Wednesday, December 28, 2011

FABBY: New Year's Eve Table

The liquor station with antique etched glasses that were from my Fil's family. My Meissen two tier with some faux and fresh fruit.

The candle holders are Bohemian from the Chzech Republic, I usually keep them in my dining table and they're four, 2 tall and 2 shorter ones. I  love the Hutschenreuther rectangular platter at your left  that came with eight butter dishes for each place setting and I set each one with a small, silver plated butter spatula.
I've used this antique hand cut crystal "champagne"glasses from my Fil's family, for shrimp cocktail. They are from a set of many size big and small, like the ones in the buffet for spirits... for before and after dinner.
I used another tablecloth for this tablescape made out of my dining room drapery panels...the friends that have been following me will remember that I changed my window treatment of our living and dining rooms, back in October to Hunter Douglas shades; you can see them here, in the background window.  I used this tablecloth mainly cause it's silvery with a little pale blue and gold line pattern in it, this enabled me to use my blue and white dishes.  I used some of my silver elements like my two mercury glass votives, you can see one at the left corner of the table.
I used silver balls as place cards.

You know about the silver cover, which I used as my centerpiece in front stage! I am so happy because I never had one in sterling silver before, except in stainless steel for my buffet servings; but non as elegant and classy like this one, lol!   I recieved more presents from him too, my two daughters and mother....and that would be another post.
The set of stems I used in this table setting are Italian, Bormiolli Rocco and the flutes are part of them.  We acquired them  several years ago. The ice bucket with the champagne it's also sterling silver, I could never read what it says in the back, except that it has like a crown and some letters.
The napkin rings are silver plated and I like the lacy look they have.
The champagne stems with the silver ball  inside them,  are antique from a set that belonged to my Fil's family and I often use them with shrimp cocktail.  The wine and water stems are from the Italian Bormiolli Rocco set, as the champagne flutes.
 I am very happy with my "new tablecloth" made out of my dining room drapery panels and the material is of a fine brocade and it washes very nicely. Up front my cute German ceramic santa on my French vintage table.
The silver mercury glass votive. I placed them juxta-posed from each other and I used my small pewter bread plates underneath. I have a set of 12 of each, chargers and bread plates as there's wonderful things made of pewter in Ecuador, relatively good priced.
 I haven't used the French hurricanes from my daughter Sofia's wedding reception in a long time as they were in storage and we have around 40 as some broke, we used them in each 44 round tables and ten bigger ones that were used in the buffet tables and all around the ball room with flower arrangements, in the cake and sweets station, the coffee and the spirits's station as well.
 My inspiration for this tablescape is the New Year 2012 and my gorgeous English silver fowl cover that my wonderful hubby just gifted me this Christmas.  I want to thank every one of you for all the inspiration I received this year 2011, that's almost over; for your never ending talent in tablescaping, decorating, vignette making, cooking recipes... and so much more and for been so kind and generous in sharing it with us....and for your lovely and generous comments and your visits of encouregment, for which I am for ever grateful, therefore, I can only wish for you, all my dear blog  friends only the very best and I mean:  good health, prosperity and lots of happiness for the new year that's about to open it's doors to us.  Once again, a thousand thanks and God bless you all.

Finally, I want to thank the lovely and gracious hostesses that have let me link to their wonderful and great parties, which they share with us every week with the only unselfish purpose for us to show-off our tablescapes, vignettes, recipes and decorations.  May your New Year 2012 be filled with good health, prosperity and happiness.  Thank you very much. 



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Sunday, December 25, 2011

FABBY: Christmas Day 2011

     I hope everybody is having a wonderful Christmas Day, very merry and full of love along with your families. 
 We spent Christmas Day at our friends' house in the country, Julio and Stephanie. We're also neighbors, they live in the 10th. floor of our building and us  in the 14th. floor Pt. house.  I've known Steph for 30 years, she's also American, from NJ.... since she married my husband's friend Julio and also lives here, in Ecuador.

