Monday, October 3, 2011

FABBY: Tea in the Bedroom

   We are in the process of  painting our dining, living rooms, the den and the foyer... from a pale yellow to a soft, mother of pearl, a stylish new shade hubby and I chose.  

We are also changing our window treatment, or curtains from 18 years ago to modern draperies custom made Hunter Douglas proudly made in the USA.  We are so lucky since we have distributors right here in Cuenca-Ecuador, so we decided on them, this will collect very little dust than the regular, all fabric classic cloth draperies and we are going to love the more modern look too.  

We are very happy with this new change as it was long overdue... the paint job and  the new window treatment.

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 Here is this small corner of our bedroom where I'm visiting with you and having afternoon tea with some "dulce de leche" squares.
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 My dearest dad is keeping me company, he past away in 1996, I was very close to him, I was the apple of his eyes, (only girl). 
I'm having tea in my Royal Albert's Oct. birthday cup,  my Oriental teapot with Chai-tea on top of my Italian evening shawl with ostrich feathers fringes in the ends.
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 Great book I'm reading, it's NYT best seller, by Bethany Frankel, A Place of Yes... about finding your truth, act on it, and everything about your business and owning it!  I recommend it, it is fabulous!
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 This mosaic with pictures of my dear family at left, I love looking at!  In the upper picture I'm with my Mil at left and mother at right, when we brought my baby grand home from the hospital, now Cayetana is 4 1/2 !
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 I was thinking you'd get a kick out of looking at my "treasure chest"!  I keep mostly my fake jewelry here, lots of earrings, neckleases, bracelets,  and other knick-knacks. 

At left a pic of my mother with me in 1953.
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 The beautiful 3 string pearl neckleas is from the collection of Jacqueline Kennedy, it's Majolica, along with the ring.  That pretty wide mother of pearl bracelet was my Bil's present.
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 The pretty bowl with lattice top was made at our former Ceramic Co., we gave that as favors, it's a custom here to remember my daughter Alexandra's First Communion. 
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 The silver bracelet is from Italy.  I love the pearl ring! In the drawer of the chest I keep the pearl necklaces, white and silver pearls and others.
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 In the upper pic at left is me when I was 20 in Central Park in the early 70's.  My husband Alejandro and me in the middle picture, in Galapagos.  At left a portrait of my husband our daughter Alexandra painted, she's such an artistic this girl, she's a professional photographer too.
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           Thank you so much for your sweet comments, as you always make my day!

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