Sunday, July 24, 2011

FABBY: Total Kitchen Rebuilding

Hello sweet friends!

Around 16 months ago we finishes "rebuilding" our kitchen from scratch! 
I never liked the modern white it used to be and it really had seen it's days, hubby  knocked it down and had it rebuilt professionally. 
I'm sorry I never took before pics to compare, but believe me, I remember it!

I love it now, it's very confortable, although is just 4X4 meters, plus the area where the fridge is, by the service entry. 

I've made parties for 30 guests in it, with great confort and working space, before I blogged; so I  didn't  take pics! 
Now in the new kitchen I'm looking forward to entertaining even more. 

OK, here goes.....lots of photos, too...just be patient!!  

BEFORE:  while doing the work from scratch.
 Part of the laundry room and pantry.....that'll be another post.

 The ceiling where the stain glass skylight is now... you'll see.

 This little old fridge I had in the pantry and will still be there. It's good help for more storage, specially when entertaining. 
 This is how the cooking area  looks now!! The cabinets and drawers are made of Sapelli wood, very similar to mahogany hubby says.
 The sink and dishwasher area...the door leads to the laundry room and pantry.
 We did all drawers, with Italian mechanisms that allows them to slide in and out, with double-walled, steel frame system, so that pulling out and sliding in, it's soft, just with a touch.
 I love my spice drawer, it's right in front of the cook top!  They're removable for cleaning.
 I love this little pull out drawer because it holds oils, vinegars and other stuff, this way we keep the counters neat.
All these sliding drawers have pots and pans close by the stove left is the 2 garbage pales for recycling too.
This drawer and cabinet in front, contains our everyday, flatware, china, glasses and mugs.
My drawer for the pot holders and kitchen towels.
   The drawer underneath the sink contains all the washing things and suds, to keep the sink area neat and clear of that.

The two tier slits at left, are great as they store four cutting boards
 The pull out small pantry is where I keep some immediate things. 
Next to it there's another smaller one where I keep baking products.

Double Italian Dipiu, electric ovens.  The one on top is my 27 yr. old microwave oven!

 All the switches are hidden underneath the ledges, in order not to drill holes on the granite back splashes.

 My four rows of cook books...I love collecting them!
At left, a pic of Ben, our beloved pug.

 A view from the dining room into the kitchen.

 The view from my kitchen window...I love the river that runs thru it.

 In this counter you can see two cookbooks that my Mil wrote of Ecuadorian cuisine. The TV as well. 
The vintage porcelain recipe holder is German and it has windmills hand decorated.

 I hand embroidered this tablecloth very many years ago; specially to go with my own designed china, which also has orange flowers against the blue linen. 
A table set for the two of us, we love the view while we eat in our breakfast nook everyday.
 I desigened this stain glass skylight here, that was made by local artisans, with roses and humming birds.
 This is where I keep all my baking utensils, molds, pie plates, cooky sheets, bundt pans, etc.

 My mil's cooking book, opened.  I loved her cooking, I drool everytime I see this pic...there's lots, of course, to drool over!

Thanks so much lovely and sweet friends for your wonderful comments. You always make my day!

Thanking the generous hostesses for having me at their great parties.

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  1. Fabby, Thank you for showing us your kitchen as it was being beautified! Pat you on the back happy for you!
    It is beautiful. The remodeling is a challenging thing to live through. We're working on our family room and I just did a post on it today. She's not done yet....will celebrate when done.
    God bless,

  2. What can I say. FAB!!! Richard at My Old Historic House.

  3. Gorgeous kitchen!!!!! Wow! I love the way the fridge is tucked around the corner. I know you love it! Linda

  4. Fabby, Beautiful kitchen. I love the drawers only and plan to do the same in my kitchen, but first I have to get up the nerve to start the remodel. You view from your window must lift your spirits daily. Dianne

  5. Ola Fabby, gracias por showing your kitchen you must be so happy bery nice.

  6. This is without a doubt a dream kitchen. Well done. The storage solutions are wonderful and the floors shine. Who could ask for more?

  7. That is some kitchen to be proud of! I am so jealous. LOL...the stained glass is outstanding and so beautiful to have in your kitchen! I hope you have many years of fabulous cooking.

    All the best, Maureen

  8. I love what you call your lamp. The stained glass looks more like a skylight! I love the humming birds. I have a little hummingbird who comes everyday to drink from the flowers on my balcony. She is so sweet. She seems particularly fond of my purple sage blossoms.

  9. Oh. My. Gosh. Your kitchen is INCREDIBLE!!!!

  10. Oh my goodness, your kitchen make over is so gorgeous and so organized!!
    I only have drawers in our kitchen, and I love the drawsers! I closed one of my drawers too hard (forgetting how fast they glide), in the process, I broke a special crystal bowl...I've learned to close the drawers gently.....