 Here is my best friend Stephanie in her kitchen with all her yummy and wonderful "hors d'oeuvres". 

 A close up with her delish Spinach and Phillo Greek triangles and little empanadas. Steph is from a Greek background.

 This tray is full of some cookies from her Greek grandma's recipes and other classic cookies. She had three of this trays filled with goodies.  I also took this shot couse I loved her beautiful Christmas embroidered tablecloth.
I loved how she decorated her bannister and table with the porcelain Nativity.
After lots of wonderful hors d'oeuvres she also had more food!  This delish dish is called: "chumales"...they're made out of corn with cheese, cooked on the corn of my fav Ecuadorian dish.
She made us turkey and I love the sweet potato pudding; we make it out of a much sweetier and really delish tuberculous called, "camote"'s a family of  what Americans know it as the sweet potato. I also make it as my family looks forward to having it with turkey on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Delicious rice and lentils and like a shrimp stew that was sooo great!  The bowls she's serving were made at our past ceramic company and so is the dinner plate she has in the buttom of the bowl with blue doves and it's also the china she uses in her big parties, as we made her for 30 place settings.
Her adorable native Nativity scene, which she fixed atop the buffet food servings and this really added more charm to the Christmas Day luncheon.
She had five tables for eight like this one and she served a buffet, so she had the plates piled up in another  buffet.  I love her centerpiece flowers.
  Below is my handsome hubby, Alejandro, with the red sweater; next to him is the host, our friend Julio with the hat...he is Stephanie's husband.
Our daughter Sofia, her hubby and my adorable grandgirls went back home today, therefore, we accepted Stehanie's invitation for a nice day  luncheon.  Here I took some pics from her country home, which she didn't mind me sharing with you...along with her delicious food, since Steph is from a Greek background, she's a great cook. She also loves cooking Ecuadorian food.
Christmas Eve we had a wonderful luncheon at mother's beautiful apartment, where she had her children, grandchildren and great-grands.  Her food was terrific too and we exchanged gifts as well. I didn't take any pictures as I was helping her and of course, I was so very busy!  Christmas Eve in the evening, was at my house with my family as well...again, I was busier...I'm quite tired, lol.
 I'm sure and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, along with your dear families.  Can't wait to see how you spent your Christmas!
Thank you in advance for your visits, I'm sure we're all very happy and thankful for how our Christmas preparations turned out.....but I'm also happy, that it is over, lol!

I will be linking to some great and fun parties.  Thanks very much to the gracious ladies that host them too.

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Lots of hugs to you all,

Sunday, December 18, 2011

FABBY: "White Scapes"

 I added photos to the tablescape of the coffee table decor in the living room.
 This Italian porcelain rockin horse is one of my favorite Christmas decoration pieces I have. 
This pretty porcelain santa I won several years ago teaching at the C'mas store how to decorate a tree, among other things as it was a $200 price.
 This is a beautiful tablecloth my mother gifted me for my birthday last year Oct.  20, 2010. I love the pretty and delicate embroidery in the middle of it and I took this picture before I fixed the table. The crystal centerpiece is Polish, you can use it as a candle holder with the gold wreath, or with flowers as I have done here.
 I used my White Scapes Noritake dishes to make a predominant white Christmas table.
 Here is the tablecloth hanging and the embroidery in the buttom is on an organza strip as the tablecloth is white satin...and yes, I've used it and got it dirty and it washes beautifully, not a hassle ironing at all, like the pure linen ones, lol.
 The stems are hand etched at the Chzech Republic, they're also almost my favorite ones too.

