Friday, September 9, 2011

FABBY: Table for 4

 I used this soup bowls, small serving bowls and a bigger  salad bowl with pretty pink roses for this tablescape,  I know I have some more pieces but didn't feel like opening more boxes to look for them.  I paired them with my 1979 china from Anchor Hocking that has  pink roses too and I'm using for our every day china lately.
 The bigger salad bowl it's so pretty.  You can see part of the tablecloth my mother crocheted for me around 25 years ago and I used an undercloth in a wine color,  I like the color  with pink.
 Here is a better view of the tablecloth my mother crocheted for me by hand and it's very long, for a table of 12 seats, I used it for this small tablescape in our round table.
 The roses in the soup bowls and salad the far left a small serving bowl with the other side of the design, which is pretty too.
 This small platter has such pretty chintz look to it with pink carnations, maybe because it's  Minton, made in England and was my mil's along with the  serving spatula, is vintage silver.
 The inside of the salad bowl with such pretty pink rose.
 My mother also crocheted  12 doilies to use on  all my chargers, so the dinner plate doesn't scratch the chargers, she once saw them in a magazine and plain went to work on them several years ago too. My mother doesn't crochet  anymore because of some ailment she has in her column, she's 81; but I'm so lucky she did runners, tray  mats, 2 sets of doilies for the chargers, this tablecloth and others things.
 The dinner plate is called Naomi Rose, stonewear, 1979.

 The salad plate.
 The plates with the Japanese soup bowl.
 This small cloche has a little girls tea cup with a pink similar's from my grandgirls tea set, I keep it here to play when they come to visit.  The rose candle holder is bisque porcelain and was made at our former Ceramic Co.
 The stemware is French and was my mil's.

 The small serving bowl for sauces, or whatever you wish it for.
 This pretty design is in the other side of all the  Japanese bowls.
This is going to be a sad weekend for the United States, conmemorating the 10th Anniversary  of 9-11, that  catastrophic day when we lost the twin towers in New york, by muslem extrimists and as a Newyorker, I am specially sad.  I wasn't going to post anything, even though I had already taken some picks of a table for four I did with my mother's beautiful tablecloth she crocheted for me several years ago and some pretty Japanese bowls, with a pink flower, I found in my cellar where I have some boxes of china and things.   Later I decided that I might as well, it is going to make me happy to be in  PINK SATURDAY and  to visit the other friends that joined the party, so thank you Beverly and thank you to the other lovely hostesses I will be linking too.  Thank you in advance to the wonderful friends that always visit me, with such generosity and kindness.   God bless America.  Love   FABBY
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

FABBY: "Some Favorites"

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 The Chinese Secretary, all closed up.  (please disregard the ugly wires from the phone and lamp)

 I love the top of it and the oriental scenes with children and the big bird cage.
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 The peach tree and cage.  Children playing with a foo dog!
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 I love the brass hinges in the doors.
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 In all the drawers I keep some of my tablecloth stash, doilies and some vintage lace and family heirlooms.
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 Some of my dog collection....they're so cute!
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 Inside the doors I have oriental things from our travels, heirlooms and gifts...I have a weakness for oriental things!!.....naaa!, you haven't noticed!! lol
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 A picture of my baby daughters.  In the slits I keep our personal engraved cards, thank you cards, journals, Chinese stamps and coins in albums, that were a present to my husband several years ago...
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 I also keep a portrait, oil painting of my  granddaughters when they were small; from a local artist.
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 Here is the second piece of furniture I love is our Italian buffet!
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 These ovals are made of a very special wooden tree root, I don't remember what the name is.  They have a bronze frame to them.
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 I love the bronze granddaughter Cayetana when she was 1 1/2, it seems the angels were at her height, so she used to kiss them!,!
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 In the right hand side it has drawers where I keep some silverware, some napkins and  napkin rings.
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 In the middle section I have two sets of china and some other pieces.
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 In the left hand side I keep my lace, or reticulated china and some of my mil's French stems.
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 The upper part of the buffet has a hutch, where I keep some crystal, silver, vintage tea set, etc.; it has beveled glass in the doors.
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 This is what it looks like opened.
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 I like the wood work in the corners.

Thanking all the gracious hostesses for having me at their great parties!
   I didn't make a tablescape this week for TT at, BNOTP, but decided to take some pics of a couple of  my favorite pieces of furniture we have.  The first one is a Chinese Secretary, acquired some 11 yrs. ago and the other is my Italian buffet that it's part of the set of our dining table and chairs...I loved this  Italian dining room so much when I saw it 20 years ago in the imports furniture store; that hubby gave it to me for my birthday as a surprise, as it was more expensive than the Chippendale we had already  picked out and thought they were going to deliver, sooo imagine my surprise!!   I just loved the bronze angels and the ovals that have a special wooden root, which I don't remember what it was,  and framed with bronze.  I'm showing you some of my stash I keep in them, too.  Anyway, here they are. 
Thank you always for your wonderful, sweet and generous comments.   I'll be also joining some parties and I thank the lovely ladies that host them every week!      Lots of hugs.          FABBY


Thanking all the lovely friends that visit me, as you always make my day!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

FABBY: "Babaco" Pie

 You have to cook the fruit with all pie ingredients cut previously in cubes.
 I usually have my patè-brisè recipe for pie fav is from Martha Stewart's recipe book.
 Here's the pie with the meringe on top, I usually spread it all around it, but later it just shrinks, lol!  My mil's cake silver spatula with her engraved initials.
 The table is set to have a piece of pie with tea, or coffee. with my mom's silver tea spoons from her childhood.
 This china was made at our past Ceramic Co. and the green design was the original decoration taught by the Spaniards in the colonies, the green was a natural die for ceramics, they had no other, except for a not pretty brown shade as well, I got the design from authentic pieces my Mil had and from books.
 I love the tea pot with the rooster...the originals always  had farm animals as handels, we've used them in most of them as well.
 The salad, or cake plates.  The tabletopper was my mil's, but it's not vintage, it blends nicely with the off white china though, as is the tablecloth.
I had promised some friends  to show them the Andean fruit called babaco turned into a yummy pie, see, I make it with my recipe for pineapple pie because of course, there's no pie recipe for this, there's other local recipes, but hubby loves my pie version.   Above is  a picture of the "babaco" fruit from my earlier post.  Thank you my friends for your  visits, I'm always thrilled to have you for a piece of pie!
Thank you for the lovely ladies that host the following parties I'll be joining: