Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FABBY: Thanksgiving Table 2011

Hi my sweet friends!   I'm sure you're all thinking and even making already your Thanksgiving tablescape for this year...I am!  My table for 2011 Thanksgiving is going to look like this, while my table will have a fall look my house will be all Christmas decked up!  I am posting a couple of weeks in advance as here in Ecuador there is no Thanksgiving as in the USA so we usually celebrate the next Saturday after Thanksgiving, usually at an American friend's house who is married to an Ecuadorian too; or at home with the family.   Hope you enjoy my Thanksgiving 2011 tablescape.  
I will be joyning some parties, so I'm thanking the super lovely ladies that host them each week.
I'm also thanking you all my darlings for your sweet and wonderful visits, they are so appreciated!

 I did my Thanksgiving tablescape using part of my china made at our former Ceramic Co.  I paired the china with my orange plates and the salad and small pan with the birds motiff. The chargers I used my Turkish glass ones because of the gold color. The small pan will go in the oven with a potato and cheese antree.
 This is a dip platter which I use with a hot chile cheese sauce dip and small empanadas.
 The name cards are set on a walnut which I copy cated from Martha Stewart's. The duck lid on the bowl is for patè and it's from Portugal, bought in Bloomingdales NY in the 80's.
 This other mud duck was bought in NY's China Town several years ago.
 I was so happy to have recycled my living room and den yellow moire draperies into two beautiful tablecloths!  I think gold is great for fall too.
 You can see in this high photo I took of the fruit centerpiece bowl with two birds, one is feating the other and from up here they look like they're kissing.
 Coffee or tea is ready in this corner of my buffet to drink along with dessert, or later in the afternoon.
Some pink flowers for Beverly'Pink Saturday at How Sweet The Sound.
 The vintage church brass candle sticks that were my mil's, with orange candels.
Here are the two cute birds in the fruit bowl which I put gourds in as a centerpiece...the one that is feating the other must be the mother bird, lol!
The glass charger with my mother's doily.

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The plates layers.
The layers with the pottery pan, which  can be used in the oven perfectly as they are made of terracotta.
This is a pot with a duck lid and I often use it for a Pecan Sweet Potato pudding that goes in the oven in this same pot and to serve it I replace the lid on it... and the pudding it's everyone's favorite!
 This is a vintage cheese platter in depression glass and hand decorated, (you can see like an Arizona house with a cactus plant) made in the USA from the 1950' was my mil's too and my hubby has such fond memmories  when we cut cheese from it at the dinner table.
The bread plate it's so cute with the decoration of  a flower flanked by two birds decorated in  many colors.


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Monday, November 7, 2011

FABBY: Tea 4 2

I love my daughter's gift for my bithday past Oct. 20th.  One side of the tea cups has a style of birds and the other side another, like next photo.
These two cups from the Chzech Republic were a  gift from my daughter Alexandra for my past birthday and I'm in love with them as they have such adorable birds on each side of the tea cup and on the saucers as well.
You can see a close up of the tea cup, isn't she too cute?!

Here is the saucer with two small birds too...I don't know the name of birds, but I'm sure you know which they are.  I used my white Noritake plates to make them stand out better against the yellow tablecloth.

I used my two Oriental white porcelain teapots, they both have a Chinese signal and the round one is footed and I just love the square one...they were a gift from hubby from many years ago.

The reticulated small bowls for marmolade are Italian, hubby brought them from Italy more than twenty years ago. The pretty plant with flowers are in a porcelain plant pot, trimmed in gold, was made at our former Ceramic Co.

The tablecloth I had made from my living room and den's yellow moire draperies we just changed, along with a rectangular for my formal dinner table. I was so lucky there was a lot of material to do both!

 I love this tea box my very good friend Myriam  gave me for some few Christmas ago, specially because her talented sister makes them.  The work on the lid is pewter and the work is also made by her sister.
 A closer shot of the adorable tea cups and saucers with one of the Italian lacey bowls.  The spoons are vintage silver.
 Here is the tea box opened, you can see it has separations to store the various teas.
My daughter Alexandra  gifted me for my birthday these two beautiful tea cups and saucers from the Chzech Republic in yellow with two cute birds on both sides and on the saucers too, and I just loved them, you can imagine how much; so we've had some tea together as she, our daughter Sofia, her hubby and the little girls were here for a four days holliday.  We had a great time been together all of us, it's not often that this happens, so I was lucky to receive belated birthday presents from both.   I hope you like my pretty tea cups I'm going to share with you on the great Tea Tuesday parties and some other wonderful and fun parties. I'm thanking all the great ladies that host them every week for having me.

Thanking you in advance my blog friends for all your lovely visits and generous comments.
Have a wonderful week.

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