Monday, August 1, 2011

FABBY: Pasta Time!

 The layers of plates:  as chargers I used my country, Spanish dinner plates.
 The tablescape...
 Had to take a pic of my mil's plant with the blooms...she's so pretty!
 My hubby decorated this bowl at his former ceramic co.  I love it for the parmesan cheese.
 The wine and the Italian spirits for before, during and after the pasta dinner.
 The plant with so many blooms and some buds that will bloom all this week.  The pretty planter was hand decorated  at our former ceramic. co.
 The Bialetti Crusimallo, coffee pot, ready to make expresso, we have great coffee around here.
 Here's how the tablescape for four  looks on top of my alabaster, round table top. I used the hand made placemats, they have the same colors as the spaghetti bowls.
 The red stems are Italian, I use them a lot at Christmas time with  similars in green. I layered the plates with my red Corona plates I use for everyday Christmas time, along with green ones.
 My cute lace pitcher with flowers.
 The pasta serving  bowl.
 The place set with the individual spaghetti bowl. The napkins are linen, made in India.
 The cute demitass cups and saucers were my dad's, he loved his expresso in them...they're the hotel kind, made in the husband and me love them too.
 My mil gave my hubby for one of his birthdays, this Peruvian set of eight, vintage, small silver and jade, expresso  spoons,  aren't they so cute!
  Hi there my friends!  I just got out my Italian set of six spaghetti bowls and serving big bowl,  I bought around 15 yrs. make some spaghetti with shrimp for tomorrow night, for our friends at the tenth floor, we're at the Pt. house, at the 14th. floor.  Julio is my hubby's friend and his wife, Stephanie, my best friend for 30 yrs.,  she's  American.  We'll be having  pasta with  Italian salad, similar to the Greek, lots of Italian parmesan cheese, expresso with biscotti,  Italian wine and spirits for before, during and after dinner... and lots of fun!  Hope you like it and you all can come over, too!!   Thank you for your lovely visits and I will be joining the following fun parties, thanks to the great hostesses for having me, I'm very honored!

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