Thursday, September 29, 2011

FABBY: My Crochet Heirlooms

I always wanted to see all my crochet treasures together, specially the ones that were crocheted by my grandmother Stella whom I loved so much, she was a real treasure to me to start with, I was her first grandkid, however, she was close to me as I am also the only daughter, of  her only daughter, my mother... therefore, she saw a lot of me since I was a little girl.  My grandmother used to go to NY for long visits, two years at a time and for many occasions.  I met my hubby on one trip to Ecuador I made with her when I was 19, we got married 4 years after.  When I started my life here, in Ecuador,  we were so very close too, for a while she was my 2 daughters only grand, my  parents lived in NY until 1987 when they came and retired here.  My grandmother died in 1998 at the young age of 94, having  wonderful health all her life, God blessed her.  Love you grandma!

 This crochet, king size beadspread, was made by my grandmother for us, 30 years ago, along with the two pillows to match.
 Don't you just love it?  I displayed all my family heirlooms on my formal dinner table which is quite large.

 These doilies were also made by my grandmother Stella, along with the cream color runner.
 The cream color runner my grand made with such pretty rose design.
 A close up of her beautiful work on this big round doily.
 The tablecloth my mother crocheted for me, I guess she inherited her mother's talent...I didn't, LOL!
 My mother also kneated a matching long runner for the buffet and another  for the large dinner table, along with a tray mat and a bread basket doily in the same pattern, it's a complete set!
 Mother crocheted the tobacco color large runner (bellow) for the dinner table and buffet.
 This runner is my very favorite, I just love mother's finest work on it, don't you?
 A better close up of the gorgeous runner mother made.

 My mother also made me for one of my "many" birthday's 8 doilies for the use on chargers, so the dinner plates don't scratch the fine chargers.   The other pic I shot of  12 doilies she also made for my chargers came out white, so I didn't replace it.
 This tablecloth was inherited by my Mil , it was made for her mother's hope chest, so who knows how old, or an antique it is!  Later, it was passed on to us after my mil died almost 3 years ago. 
 This stunning crochet tablecloth was my mil's, we also inherited upon her death.  My mil didn't crochet, she had it made around 40 years ago.
 A closer shot of the magnificent work some lady did by hand so many years past.
   Hope you like my treasures from my grandmother Stella, my mother, my hubby's grandmother and his mother.  I might add that my two daughters have mother's crochet tablecloths each, along with  doilys for their chargers.  Thank you all in advance for your very appreciated and lovely visits.  Hope you have a great start of a new weekend.
    I'll also be at some linky parties, where I always enjoy and have so much fun!  Thank you gracious hostesses for having me.             Lots of love,     FABBY

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Monday, September 26, 2011

FABBY: Pumpkin Chocolate-Tart

 I was in the mood for baking this past Sunday, so looking thru a Martha Stewart's old magazine, Nov. 2003... I found this great looking Pumpkin-Chocolate Tart with chocolate drizzle on top and I also  garnished it with some  pecans, it turned out very delicious, I suggest you try it, you will not be dissapointed at all!
 I decorated the table for tea for two with splashes of  fall, like the gourds inside the cloch and some faux leaves and flowers.    The tart with the chocolate drizzle plus some pecans too. 
 The sterling sugar spoon is a vintage Art Noveu style with a hand holding a fan.
 I used my three white porcelain cake stands in different sizes, along with my Noritake cups and saucers and cake plates.
 I like the pewter candle holder that my sil's mother gave  me last Christmas. I could use it as a flower vase too.

 Here is the pumpkin tart cut up for hubby and me.  I had it with tea and he with coffee.
 My Dutch porcelain  dog figurines, gourds, (we didn't eat the gourds!lol) and a piece of tart.
 Tart and tea.  I used two different sterling silver antique heirloom spoons.
 I used under my old (22 yrs.)  and inexpensive lace tablecloth a plain burned orange topper to accent the fall color to the tea tablescape mostly white.
I just got into the mood this past Sunday to bake and indulge with something sweet, but not like a big cake, or anything I could have a big piece!,  looking thru a Martha Stewart's magazine I found this incredible Pumpkin-Chocolate Tart with chocolate drizzle on top.   I  garnished it with pecans too.   We later had a piece with hubby with some tea.  I decorated our tea for two table with touches of fall, with some cute small gourds I found in the farmers market. 
I hope you can come and visit and who knows maybe I'll still have a piece for you too my lovely and sweet friends! Lol
Thanks to all the charming  ladies that host such fun parties.  Love always,     FABBY

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