Friday, November 16, 2012

FABBY: Cayetana's French Birthday Party

Hello sweet friends!

I've been here, visiting my daughter Sofia and her family because she was making Cayetana's belated 5 year birthday party. It's a long story, nothing important, so we'll just live it at that.  Cayetana chose a Parisian theme for her birthday as she loves poodles, although she doesn't have one, lol.. and along with English, she also learns French in school and she's very good at singing in French and talking, too. Anyway, it came out gorgeous, my daughter made everything to take to this club, except for the cake, which she doesn't know how to decorate, but I admire Sofia for been such a great mother, so crafty and clever, even though she works half a day, and all. The great thing is that we went back to a clean house to rest, which is just terrific;
besides the fact that this club it's free for the people who live in that condo, so that's also a great part of it.

The cake with the Parisian theme, with poodles in pink, white and black was just gorgeous and really delicious too..and Trés chic! Candy wrapped by us, is all around it in black, white and pink.
Setting her stage, which was so French, just like she wanted...this is where a magician did his show and the children just loved it and we the adults enjoyed it so much...he was really very funny too!
Cayetana very happy sitting in the middle of a group of her friends watching the show in her honor. After the show the children danced and won small prices for their skills.
Sofia made all the pretty trinkets for the cupcakes, the party favors for the girls and boys, and really, mostly everything else in the pink, white and black color motif and there were also banners in the same colors and motif, which she also DIYed...except the only thing she didn't do was the gorgeous cake...she's incredible, I admire my sweet girl very much.
The party favors for the little boys. There were others for the girls. Notice the water bottles all dressed up too.  I just helped her til 2am the night before..I'm so tired, it's old age too, lol..
There's, of course, an Eifel Tower too! Next to the tower there are the girls party favors with a black bow and pink paper.
Some of Cayetana's young friends. The adults are nannies.

The bubbles where thrown when the show with the funny magician was going to start.
Sofia prepared three tables with this pretty trays she also made with an Eifel Towers, filled with sweets for some of the mother's that attend the party.
Here I am with my favorite birthday girl..Cayetana, who's also dressed in black, white and pink tights and shoes.
Here I am with my dearest "little girls" of my own..Alexandra and Sofia, Cayetana's and Voctoria's mother.
Time to blow the candles with papa, mama, sister Victoria and granny.
The proud grands.. me and my hero, Alejandro.
Alejandro with our daughter Sofia.
Here is the entire buffet flanked by two Eifel Towers...trés chic!
Sofia decorated the adorable cupcake tiers with pink roses as well and small cards naming the items, some of the cards had Eifel Towers and poodles, which Sofia very cute! The club had the buffet tables and pink cloths we used for dressing them, as they have them for the Sweet 15 parties for teens, which it's like the Sweet 16 in the USA.. 

Thank you very much in advance for your wonderful visits, my always make my day and now, probably Sofia's and Cayetana's as well!!

Lovely hostesses thank you for having us at your terrific and fun parties; I will start joining PINK Saturday, with our French Pink, black and white Parisian Party.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

FABBY: FASEC Food Festival

Hello my friends!

Hope you all are having a good Sunday evening.  I have being baking away, as  today Sunday November 11 we have the annual Food Festival, with food stands from different countries and the United States stand caters to desserts, therefore, I made two Pecans Pies, Carrot Cake, and a Dulce de Leche cheesecake, which I will share the recipe as I'm sure some of you might not have and it's fabulous..take my word for it!
Anyhow, I volunteer in FASEC, which means in Spanish: "Fundacion al Servicio del Paciente con Cancer". (Foundation to Serve the Cancer Patient); most of the patients are people with low economic means. I will be in the American stand selling cakes and desserts, among other friends, including my mom. I'm posting some pics of my contribution and also some from our USA stand, at the end of the post, plus the "recipe for the cheese cake,"as well.

Hope you enjoy it...just don't get started  with cravings, lol..

Before I took the desserts to the the Cancer Festival, I thought I set a table for tea with my Italian Tognana teacups.

A close up of my desserts. Pecan pies, Carrot cake and Cheese Cake de Dulce de Leche. The recipe is the buttom of this post, if you'd like to give it a try, it's easy and yummy!

We sell them by the piece.

I made a small vignette just so my cake job is displayed in a pretty way. Wish I could offer you a cuppa tea or coffee with a piece of each, but this is for another good least we can save ourselves some pounds, hehehe

I placed the "Dulce de Leche cheesecake" on top of the larger mercury glass cake stands.

The one Pecan pie is on top of the smaller mercury glass cake pedestal.

I love the antique sterling teapot, as it's a beautiful heirloom from my Fil's grandparents, which my Mil left it to Alejandro.

Here is my baking contribution to the FASEC Food Festival, which means in English: "Foundation to Serve the Cancer Patient." My stand represents the USA.
Here are some desserts from our stand in the actual place. Stripes and Stars table toppers, as this is the American stand..there was another stand with ribs and other great American food too!

My mom flanked by some volunteer friends. I was to busy to have pics taken with me..or more photos of the event, as there were stands from different countries and their yummy food..course, I had Italian and mother had Argentinian. There were also two roads in back of my mother filled with goodies and two on the side, forming a U and we sold everything by 4 in the afternoon. God is good!

There were rivers of thousands of people, for which we were very thankful to the Lord.

Thanks a ton sweet ladies for visiting me, you always make my day!

I will be joining some great parties as well. Very grateful to you lovely hostesses.


Grind a tube kind of vanilla cookies package; in your food processor, plus 150 grams. of margarine and 1 lemon, the peal. Place this on a spring form pan and spread it evenly with your fingers in the bottom of the pan. Set aside.

I place the following ingredients in my K. Aid, you can use what ever other you prefer: 800 grams. of cream cheese, 600 grams. of "dulce de leche",  3 eggs, adding one at a time and 1 heaping tablespoon of cornstarch. Beat well, until all is mixed together.

Place the prepared pan inside a larger pan with some hot water; now put the cream-cheese mixture on the prepared pan, and bake for 45 minutes. Check your oven.

Let the cake cool completely and make swirls with some more dulce de leche on the surface of the cake, from a plastic pastry bag. Take it to the fridge to serve  in 3 hours, or the following day. I always make it the day before.
Take my word for is fabulous!

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