Guapulo, a 400 year old colonial church.  Quito is full of Colonial churches, houses, buildings, lots of Republican and Colonial Arquitechture, therefore, it's Patrimony of Humanity.  Someday when I go to the old city I will take lots of photos to show you all.
 Guapulo, the Colonial Church at your right. You can appreciate how high is her view from her apartment, it's like a gorgeous "live artwork".
 Night view from her apartment window.
 The whole table.
 Dinner plate.
 Salad plate.
 With the consomee or cream bowl with two handles.
 The tablecloth, it's not, it's an Indian batik scarf that Alexandra had and it was big enough to serve the purpose, plus it's pink!
 The center piece is a toureen with 4 handles, designed in Colonial times by the Spaniards.
 Cute salt and pepper shakers.
 Alexandra bought this stunning antique cupboard and buffet,  it was originally in a Meditation Temple, or Ashram in India.
 You can see the rest of her gorgeous china with at least 150 pieces and 14 place sets.  We can also appreciate the hand carving in the wood of the buffet.
 The very modern silver lamp in the background is from the Italian company Kartell, designed by Phillip Stark.
 Her kitchen with her new adquisition, that great American made "butcher block" we shopped, along with her German pots. Take a look at the ceiling, it's like a blackboard, she changes what she wants to write using white or colour chalk.  She's the artistic kind.
 Butcher block with home made bread my hubby makes with no eggs and no fat, really great!
 Cup and saucer.
As you can see I could not pass by the chace to make a small tablescape for three on Alexandra's French vintage  small table.  Alexandra always loved to take pictures since she was a young girl, so one day she went to the shopping area here in Cuenca and took pictures of the dandle skirts native women wear, all embroidery all around the buttom of such and she brought me this design she saw on a green skirt that went with a pink one with scallops as the women wear always two, one embroidered and the other scalloped in a this is what our tablewear vertion turn out.  Hope you like this one too.
I thank our hostess, Marty, for Table Top Tuesday.