The center embroidery

Here I also used my pretty linen embroidery napkins.
The buttom embroidery  on the tablecloth.
   I haven't been able to visit some of you as I just came back today, Sunday 18th., from helping my daughter Sofia move to her new house, for which I'm so happy for her as it looks great...But, I'm totally exausted, moving is a titanic job, although they had done most of the moving.  The small things are very stressful and tires you out and many things were not concluding like her cable tv, they didn't come to connect them, until maybe Tuesday of this week coming and so I had no internet.  I will be visiting and thanking you  even if it's a little late.  I had a tablescape done with one of my fav dishes my Whitescapes here goes.

Wishing you my wonderful friends a very Happy Christmas and may God sends lots of blessings  to you and yours.  All the wonderful ladies that host each week such terrific and fun parties, with the only purpose for us to show off our lovelies. I also thank you so much and wish you all the happiness this Christmas along with your families.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Love always,

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

FABBY: Entrance & Kitchen Christmas

Welcome to my house my friends, come on in please!  This is the entrance to our Pt. house and as soon as you come in you will see many vintage things, like the mirror which is framed with an antique piece that once belonged to Alejandro's grandparents, since the ceiling is not high as old houses were, we separated this part to the chest we have in the foyer, so it turned out great caz now we have two pretty pieces I love.  At the buttom there's a leather, almost 200 years old Spanish trunk, it was a gift from hubby's grandmother to him when he was young...they were used by Spaniards as luggage.
 The painting of the Virgin Mary is colonial art. The small hutch is an antique too and going that way you come into the den.  The door with the milky glass squares leads to the kitchen. In the top of the door a Russian icon.
 The Spanish leather colonial trunk, almost 200 years old.
 I arranged this pretty carved piece with the mirror like a mantel with my nutcrackers, another birthday gift from mother's a few years ago.  An image in the mirror of the door's wreath.
 The door is open my darlings, so come in please!
Welcome to my kitchen all done up for the Holidays Season. I'll just put on my apron hanging on one chair and serve you some tea, or coffee with cake.
 A little corner with some Christmas mugs.
My Christmas pitcher was made at our former Ceramic Co., with some flowers and a few mugs more. The blue one with the snowman is my very fav.
I saw this in one on your posts, a cookie pan with small candles and I was so lucky to have one with stars. The small saucer bowl is Italian and I use it for cramberry sauce.
My white porcelain two tier arranged with some ornaments and a Cherry-Yogurt cake, recipe at the end, it's yummy, believe me!
Next to the Christmas wreath I have a wall with my granddaughters's art work.
The tea set and the small mugs were made by us at our past Ceramic Co., I copied the design from a C'mas material.  All ready for tea or coffee with the Cherry-Yogurt cake.
I love the smoking German man, wood figure, my grands love to make him smoke, lol!
In the background, by the TV is a crack pot that I use as cooky jar come C'mas, was also made by us with C'mas designs, along with the S&P shakers. My old apron hanging on the handle of my double ovens it's so old and it looks very stained in real life,  but I love it. The red napkins were my Mil's, they're hand embroidered with a bird holding a bell, it's difficult to see, they're so small.

                                        SHERRY YOGURT CAKE

1/2 cup full plain yogurt
1/2 cup corn oil
4 Tbspoons cherry, or 2 ounces
1 egg
1 Tbspoon zest of a lime, or lemon
1 3/4 cup sifted flour
2 tspoons baking powder
1/4 tspoon salt
1 cup sugar

In a bowl put yogurt, oil, sherry, egg, zest, and mix by hand with wooden spoon. Now, dump the sugar and whisk.   Add all at once the flour, baking powder, and salt and whisk, or mix with wooden spoon.  
Line buttom of 9 inch springform pan with partchment paper.  Bake at high oven, 400F for about 25 minutes, or check your oven.  Insert tooth pick in center and see if it's dry, than it's ready.

Thank you so much in advance my dear friends for coming to visit, as I so love you to come by.
I will also be at some of the great and fun parties that some wonderful ladies host them. Thank you sweet ladies for having me.

                                                  MERRY CHRISTMAS 

Love always,

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