    The wood work is so beautiful, the stained glass exquisite.....and I love your breakfast area, and the view is to die for...
    Thanks for sharing..I loved looking at all your pictures.

  11. FAbby, your kitchen is fabulous. I love how you thought everything out so carefully and have such wonderful storage for all of your things and food. It is so pretty. The view out the window is stunning. Such a wonderful place to cook a meal. Hugs, Marty

  12. Hi Fabby! Oh, my goodness! Your kitchen is so beautiful! What a wonderful space. You've thought of everything and your cabinets are so pretty and the view! Oh, my goodness! You're one lucky lady.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. HI Fabby, your new kitchen is beautiful! I love the pretty wood in the cabinetry. You have thought of everything for an efficient kitchen. You even have a spectacular view from the windows. Also, the gorgeous ceiling of stained glass is exceptionally beautiful. I'm sure you will enjoy cooking and baking more now! Have a wonderful week. Blessings,

  14. You have a beautiful kitchen and breath taking view. I love all of the drawers and that you have so much space to organize everything so well.

  15. Fabby,

    Your kitchen looks gorgeous!!! And the view from the window is so beautiful! I love your granite!


  16. Is it okay to have kitchen envy? I love your new kitchen. So well planned out and executed. Your wood is fabulous. I love the stained glass in the ceiling. That is amazingly special. I also really love the tablecloth. So pretty. Fabby, it's a really pretty kitchen, lucky you.
    xo marlis

  17. Olá Fabby! Obrigada por compartilhar a reforma de sua cozinha, ficou muito bonita. É tão bom ver tudo arrumadado não é?!parabéns você tem bom gosto. Uma boa semana para você. Abraço

  18. Really- nice blog created that useful for us....
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  19. Wow!I love your kitchen.Well organised.The best kitchen i ever saw. Beautiful.

  20. This is just an amazing kitchen renovation!!!
    And all the pieces/every detail is just fantastic!!! I love the light that you designed!!!
    You and your whole family (great cookbook!!!) are SO TALENTED!!!!
    You are a joy!!!

    Lana In Italy

  21. Beautifully done and a well organized kitchen... the stainglass lamp seems to be one of its kind...

  22. Fabby,
    This is a fantastic kitchen makeover!!
    I love your cabinets but the stained glass is to die for!! Stunning beyond belief!!


  23. Wow Fabby your kitchen is gorgeous!! And what a view!!! Thanks for sharing the process and the final result. I'm sure you enjoy being in your kitchen every day ;-)

    Jocelyn @

  24. Wow! What a gorgeous kitchen! Love the beautiful cabinetry! You did an amazing job! Love the stained glass, too! So pretty! Thanks for sharing and for linking up to my party. Don't forget to grab a button.

  25. Muitos parabéns, Fabby, pela tua maravilhosa cozinha! Para além de muito bonita é certamente muito funcional.
    Tens muito bom gosto!

  26. It's beautiful and I'm envious!!! And I like all of your drawers -- it is amazing!!!!!

    And the light . . . WOW!!!!

  27. Fabby, what an amazing redo! The kitchen is just lovely and so effecient! You have everything at your finger tips!
    Your stain glass design is beautiful!

  28. Hi Fabby,
    What a fabulously beautiful kitchen you have! I love how everything is so organized! Every cooks dream. Your light is gorgeous, and to think that you designed it! Wow, you must be so talented.
    Thank you for coming by my blog and I'm so glad I had a chance to see your kitchen, I love it.
    Hugs, Cindy

  29. Hi Fabby,
    what a gorgeous kitchen. I love all this wonderful cabinets and for shure your wonderful stained glass lamp. That is truly Fabby-Design!
    Best greetings, Johanna

  30. Fabby this is fabulous! The wood is gorgeous and so are the countertops! I love a lot of your details, it's so well thought out! Your special stained glass ceiling area, so soft and attractive to look at! You were smart having the electrical hidden above..I'm always trying to hide my electric outlets! I love your patry and pull outs...First class job! Liz

  31. Oh your kitchen is superb, Fabby. I love it. I love the spectacular view! You must be on a very high floor! What floor? Love the warm cabinets and your wonderful custom storage areas. Just beautiful!...Christine

  32. Fabby, Your kitchen is awesome and so is the view. I love the wood of the cabinets and all the special features in your storage areas. You are really high up. The views are incredible.
    Thanks for this tour, now we know where you make all those fabulous recipes that you serve so elegantly.
    Hugs and Blessing coming Your way. Ginger

  33. What a fabulous remodel on the kitchen. It's stunning!

    I'm following you too!

