Friday, August 26, 2011

FABBY: Pink Carnations

 I took this pictures in the day time, there's was not much sun light, though. This tablecloth is vintage hand crocheted and embroidered  with pink roses in two tones.  The dishes were made and hand decorated with pink carnations with cobalt blue. 

 A night view with candles.  The pedestal bowls are for the "shrimp ceviche" I'm serving for lunch tomorrow, it's set for four, us, my mother and her childhood friend from Sacred Heart School.

 The dinner plate with the napkins so similar to the tablecloth, but I bought them several years ago.

 I love the embroidery with the roses.
 Here is a better view of the embroidery.  I covered with the pink the table legs of the table in our kitchen nook as they're not that pretty.
The embroidery is cross stich.
 The cups for tea and  Granola cookies after lunch. The large, yellow fruit is a "babaco", a tropical fruit that grows here,  very delicious!
 The stems are hand blown in Mexico.
 The pink flower vase, in the background, is Japanese, I have it many year ago.
 The juice pitcher will contain blueberry juice tomorrow, my mother's fave.

 This German vintage, hand decorated, recipe holder, with pink flowers in the grapevines and windmill, a find I love from a few years ago.
 My Granola cookies in a vintage platter with pink roses from my Mil's china.
 The embroidered sides of the tablecloth.
 A vintage plate that my mil gave me very many years ago for one bithday it says in the back: Manufactured in France for, OETZMANN & CO. Hampstead Road London.  Very interesting?!
 I love the design of the plate, I keep it in hanging in plate wall.
I got home from visiting my daughter Alexandra from the capital, Quito, where she lives...we were shopping for a vintage dining room and we found a beautiful one, it wasn't delivered yet, so I couldn't take any pictures.  We're very happy!, the queen Ann table has brass feet and all the chairs have arms and apholstered in blue leather, just great!  Since I'm home now, I made a new  tablescape for Pink Saturday and it's with my hubby's favorite dishes from our past Ceramic Co., the one we used to call, "Pink Carnations," this design is usually found in the  embroidered blouses of the native indian women.  Tomorrow we're having a luncheon with  mother and a friend of hers from school and so I  will be serving "shrimp ceviche,"  following it, as main course, pot roast with rice...a mix of American food and Ecuadorian, lol!...we're having,  "babaco" pie which is a delicious tropical fruit that grows here, it's in one of the pics with the tea cups.
Thank you so very much in advance, again,  for all your fabulous and generous visits my friends, I love you all and may God bless you and be safe from the hurricane and anything dangerous, my prayers are with you.  I will also be joining some terrific parties and I thank all the lovely ladies that host them every week.                               FABBY