Friday, May 13, 2011

FABBY: My Mother's Day Gift

My dearest hubby gave me a perfume, J.Lo's latest, very sweet and nice for everyday...well, I thought it was nice of him, so after I thanked him, my daughters, grandgirls and even my mom, we proceeded to exchanged gifts, they were all so beautiful!  I see my hubby come out of the guest bedroom with a kind of huge box, beautifully wrapped, as he came straight to me, I said to myself...ok, this is it!  It most certainly was!  He had to go on business a couple of weeks before mom's day to Quito, the capital of Ecuador, where they have the most incredible antique shops and he had fallen in love with this German, vintage, Urn, hand painted, or decorated, with beautiful roses; it says in back Germany and 4 numbers...whatever, it's gorgeous and he thought I'd love it in my new French marble table, when there's no flowers... and yeah, it does look perfect there!
 Here she is!...isn't she a total beauty?!  You can see the hand decorated pink roses and leaves.  My hubby knows everything about and appreciates the beauty of European and oriental porcelain, ceramic and pottery, as he owned a Ceramic and porcelain Co. for 30 years.
 I used the vintage French table in the foyer, where the urn is going to be always and for this table setting...but just for the photographs, as we'll have tea at our round table at our  breakfast room.
 Here she is again, along with my silver tea set and my Mil's cups, and plates, and yummy sweets. The pretty ceramic basket with the bread was made at our past, ceramic factory, the flowers in the handle were made by hand too.
 The platter has ""churros", a Spanish sweet for tea; I have a little machine to make it.  Some strawberry home made marmalade and butter.  The sweet bread in the ceramic basket  has all color dragees or lozenges, my grandgirls loved them and lick them off, lol..  they're from the local bakery.
 This silver cake spatula was my Mil's and it has her initials engraved.  You can see the bread better with the dragees, or does one call them anyway?
 The urn and the bread basket with hand made pink florets.
 The silver tea set and in the background a three tier English silver plated stand with some cookies and sweets.
 The vintage glass bowl, where the marmalade is, was my Mil's.
 A side view of the table setting.
 A clear view of the sweet bread, that my granddaughter Cayetana, four, loves to lick the lozenges! hahahaaa...
I invited to have an afternoon tea with me a couple of Sils, hubby and me, just to celebrate my new porcelain Urn, without the lid I could arrange some fresh flowers too, I think, do you?
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

FABBY: My Dear Mama

We celebrated Mother's Day last Saturday at my house, as my girls  and grandgirls were coming for a long weekend, but they were heading back home on Sunday, the real MD's!
Here are some pictures of that day, what I cooked and my dearest mother, my best friend and best fan!
 My mama Yolanda, she's 81 and in very good health, she goes for walks by the river side for 45 minutes everyday; for which I thank my dear Lord!
 I used my pewter chargers and bread plates, along with my Chzech, Thums Onion pattern china. Celery cream soup, with garnish of potato chips.
 The Beef Stroganoff, my hubby's and everyone's old favorite!
 I like to serve rice with Basil and Pine-nuts with meats that have some kind of gravy, or it's own juices, like in this case, this rice looks very green in real life; it's great for Christmas because of the color!
 You can see much of the salad in the photo, but it has cheese cubes, ham cubes, zucchini slices, two types of letters,Greek black olives, all one needs is to toss it.  The salad dressing is with yougurt, honey and spices, is truly delish and I serve it separatelly, so anyone can put as much, or as little as they want.
 The Apple streudel came out really good.

 My grandgirl Cayetana 4.
 My grandgirl, Victoria, 6 yrs., 10 mths. old.
 This cotton linen tablecloth is Indian, it has a beautiful finials pattern to it, I just forgot to take a pic, I was so busy!  I close up of mother, she's really so much prettier in person, she's picture shy!
 We're usually together on Wednesday, she has lunch with me and hubby and in the afternoon we go have tea, or coffee at a coffee house, or we go shopping mostly for the home because I like her opinion and she mine.  Hope you all wonderful mothers from Blog Land had a terrific Mother's Day too.
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