Friday, February 22, 2013

FABBY: Going with Animal Print

Hello my dear friends, hope all is well with you!

After looking at some interior designing blogs, like Stacy's, South Shore Decorating Blog and interior decor magazines, showing how animal prints are still alive and well..I too decided I should go a little more in this direction, for my yellow family room's couches, as I always just love it! I have a gorgeous Scandinavian vintage chair that was Alejandro's old uncle, who died long ago; who in turn gave it to his brother, hubby's father, and lastly, my Mil gave it to us.. a little over thirty years ago and Alejandro bought around that same time a piece of "real leopard" skin from a man that sold it to him. Than, I thought this chair would look fabulous painted black and upholstered with the leopard skin...remember that in those days there was no PITA, lol! Ok, here you have it and I hope you like my new "faux animal skin" pillows too. For a note, I don't wear my fur coats any more!

I decided one day that I should have some new animal print pillows done and went and bought a soft plush material; to place in our den's -family room couches, which we had reupholstered last year in a soft yellow, which is a great color for any animal prints. I had one for each couch made.
I moved to the den this Scandinavian chair, which I had it in the foyer, which we upholstered in real leopard skin, around thirty years ago. The new faux leopard pillow at your right, from a week ago.
Here is one of the new pillows in the big couch. I love putting my head in it while watching a's so soft!
Than, I decided I'll incorporate, along with the faux animal pillows, one of the two beautiful English brocade pillows from several years ago. The brocade gold one, with fringes is from Spain and it has angels in the material..from some years ago and they're two, as well.
Here is the smaller couch with the same three pillows like the bigger couch.
Here  you can see clear the angels in the gold ones, with the fringes, as well as the animal print and the English country scene in the brocade pillow.
I have some faux print material left, enough for two small round pillows for the two chairs at left, which I will have made soon.

A close up of the vintage Scandinavian chair with "real leopard skin".


Thank you in advance for the wonderful comments you leave me, they always make my day!

Thanks to the gracious hostesses for all those great parties!

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

FABBY: Great New Finds!

Hello my friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day...I did! I explained to you in my last post, that it's raining around here, so we stayed in and ordered Chinese. We had wine by candle light, everything is a wonderful event if we're together.

I'm very happy with my "new great finds!" The week after Christmas there was a big sale at our home store and so I got a few things..than last Saturday they had a special of the day and so some pretty things were on sale and came home with me. There's also another home store where I got some bargains, which I raider it some, lol..I was lucky and I got ALL these great items on sale. Here you have them and I hope you like my choices too!

Here they are!! They look very promising, don't they?... displayed here on my kitchen nook.

Ok, this glass platter and dome, in a rectangular shape is my favorite, I got it on sale only cause it was the only one and it had lots of bubbles inside the glass of the dome..which I didn't care at all..I just loved it and got it for half the price! Even the apples were on sale at the supermarket, lol! Sorry about the stupid glare!
I loved the yellow pitcher bowl, it reminds me of Fiesta Wear. I also loved the green chargers, to mix and match them with the red ones for Christmas and now I'm looking forward to using them on my  St. Patty's Day table scape, along with the green goblets.
The green water goblets are so pretty and also a great find I totally love, as they remind me of the Polish sherbets I have in pink and purple. These don't say where they are made, but who cares!
The madeleine pan was cheap anyway, and the pastry brushes were on sale. I do have a pan where I used to make my madeleines before, but the indentations are more like shells, than like the real McCoy, which is this one!

I was looking all over for a smaller, 6 quarts pressure cooker, cause I have a too big one for just us two, but couldn't find one small enough; or they were too again, I was lucky and this Presto 6 qt. one, came home with me at half price! The pepper mills were on sale too and it got me to start a new collection..PEPPER MILLS!! heheheee..
At your left there's four burnt-orange chargers them for fall and for my dishes with that shade. I also got a set of king size bed sheets and pillows at 50%, they've been used, so I didn't display them. I also liked the fact that they are made in the USA, which always makes me happier, than if it were Chinese, hehehe
Don't you just love this platter with the glass dome cover? Great for a loaf of home made bread, or cupcakes, or a strudel..whatever!
The small knife and gadget was on sale and it's for cutting avocado wedges and they were a, cheap!
The candy thermometer was also a good find, caz I didn't have one! I'm so happy I got it at a reduced price too. The orange chargers have a pretty cut up, lace design. 
This cover was a cute find, because the pedestal was broke so I got the cover, with the "High Tea" written on a bargain! Actually, I really liked the cover mostly.

The day is getting dark, as it's starting to rain around here, you can see it on the window pane, and as I'm finishing this post, it's raining VERY hard!! 
I have this Italian brass pedestal with a glass lid, so I placed the cover with the "High Tea" written in it and it looks great! Here you have them...hope you like my new find bargains!

Thank you lovely ladies for your great visits, they always make my day!!

I will be joining some great parties this week, for which I thank the gracious ladies that hosts them too. See you there!


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