Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentine's in the 'Big Room.'

Hello sweet friends !

I wish everyone of you a wonderful VALENTINE'S DAY; along with your sweetie or your loved ones.

I created our Valentine's for two right in the 'big room.'

I haven't thought of a menu, but maybe 'Chicken Cutlets Paprika' we so love, a Ratatouille warm salad, as the weather here is crispy, like Fall... and some roasted potatoes and Pineapple Pie Alejandro's favorite for dessert.
To cheer with Champagne... and right here, in the Big room, as we often loved to do when we were just married, back in the day !

                                     HAPPY VALENTINE'S !

We were reminiscing with Alejandro how we loved eating in our simple and humble living room when we were just married, back in 1975.
So I wanted to recreate those days when we were only the two of us, now that we are again... "just the two of us."

So looking forward to Valentine's dinner right here !

The lovely crystal stems for red wine here, were a gift from hubby's cousins recently, for his 70th. b'day. They are Luigi Bormioli.

The two big pillows are very confy end delish to sit and also high enough for our legs.

Happy Valentine's Day dear friends !


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