Thursday, March 30, 2017

March - Rosary Tea

Hello sweet friends !

As always, every last Wednesday of the month I host Rosary prayers, here at home... and we pray for this country, Ecuador, the USA and for peace in the world.

 Special prayers are been said for sick family members, or friends that wish for us to do so.
As well as for personal problems without having to specify them so that God can give it special attention and blessings. 

Please feel free to do so, I will certainly oblige.

Tea time is very humble, with just bread, cheese and marmalade; but as you know me by now, I like to set a table to make it look special and like I took the time for our special time of the month.

Blessings dear friends.

I haven't used my Elephant Indian table topper since last year maybe.

The teacups and saucers are Tognana from Italy.

My red cyclamen from my kitchen window sill and elephants that were my Mil's.

Since the teacups and saucers had no teaset, I decided to use my Oriental square teapot I have for several years and it carries a good amount of tea, as I never know how many will come. This time we were twelve.

Thank you for your sweet and kind comments, you always make my day !
Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their parties.


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