  34. Hi Fabby: Love your new kitchen. I know how hard it must have been to go thru the remodel. Thank you for your sweet words. Have a great day. Blessings, Martha

  35. Tu cocina quedo genial,las vistas son estupendas y la vidriera del techo me encanta
    Ha sido un placer visitarte
    Un Abrazo

  36. Une cuisine judicieusement bien pensée...
    gros bisous

  37. It is always a pleasure to visit your wonderful space! What a lvely post! Thanks for sharing:)
    My dear friend, I would love to see you on my blog:)

  38. ur kitchen looks like dream kitchen for me,..:-)

  39. Beautiful! A lovely spot like this makes cooking a privilege. The baking area is such a marvelous luxury. Thank you for sharing your remodeling project. Cherry Kay

  40. Hi lovely lady.
    Your Kitchen is Beautiful you did a fabulous Job !!! I also love your view out of your kitchen windows ~~~ with the runing river sweet. I would like to thank you so mmuch for your lovely comments on my new Tablescape. I also hope you have a great week Fabby.
    XXOO Diane

  41. The work and dust was worth the wait...nicely organized, pretty details....and THAT VIEW! seeing the river~
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  42. Sweet Fabby...I'm so happy you stoppe in at my place, which led me right back to you.
    WOWzers on this before & after!!
    Absolutely wonderful, and I can tell every single element was carefully considered by YOU. I'm organized in my kitchen and my closet, and I can see you are too.
    Excellent. xx's

  43. Goodness Fabby! Your kitchen is incredible. Love all the beautiful wood, and your view is stunning. Thanks for sharing.

  44. Fabby, your kitchen is awesome. You added so many custom touches, like the pull our rack and the soft open/close drawers. Love the wood and your space. Wow! Thanks for sharing this in your post........

    The French Hutch

  45. Your kitchen is beautiful.. amazing to see how functional and beautiful it is. Love the beautiful embroidered table cloth, and the river side view.

  46. This is absolutely gorgeous Fabby. Thanks so much for taking us on your kitchen journey!

  47. Fabby!...your kitchen is wonderful,love these photo's.
    The view is amazing!!I know you will enjoy cooking and entertaining here for many years to come.
    I love it!

  48. That is a beautiful kitchen remodel. I really love the wood -- such a deep, rich color. Love all the big drawers! I'm a new follower, and if you want to follow back, well that would be great!

  49. Wow, Fabby, this is an amazing kitchen! It looks as if you have everything exactly the way you want it now -- and it's lovely! The wood of the cabinets is gorgeous!

  50. Gorgeous kitchen Fabby! I can only dream of a kitchen like that. Thanks for the visit and leaving such a sweet comment regarding my daughter's wedding. It's comments like that that brings a smile.

    Have a wonderful day,

  51. Wow! Your new kitchen is fantastic! That stained glass skylight that you designed is just breathtaking. I would love to spend some time here cooking. And what a view!

  52. Fabby, you are such a talented woman! What you have done to your kitchen is gorgeous. You must just love how it turned out. The view from your window is stunning. What a special treat each morning for you.

  53. Beautiful kitchen, beautiful view!

  54. OMGoodness, Fabby, your kitchen is, well, FABULOUS!!!:):) The cabinets are gorgeous and I LOVE the idea of all drawers! They are SO much more practical! Thanks for the tour! XO, Pinky

  55. Wow that looks like a big project but it has turned out beautifully! I would LOVE to cook in that gorgeous and efficient kitchen. What a terrific view you have as well!


  56. Gorgeous gorgeous Fabby!! What an incredible transformation!! Your kitchen is beautiful and love your views too! Thanks so much for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  57. What a beautiful transformation of your kitchen! I would be happy there all day :) Lovely view!

  58. Fabby, your kitchen is Gorgeous and so organized!!!! The view from your window is beautiful. Such a wonderful place to cook for your family.

  59. WOW! your kitchen remodel is amazing. I love your cabinets. Very pretty wood. thanks for visiting my blog. Your view from your kitchen is beautiful.

    Liz, Midwest Cottage
    Missouri, USA

  60. Holy Moley, You sure did a wonderful reno on this kitchen, Fabby! So many custom ideas. The cabinetry, the granite, the view, and all the little extras make this such a special place to prepare your wonderful cuisine. It was all worth it in the end, wasn't it? :-) Sue

  61. SIMPLY STUNNING!! Its absolutely gorgeous!! Totally loved every little detail.. *sigh*..

    Thank you for linking this post to Colours Dekor.. Hope to see you linking in more often!!

    Also.. Did I tell you.. I absolutely love your header image!! Its WOW!!

  62. Fabby, I will return to this extraordinary post again and again and again. I so wish I had seen your kitchen before I started the reno. I am drinking up your organization ideas. I have never seen a prettier kitchen--and so functional and marvelous for cooking and gathering. And your view is a dream. I can just picture you and your loved ones laughing and enjoying life in this beautiful space! xxoo

  63. Dearest Fabby,
    What a lovely Sapelli wood kitchen you got! Cadillac uses it as trim inside their cars and you have a complete kitchen out of it! Also that stained glass ceiling window which you so artfully designed is a dream!
    You certainly will enjoy it many more years to come.


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