Thursday, May 2, 2013

FABBY: Fiesta del 5 de Mayo

Hello Sweet friends!

I never knew about the "Mexican holiday of the 5 de Mayo" before I started to blog and I've seen so many fabulous tables with the Mexican theme..I kind of blame it from growing up in NY, as in my time you never heard, hardly of Mexico in the East Coast.
There were no Mexican restaurants of fast food, or anything of the kind. I learned about the culture and food when I lived for almost a year in LA when I was single.
Anyway, here is my first venture in a 5 Mayo tablescape, which I call it an Ecua-Mex table, as most elements here are from Ecuador, lol!

I was very much inspired in my "Macana" we call it here and "IKAT" tablecloth, which is how it's known all over the world. Everything is made by hand in natural woven wools and with natural vegetable dies, by people that are experts in this craft. They are made like "tie died" (ikat) and mainly for the use of shawls for the women and some men shirts by "Indigenous people of Ecuador."

I had a tablecloth made for my round table of two remnants shawls I had; after Alejandro had made some pieces, many years ago for upholstery, and we used it for some bar chairs and a grandfather recliner, which is the only one we have now, as the bar chairs I re-upholstered them last year, along with the couches in our den.

The dishes I used here were made here in Cuenca-Ecuador, at out former Ceramic Co., Monte Turi. I explained in the past that the designs are inspired, again, in the 'Indigenous people's embroidered apparel from Ecuador'.

 Anyway, I hope you like my 'first attempt at a "5 de Mayo" table setting'.

Here is the "Macana" tablecloth which inspired me to make my first 5 de Mayo tablescape. Aren't the colors and pattern just great!

I used dishes made by us back at our Ceramic Co. Monte Turi.

The pewter chargers are Mexican.
I almost forgot to add my Camino Real Tequila, ha!

The stems are hand blown in Mexico. The blue glasses we have since 1975, when we got married. We bought around 20 for a party and now I only have 6 left !!

This Camino Real Tequila bottle with the Mexican hat and serape, so cute!

I read in Internet that Mexican actress Salma Hayek had made to order 12 shawls like this one, but in different patterns and colors for herself, here in Ecuador. I put together two shawls to make the tablecloth. Alejandro thinks this type of hand made textile craft it's a dying art, I would everything made by hand in the world. Look at our hand made and decorated dishes, there are no more!

The salsa bowl with a little wooden spoon.

Aren't the color of these peppers and chilies, bright and pretty? I thought they'll be great instead of flowers for this table.

For a centerpiece I decorated a tray with a terracotta pot with a cute plant, four different color peppers and chilies, in a terracotta glazed hand made bowl, by us, and an oil, vinegar, salt and pepper ceramic carrier. Look at the little chili- pepper toothpick holder, I found around my stuff...I never used it, I wonder if people put them in tables, lol..
I placed in the small ceviche bowls a cute chili-pepper.

The cups are for chocolate, as they're larger than usual teacups. The inside was left in glazed terracotta color and it looks like hot chocolate is inside, already! They were also made back at our company.

I love the bird decoration in the cup's saucer.
Here is another pattern of the big cups and saucers, for hot chocolate.

Ok, here you have first 5 de Mayo, 2013, Mexican holiday table setting.

Thank you my dear friends for your wonderful comments, as you always make my day!

Thanking the lovely and gracious hostesses for having me at their fabulous parties each week.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

FABBY: New Crochet-Tablecloth

Hello sweet friends!

Alejandro and I are alone again with only our company, although taking care of children is not easy, it's so fulfilling, specially this time we have noticed how our darlings have grown up and mature somewhat. We had a great time together and did so many things they liked. The little girls cried so much when we took them and their mother to the airport, we all ended up crying, lol...

This tablescape is inspired on my new, lovely crocheted small round tablecloth. I'm very excited with it, as in a way it's an unexpected find, as I had forgotten about it for soo long! I will explain! "I was fixing the guest rooms for the girls's visit.. so I looked around closets, looking for bed linens and found some small carton boxes I have there and came across this small round tablecloth, 'half way done,' and with extra yarn; because I had a cleaning girl twelve years ago, who was crocheting it for me and than one good day she decided to emigrate to the USA and left it unfinished. Than, after I found it a friend told me of a lady that would finish it for me; I contacted her and she just delivered it, all finished beautifully, last Friday. I can't believe how lovely it turned out, I love it! Hope you like it too. Here goes..

The pattern is very pretty, with three light shades as, 'white, ivory and beige'...I liked it when I saw the lovely pattern on a magazine twelve years ago.  I'm so excited cause I just found it half way done and forgotten about it's existence until now! The lady that finished it for me just delivered it last Friday, all beautifully terminated!

She did a wonderful job! I might have her make me another larger one in the future. I have a soft spot for hand crocheted tablecloths, as I have always seen them in my family for ever!

The pattern is of small stars in three light shades, I saw the pattern in some magazine twelve years ago and it caught my eye. The shades go from 'white, ivory to beige'.

My mother crochets beautifully, and I own many lovely things from her and my grandmother, as well....but unfortunately, my mom has back problems, otherwise she would have finished it for me. Funny, I never learned to crochet from mother; not that she didn't try to teach me, I just didn't like it; I preferred to learn from her.. hand embroidery and sewing, like the women on my dad's side! Mother learned to do almost everything, from cooking, embroidering, crocheting, sweater kneading, cloths sewing, etc... she's a lady of many talents.

The antique ivory china with flowers was my dear Mil's from her wedding. I used the ivory lace-reticulated chargers to keep a soft and feminine table. The flatware is also ivory.

The dinner plate
Dinner plate and salad plate.

The stack of dishes, with charger, dinner, salad and soup plates.

Here you can appreciate the three shades of the small stars.
The French crystal stems were my Mil's as well.

I love my indoor greens, although the plant in the flowered pot has lovely small red flowers, when in season, but I'm sure it'll bloom soon enough.

I love the stars in the table topper.

I also used as centerpiece this pretty vintage, French young soldier I bought a few years ago, holding a bowl with lid.  The antique shop owner called it the "antique marmalade bowl," ha!

I hope you liked my new hand-crochet tablecloth, as like I explained before, it was so unexpected, like a new find for me!

Thank you so much lovely friends for your comments, as they always make my day!

Thank you to the wonderful ladies who host such fabulous parties!


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