Wednesday, January 23, 2013

FABBY: A January 2013 Winter Tablescape

Hello sweet friends!

Here is my contribution for the Winter Tablescapes challenge at Cuisine Kathleen's for Let's Dish, a fun and always exciting meme she hostess every Wednesday night. I used my sixteen place setting Lynn's Fine China, specially because it has small blue rose buds and I love blue, white and silver for a winter table. This china with the little blue buds, prompted me to use my cobalt blue chargers made at our past company. The table setting has white porcelain dogs from my dog collection, silver birds, some sterling silver elements, mercury glass candle sticks and votives, as well as Bohemian crystal candle holders.

The tablecloth was re purposed late in 2011, after I replaced my dining room and living room draperies with Hunter Douglass shades. I used it here, for my winter tablescape, because it's silver with soft blue continue with the slight touches of blue and of course, the silver.

 Here you can see a little of the silver tablecloth, with blue and gold pale stripes, criss crossing it all over.

 The salad bowl is part of the two bowls, two platters and two teasets I have because I have two sets of eight, thus the sixteen place settings. Bought them many years ago and it was my main set of china for when I had many guests. In the backdrop a silver butter dish my dad gave me for a long ago birthday and I treasure it so.
The sterling napkin ring in this head of the table was my Mil's and her initials, EC are engraved..sorry the glare doesn't let you see it clearly. At least you can see the little blue rose buds in the dishes, along with some pink ones, as well. the other head of the dinner table is my Fil's sterling napkin ring, with his initials AC, engraved as well.
The hand etched stem ware is Bohemian Crystal.
The teacups are in the classic English shape and one of the two tea set at your right.
The chandalier is an antique Italian, Marie Therese from early 1920's, Alejandro bought last year at the European Antique Shop and I totally love it. He surprised me with this gift!!
 I decorated this Winter Tablescape with six tall candle sticks; four Bohemian crystal ones, two mercury glass ones and two mercury glass really, eight candle holders. I love lots of candles, somehow it's always so romantic!
 I arranged my centerpiece with some snowed up pine cones that I have from a tree I had in my past home's garden...and in my vintage large blue and white English bowl, which I love and always keep it on my dinner table to enjoy. Again, using more touches of blue. You can see the tablecloth is of a silver damask, with pale blue lines along with some light gold ones too.
 The set has two teasets like the one at your left. A vintage sterling silver tray from my Mil's, which was a present to my husband, for a very long ago birthday...with the salt and pepper shakers and an antique sterling cellar your right.
By candle light romantic!
 The votive, lighted next to the porcelain French dogs. The other napkin rings are silver, to continue with the winter look. here you have it, my Winter Tablescape. I hope you liked it, as I don't have just the right winter accessories, like I enjoy in some of your great table settings, cause you see, there's no winter here, as we know it in the Unites States...actually it's like a warm and sometimes colder spring and only in the high Andean mountains you can see lots of snow.

Thank you my dear friends for your kind and generous comments you leave me, they always make my day!!

Thanking the wonderful hostesses for having me at their great and fun parties each week and for featuring me sometimes too, you forever honor me!

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Monday, January 21, 2013

FABBY: 350 Pieces of My Pottery

Hello my sweet friends!

I just got back from staying a week with Alejandro taking care of our darling grandgirls, as their parents went on a business trip. I promised since last year I was gonna show you my set of dishes made at our former Ceramic Co., called Monte Turi, which hubby sold it about four years ago. He was the owner of it for 30 years. I used to work there, for the last 15 years, or more. I was a HS English teacher before and later in charge of the china designs, which is what I suggested Alejandro we make too, because of the love for dishes I have.

