Wednesday, August 7, 2013

FABBY: Our Everyday China

Hello sweet friends!

     Our everyday china is a mix of orange and white dinner plates I had for over two years, which I bought for 'fall' and to match my vintage Chinese dishes, which has small dinner plates and lots of orange flowers. 

 Than to my surprise I found salad dishes just recently, in four colors and with flowers. The other day I was in my favorite home store and saw 'soup plates,' as they weren't soup bowls, which I didn't want. The soup plates also came in the four colors as the salad plates, with very thinned stripes in the brim of the plates... and paired with the orange dinner plates, I created my everyday dishes which we're enjoying lately; as for the past five years we've been using a lovely Spanish country style dishes and I was bored with them know how it is, lol!

Hope you like them too!

I thought my pretty blue and white cotton tablecloth would look perfect as a back drop for my everyday mixed and matched dishes. This high pic shows all the colors at it's best!

I liked for this setting my soft blue and white cotton long and round tablecloth.

More than two years ago I bought the orange and white plates, which also came in four colors, just like the soup plates and the salad plates; except I wanted them to match my vintage orange Chinese dishes, so I have eight of them and everything else too. The antique china has small dinner plates, almost like salad ones, that's why I invested in the orange dinner plates, which were not expensive and niether were the new plates.

Pewter chargers, orange dinner plate, yellow soup plate and yellow salad plate.

Here the orange with the pale green soup plate and pale green salad plate.

Orange with the blues, the yellows and the oranges. In the back of the centerpiece is the pale green set.

The blues and blue butterfly napkin ring, which I have in different colors to match each color of the plates.

The flowers are in a kitchen container for spoons and other utensils. This container in blue with doves was made back at our Ceramic Co.

The 'kitchen utensil container' is hand decorated by us in our former factory. This was one of the patterns I designed for a complete set of dishes too.

The thin stripes in the soup plate.

We've been using these dishes for everyday just for the past two weeks and we love them! I enjoy change, as I get bored otherwise...specially with things I see or use on a daily basis.

Thank you wonderful ladies for visiting me, as you always make my day!

Thank you lovely and gracious hostesses for having me at your great parties.


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Monday, August 5, 2013

FABBY: DIY Cake Stands

Hello sweet friends!

   Hope you're all enjoying Summer time and specially the weekends.

I don't often DIY things because I guess I have enough stuff already around my house...but the other day I was cleaning and fixing some of my kitchen cabinets and I found this beautiful, blue Italian crystal round platter I had and used many, many years ago, as my only cake plate. 

 I also ran into my Mil's pretty forgotten cake plate and small bowl and ideas popped into my mind.  Here they 'cake plates with pedestals' and now I will have more use for both of them!

So there!...I hope you like them too.

The blue cobalt crystal plate is Italian from many years ago. I had a small and simple glass cobalt blue bowl which I used for the stand. The clear one was my Mil's, and a set with the small bowl, which I glued on too and made the other stand. 

The glue I used on the bowls and onto the plates, was 'epoxy' glue, (like here) and left it over night to ensure success.

The plates with the bowls glued on with epoxy-glue and left overnight.

Here is the cobalt blue pedestal cake stand.

The clear glass one is perfect as the bowl and plate were a set.
I love it now with my blue and white china.

The clear is very versatile too.

...and here you have them , my DIYed cake plates with pedestals.

Thank you for your sweet and kind visits my friends, as you always make my day!

Thank you lovely and gracious hostesses for having me at your wonderful parties.


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