Wednesday, August 31, 2011

FABBY: Autumn Leaves

   I always loved Autumn, as a girl from Queens, NY, it was my favorite time of the year, I loved to go to beautiful Astoria park with my little friends and we would all jumped on top of the beautiful bed of leaves, brown, gold-yellow, red and ambar with stricks of orange and to hear the crunchy sound this would produce!  October is also my birthday month, so I always got a lot of attention from my parents, my brothers,  my cousins, uncles and aunts would come from LI, bringing was great!  Actually, it still is with my hubby, daughters and grandgirls, too!

   Besides fall, I got inspired by a tablecloth I hand embroidered several years ago with orange fall leaves and my vintage Oriental bone china, which I paired with  charges that have an orange band,  bringing out the orange flowers of the china.  The centerpiece  I did in a large wooden oval tray that were used to make bread dough and I  arranged it with nature's fall bounty and faux leaves and flowers.  I hope you like it and I invite you my dear wonderful friends from blog land, which inspire me with such enthusiasm  to try come up  with tablescapes that go with the seasons, festivities, or whatever theme we're in the mood.  Thanks so much in advance, I so appreciate your wonderful visits and generous comments.

I will be linking to some great parties too, so thank you to the gracious ladies that host them every
 I thought I show you the center of  my embroidered tablecloth before I set the centerpiece, which is some what big.
 The Autumn tablescape.  The four corners of the table topper is embroidered like you see here.
 The wooden large tray which people used to knead big amounts of dough for bread making.
 The candle holders are Portuguese, they won a design award in the 90's.
 The wine is fuax...let's not get excited, lol!
 The leaves look like grape leaves, but also like fall leaves, maybe??
 The center piece...I love the colored corn!
 I loved the shape of the pumkin I found at the local open market, along with the other things.
 The glass napkin rings are a new find, I loved them because they're glass and had the color of orange candy.
 The tablescape for eight.....the cute little salt celler was made at our former Ceramic Co.
 I had fun elaborating this centerpiece.
 A side of the centerpiece.
 The color corn are so much fun!
 This corn has a pretty,  wine red color to it, I love it!
 The centerpiece evoking Autumn.

 This small bowl is for dessert, but I use them with a clear chicken soup with wine, a French consomè as an antrè.
 The layers and the centerpiece.  The stems are hand blown in Mexico.
 This is a big dinner plate, like they make them now, so it was perfect as a charger for the smaller, vintage one and I like the way it brought out the orange flowers in the oriental plates.
 The vintage oriental dinner plate is so much smaller than the modern ones, this enabled me to use them as a chargers,  I'm even thinking we'll have Thanksgiving in this combo!
 The layer with the small bowl...this china comes with bigger soup bowls and soup plates, too.
 The bone china's tea set on a wooden Italian hand decorated tray and a vintage Italian yellow flower vase.
 week.         Lots of hugs.     FABBY

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Monday, August 29, 2011

FABBY: Fall and Cinnamon Bread

 I love the way it looks n the cake stand.  The yellow fruit is an Andean fruit called "babaco", it's delish in fruit salad, but I love the pie, it's very yummy!, I use my pineapple recipe for it.
 Can't wait to cut a piece!

 I'm shooting this pics around 6 pm, so it's a little dark, the view from my kitchen window, I love looking at the river and the woods.  There's a beautiful hotel down there and what you see is the parking space.  The plant  growing in the pot by the window  is basil....just in case...
 The little ceramic basket was made at our former ceramic co. The cow tabletopper is plastic...oops!!  (it happens to the best of us, shshsh...)
 The fruit plates are from our past Ceramic Co. too. The very old white mugs are from our first years of marriage, 35 yrs. ago?; for tea or hot chocolate, I think it'll be yummy with the cinnamon bread.
Yersterday, while I was making my rounds visiting my blog friends, I ran into Lisa's post at: ......she had this great and yummy recipe for  "Cinnamon Raisin Bubble Bread," that looked  TDF!  After asking her so many questions, which she so graciously answered, I decided I was going to make it today and I did...mine didn't come out as pretty as hers, you see, hubby doesn't like sugar icing, so, it looks good, but a little rustic, not elegant like Lisa's, so thank you for the recipe Lisa.  I made a fall vignette with a couple of very old mugs, they're probably 35 yrs. old, they were 4, now there's two.   Don't look  Lisa, Lol!  I will be linking to the following great parties and many thanks to the lovely hostesses for having me.
Thanking all my sweet visitors, I'd love to have you all for a piece of this cinnamon bread, perfect  to start the fall just come over!               Love,  FABBY
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