I inspired myself in the Folklore of 'Ecuadorian indigenous' people's hand embroidered apparel, and their beautiful and colorful dandled skirts, blouses and shawls and in the original Spanish colonial shapes; which I'm showing here in these dishes and other ones I've shown in before posts. The ones that have followed me, they've seen some I have kept, from the 14 designs we produced, but this one is my biggest and main set I chose for me, as hubby has his own complete set as well.
Here are some of the 24 dinner plates and soup bowls this set has. I haven't displayed them all, because really, there's no need, they would be repeats of the same. The piece with the wooden spoon is for cocoa powder. The big teapot sample at left. I have two of that style and it's used more for milk for coffee, like lattes, or for the cocoa...of course, for lots of guests.
I love these SML platters, they're great to serve kind of meats, even cake and sweets for tea parties. A butter dish with a cow handle.
One of my faves is this big pan, as I serve "Paella" in it, or anything big in a mix rice recipe, or even pasta.
Up front is the larger platter, so you can see how beautiful the hand painted design is. You won't believe it, but these particular design came from the indigenous "baby wool-cloth wrapping blanket", which they put on their babies when they go out on Sundays for Mass and the women carry their infants in their backs.
Inside my Mil's antique English buffet is where I keep a good part of the dishes of this huge set and all over the house, heheheheee.. so here are some more plates and most of the teacups, I just didn't feel like taken them all out!
The salad plates, teacup plates, bread plates, entree plates and the big beautiful, ruffled edge salad bowl in the back.
This piece up front and at your left, is a very interesting's an Inca design, used for drinking their corn drink; so I did it to mix, by shaking the salad dressing through the round part and pouring it where the opening is, resembling a creamer, almost. The other piece, the bowl is a sieve , (it has holes in the inside) for fruit you wash but can't dry, like berries and grapes, that's why it has a plate.

A salad bowl at left has original Spanish shapes with handles and in the stack are individual bowls for salad, instead of plates, this way we don't drop salad on the tablecloth, lol.. and they are slightly flat inside.
I even made a wine decanter and at your right, chicken soup bowls with handles.

The fruit bowl with the mama bird feeding her baby birdie. At left, a platter for chips and dip. The big pile is for "ceviche", or dessert bowls.
The teapot with a heater, or warmer. I have many teapots and hot milk pots. Here you have a sample of the shorter one. No need to bring them all out, as there are three of the short ones and three of the tall ones.
Another fave piece is this big, ruffled edge salad bowl with waves..everything is hand made too, I mean by a "potter's wheel"..they were very special because of it's hand decorations and the making of each piece by hand.
Every piece can also go in the oven, like this cute pot with a duck in the lid.  A butter dish at your right.
Here's another interesting piece. The soup tureen with eight handles, were also used by the Incas. They carried it, wrapped with ropes in their backs with food for lunch, when they went to the field and up the mountains to a back pack! A cheese dish with an Indigenous girl wearing her pretty embroidered cloths and straw Panama hat...which are made in Ecuador, NOT in Panama!
On top of the round platter there's a gravy dish with lid too.
Most shapes are original Spanish designs they taught people to make in colony times. Specially the whimsical detail of the animals on top of the lids. The one up front is an Inca design piece. I explained how I use it in modern times in one of the top photos.
My goodness, is taken me way too long to upload my photos to blogger, I don't know what's wrong...does anybody know?
Here are some of the sherbets with pedestal too. I don't know if you can see clear just in the back, a pile of handles..they are individual small bake pans. I use them for soufles, small pies, etc...where you place one in each setting for guests.
This is another pretty bowl with fruits in the lid as's used for fruit compotes, as we have great recipes and they're eaten as desserts here. Next to it another cheese dish with a lid and a cow's handle.
At left, a bowl with a half bowl attached to it, it's for olives, cranberries..fruit that have pits; so you place the pits next, in the small bowl.
The fruit bowl with pedestal is pretty too and it holds lots of fruit, it's quite big and it's also with the ruffle edged. To the left there's a cute marmalade bowl, leaf footed and with fruit on top too.
The big tureen, two candle holders, a juice pitcher and some entree plates.
I couldn't have not made a cake stand with pedestal and decanters for oil and vinegar! here you have it, my china set for 24 place settings and tons of other things like sherbets, little bowls for "ceviche", or dessert, for individual salads, etc.. Although this set has 350 pieces, I showed you all the most important, as some are just repeated, like plates, teacups, and all that's individually used. I promised to show you all of it, so here it is and I hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you kind and generous friends for dropping by, you always make my day!

Thank you lovely and gracious hostesses for your terrific parties you have each week and to some of you for choosing some of my posts as honored me beyond words and so far this January I've been featured three times, wow!!

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