Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FABBY: Two Cupboards

Hi, here I am at NOTE SONGS with a couple of my eight cupboards where I store my 15 sets of dishes and all the many things  that goes with them!!!

 I love this cupboard, since we bought it 15 yrs. ago, specially because it is  Italian and went very nicely with my Italian bufett I had previously... so my hubby plantered it, smack! in the middle of it and it looked great!  I keep here some vintage and new crystal and my antique chinese tea set.
 Here it is in a prifile where you can all see the full bufett...
 Another angle of the cupboard and bufett...
 My kitchen cupboard where I keep my everyday china, glasses and serving pieces...right by both dining areas, in the kitchen and breakfast room, very easy to just reach and set the tables.
This is such a fun party.....thanks to our hostess at Note Songs and thanks to the nice friends that will drop by!
God bless you all.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

FABBY:Vintage French Foyer Table

I took this pictures from outside my window last Friday as a rain storm was approaching the city and yes, they can be full of thunder and lighting, it's a beautiful scene, even though it was only like 4pm, you can see it's already so dark!
My hubby and me went browsing at the European Antique's Shop and that's where I bought the cute boy and girl flower base that I posted previously.  So, I remember looking at this beautiful Italian table with white Carara marble  top and think...what a beautiful table!   My hubby took one look at it and asked about it to the lady in charge and said:  "look at this beauty, it would go well in the space in between dining and living  rooms"!  To make this story short, he bought it to my delight!
Hope you like her as I do!   I'm showing it at Metamorphosis Monday and I thank Susan for hosting this nice party!
Thank you all in advance for your visits as I'm thrilled when you do.
 Just look at the thunder coming on strong an making a lot of noise!
 I took this pictures from our living room  window of the mountains about to be rained like crazy!

 Ben, our beloved pet...it's going to be a year this 29th. of April  since I had to put him to sleep. We still miss him so!
 Here's the French Vintage table!  Ain't she a beaut!  Look at those legs and that white marble Carara top!  Hope you like the place we chose to place her.  
Hugs to all and God bless.